While most fans are looking forward to the ROH World Championship match between Jay Lethal and Cody at Final Battle next Friday, don’t include Matt Taven among that group.

The leader of The Kingdom has battled with both combatants before and is walking around with his own ROH World Title and claiming it as the real ROH World title. Taven joined our WINCLY podcast where he reacted to the notion that Cody could win the ROH World Title at Final Battle and walk into free agency as the champion.

“Man, if there’s anyone I could care less about, it’s Cody Rhodes,” stated Taven. “He could do whatever he pleases. I really could care less because that just shows how illegitimate Jay Lethal’s title really is.

“Why is Cody Rhodes getting a title shot? How many more opportunities does this guy need?”

Taven brings up the fact that Cody couldn’t pull out a victory in a four-way match involving himself and that shows he’s not worthy of a title shot. Taven also says that the real ROH world title is around his waist because you actually have to earn a shot at that championship.

“It’s not just some ‘use my last name to get into the world title picture any time I please,'” Taven says of Cody not truly earning his title shot. “This is where the ROH legacy has come to which is why my title is the real ROH world title and the one Jay Lethal has is a paper trophy.”

Taven was then asked if he would be willing to do a ROH World Title unification match against the winner of Lethal-Cody at Final Battle.

“I feel like I chase no man,” said Taven. “So if one of those guys want to step up to the plate, then just like Dalton Castle, I have no problem with taking either one of them on because I’m confident in what’s going to happen in the end?

“As far as I’m concerned, you have to come knocking at my door.”

Check out the WINCLY podcast in the audio player below which features more from Taven, including him revealing his ideal opponent for the ROH show at Madison Square Garden. The episode also features all of the latest news and exclusive interviews with ROH COO Joe Koff (who talks about Cody and The Bucks likely leaving ROH), Marc Mero and Dr. Tom Prichard (discussing training Vince McMahon to wrestle and why he doesn’t think The Young Bucks’ AEW promotion will succeed).