MLW Christmas Special Recap: Flag Match Main Event, No-DQ Between PCO And Brody King

MLW Fusion Intro

Tony Schiavone welcomes us to a special Christmas edition of Fusion. MJF versus Puma King is a flag match.

PCO is backstage cutting a promo on Brody King. He tells Brody that he will feel the electricity, and see why he is not human.

Brody King is on his way to the ring. Schiavone announces the bout as NO DQ.

Brody King versus PCO No DQ

Bout opens with both men trading fists in the center of the ring. PCO dodges an attack and tosses Brody to the outside. Suicide dive by PCO! He wails on Brody's chest, but Brody fires right back with chops of his own. Brody whips PCO into the barricade, but PCO bounces off and nails a lariat, followed by a running knee. Brody grabs a chair and strikes PCO in the gut and back. He sits PCO down in the chair at the entrance path...running cannonball into the chair! PCO is barely affected. He drops Brody with a DDT on the arena floor, and then slingshots Brody into the barricade neck first.

PCO sets up a table near the fans and drapes Brody on top of it. PCO climbs a set of stairs into the upper-level of where the fans are located. (A please don't die chant starts.) PCO COMES OFF...BUT BRODY MOVES! PCO BOUNCES OFF THE TABLE...IT DOES NOT BREAK. With PCO still hurt on the outside, Brody grabs a barricade guardrail and sets it up in the ring up against the turnbuckle.

Back in the ring, PCO unloads more chops onto Brody's chest. He whips him towards the set-up guardrail, but Brody counters and suplexes PCO into the guardrail instead. Brody sets up PCO for a superplex, but PCO knocks him off. Moonsault attempt, but Brody pulls the ref in his path. Brody with a head kick and piledriver! He has PCO beat but there's no referee to make the count. New ref comes....two count! Brody runs to the outside and grabs more chairs. He sets up four in the ring to powerbomb PCO through, but PCO hits a superkick to the gut...chokeslam through the chairs! That'll do it!

PCO wins by pinfall

Backstage...Kaci Lennox is with MJF. Kaci asks why he challenged Puma King to a matchup. MJF says that he's sick of all these luchadores taking away jobs. He plans on grabbing the flag of the country he loves, and teaching Puma King a lesson in the process.

Promo for MLW Superfight featuring Tom Lawlor versus Low Ki for the MLW Heavyweight championship.

Ace Austin is on his way to the ring for our second matchup of the special. His opponent...Myron Reed.

Ace Austin versus Myron Reed

Tie-up. Test of strength...Myron forces Ace into the turnbuckle. Both men show off their athleticism with bridge covers and a series of roll-ups. Myron lands the first strike of the bout with a standing dropkick, which knocks Ace to the mat. Ace bounces up and lands a superkick, side kick, and head kick in rapid succession. Pinfall but Myron escapes. Ace tries to slow Myron down with leg kicks, but Myron surprises Ace with an enziguri. Ace goes for a roundhouse but Myron dodges, sending him to the outside. Ace with a reverse tope con hilo! Ace climbs to the top again for another high-risk maneuver, but Myron pushes him off!!! TOPE CON HILO FROM MYRON OVER THE RINGPOST!

Action shifts back into the ring. Trouble in paradise from Ace but Myron ducks...cutter! Springboard cutter! Pinfall...Ace kicks out!! Myron goes for a springboard but Ace rolls...putting both men on the apron. Myron goes for a piledriver, Ace blocks, shoulder block and a knee sends Myron back into the ring. Ace climbs to the top...fameasser from the top! Cover...Myron kicks out at the last second!

Ace blocks another springboard cutter attempt...goes for a tombstone...Myron shifts his weight and rolls him up...two count! Suplex from Ace...Myron turns it into a stunner! Ace with another roll-up...Myron sits down on it for a cradle em!

Myron Reed wins by pinfall

MLW promo for two shows in April. Big scheduled match for the taping...LA Park versus Rush.

MJF is on his way out with Aria Blake...which means it's main event time! MJF cuts a promo on the fans similar to what he told Kaci Lennox. Puma King is out second. Konnan is with him. Both men play to the crowd before the bell rings. Fans are fully behind Puma.

MJF versus Puma King in a flag match

MJF opens with a kick to the gut. He quickly climbs for the flag, but Puma runs up to stop him, and unloads on him with fists. Konnan hops up on the apron and gets a few shots on MJF as well! MJF sends Puma to the outside...tope plancha! He taunts the crowd again. Puma uses that time to get back in the ring...springboard crossbody!! Puma with the early advantage!

MJF charges Puma near the barricade, but Puma drops him over the guardrail! He climbs up and takes MJF down with a flying attack! Puma grabs a chair but MJF flees back to the ring. Aria and Puma get into it on the outside. The distraction allows MJF to slam Puma's neck off the ropes. MJF continues to target the neck with a rear chinlock. Puma getes to his feet...superkick! MJF comes right back with an uppercut, but Puma lands a stiff kick to the head as he's falling. Both men are down.

MJF ties Puma up in the tree-of-woe right under the American flag. MJF climbs to grab the flag, but Puma pops up and hits a corkscrew headscissor! Puma climbs...MJF crotch drops him on the turnbuckle. MJF climbs over Puma to the flag, but Puma shows off his strength with a pop-up powerbomb off the top! Puma climbs to the Mexican flag...Aria tries to stop him...Puma plants a kiss on her! She falls to ringside. He grabs the flag!!

Puma King wins the flag match

Puma King celebrates with the Mexican flag. He hands a fan the flag to wave.

That's the show friends. Merry Christmas!


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