There's been a lot of talk about how WWE announced the new WWE Women's Tag Team Titles for 2019 and referred to them as the first for the company.

Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre were recognized as the first-ever WWE Women's Tag Team Champions as they were the NWA Women's Tag Team Champions back in May 1983 when WWE withdrew from the NWA. They debuted for WWE in April 1984 and held the titles together until December 1984 when Desiree Petersen replaced Victoria due to a career-ending neck injury. The Glamour Girls and The Jumping Bomb Angels would also hold the titles until they were retired on Valentine's Day in 1989.

It looks like the new titles recently announced by Vince McMahon will not carry the lineage of the original titles that were deactivated in 1989, but at least one Superstar is keeping history alive in the modern era - Mickie James. As seen below, Mickie recently responded to the announcement by Vince and reminded everyone that these are not the first WWE Women's Tag Team Titles.

Mickie wrote, "Ladies, while we're on the subject... it's actually bringing back the #WomensTagTeamChampionships & not just introducing them... but then that's actually knowing your wrestling #History & not pretending your Making it! #jumpingbombangels #glamourgirls"

You can see Mickie's full tweets below: