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Show opens with Promociones Dorado (Low Ki, LA Park, Ricky Martinez) attacking Team Filthy. Salina de la Renta looks right at the camera and calls out Tom Lawlor. She ends by saying..."WE ARE LIVE."

MLW Fusion Intro

Rich Bocchini and Tony Schiavone welcome us to MLW Miami, and MLW's first live show. They tell us that after Promociones Dorado's attack, Team Filthy leader Tom Lawlor is getting evaluated.

They hype the first bout of the evening...which is the Fatal-4 way for the vacated MLW Middleweight championship.

El Gringo Loco is already in the ring. El Hijo de La Park is out next, followed by Kotto Brazil. Dezmond Xavier, making his MLW debut, is on his way out, but Teddy Hart attacks him out of nowhere! Looks like he's in the match as well!

Gringo Loco versus Kotto Brazil versus El Hijo de La Park versus Dezmond Xavier versus Teddy Hart Fatal-Five Way Ladder Match for the MLW Middleweight Championship

Hart takes out Xavier with a springboard Asai moonsault on the outside. The fans are cheering wildly for Teddy! Brazil comes out of nowhere with a over-the-top-rope plancha! Park then smashes Kotto with a steel chair, ties his leg up in a nearby ladder, and smashes it hard with another chair shot. Kotto is being attended to...they say he may not be able to continue the match!

Back in the ring Park and Gringo go at it, but Xavier comes in. He takes Gringo down with an impressive headscissor takedown, then nails Hart on the apron with a superkick. Park surprises Park with a frankensteiner, slides under Xavier on the apron, then powerbombs him on the concrete floor!

Hart and Park face off. Hart unloads on Park with strikes. Big powerslam from Teddy, but he misses another moonsault attempt. Park responds with a superkick. Hart catches Park in an Alabama slam attempt, but gets superkicked by Xavier and Gringo! Park with a mexican exploder!

We cut to our first commercial of the evening.

Back from break and all four men (Kotto has been taken away) are brawling on the outside. Hart takes everyone out with another one of his signature springboard moonsaults! He grabs a ladder and throws it in the ring, but Park cuts him off before he can climb. Park with a vicious open palm strike to Hart's chest, but Hart fires back with a couple strikes of his own. Park up on the apron...Hart sweeps his leg and Park hits the apron hard.

Hart sets the ladder up and begins to climb. Gringo climbs the other side and nails Hart with several right hands. Xavier at the edge of the ladder...Hart jumps down and pushes the ladder down...GRINGO JUMPS FROM THE LADDER OFF THE ROPES AND NAILS XAVIER WITH A CUTTER! (WOW.) Hart wastes no time and targets Gringo...flush tornado DDT! Hart climbs again...this time Park runs in and shoves Hart off who hits the ropes.

While Park and Gringo are going at it Xavier nearly wins the match! Gringo runs to the top to stop him, but Xavier pushes him off! Xavier has it won but Park sets up another ladder, drapes Xavier over it, and destroys with a splash.

Kotto Brazil is back! He limbs to the ring carrying a steel chair! He targets Park, and lights him up with chair shots! Kotto goes to climb but Hart strikes him with a chair. Powerbomb lungblower from Hart. He climbs...AND GRABS THE BELT!

Teddy Hart is the new MLW Middleweight Champion

Commentary puts over how hot the Hart Foundation has been in MLW. Schiavone tells us that Tom Lawlor is getting his hand checked on by the medical trainer of the Miami Dolphins.

Kaci Lennox is backstage trying to get a word with Tom Lawlor. Lawlor shows up and says that this isn't the time for talking..."this is the time for action."

Cut to a press conference (recorded earlier) between Rush and LA Park, hyping their main event bout on April 4th. They trade insults to close the segment. Rush will be competing in the main event tonight against Rich Swann.

Schiavone tells us that DJZ and Dragon Lee will be next as we go to our second commercial of the evening.

DJZ is on his way to the ring. CMLL World Lightweight champion Dragon Lee is out second. (This is both of their MLW debuts.)

DJZ versus Dragon Lee

Tie-up. DJZ pushes Lee up against the ropes to break the hold. The second tie-up sees both men showing off their athleticism with a series of counters. DJZ lands the first strike with a kick to the gut, but Lee comes right back with a dropkick. Both men come off the ropes and fall into the tranquilo pose. DJZ lariats Lee outside the ring. Tope Con Hilo from DJZ! (Very well done.) He tosses Lee back into the ring, springboard plancha and a springboard asai moonsault in succession! Cover but Lee kicks out.

Lee mounts some offense by reversing an Irish-Whip. He lands a corner dropkick onto DJZ, followed by a shoulder breaker and a PK in succession. Lee with a cover but DJZ escapes with ease. Stiff strikes from both men in the center. Superkick from DJZ! Knee thrust from Lee, plus a rebound German! DJZ comes right back with a roll-through DDT!

Both men are on the top rope, Lee wins the strike exchange which causes Lee to end up in the tree-of-woe towards the outside. Lee gains his balance....TOP ROPE DOUBLE-STOPM and DJZ hits the apron and the concrete! Lee tosses him back in for a pinfall attempt but DJZ escapes again. Powerbomb attempt from Lee but DJZ shifts his weight and turns it into a Canadian Destroyer! Cover...Lee kicks out! DJZ goes for another DDT but Lee catches him...DRAGON DRIVER! He can't get the cover right away. He finally does...but CJZ escapes. Another big knee from Lee. Dragon Driver! That'll do it.

Dragon Lee wins by pinfall

Backstage Promociones Dorado is being harassed by the camera crew. Salina says that they're going to party because they do what they want. Tom Lawlor shows up out of nowhere and throws a two-by-four into El Hijo de La Park and starts attacking Ricky Martinez. They all start brawling...commercial break cuts the segment short.

Tom Lawlor versus Low Ki for the MLW Heavyweight championship is set for February...at MLW Superfight.

H2 Videos of Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr spending time together. Hart presents Pillman with a custom made trophy that says "rookie of the year." Pillman thanks Hart, and also thanks the MLW roster for not being worthy of his talent.

Kaci Lennox gives an update on the parking lot brawl. She says that Lawlor is still brawling with El Hijo de La Park, and that she'll keep us updated.

Tom Lawlor versus Simon Gotch is announced for next week's Fusion. Promo from Gotch. He says that Lawlor's nightmares are just beginning.

Rich Swann makes his way to the ring which means it's main event time. Commercial break. (These things are oddly placed.)

Back from break and Swann is still dancing in the ring. Rush makes his epic entrance next. (He's using Black Skinhead by Kanye West as his entrance music.)

Rush versus Rich Swann

Rush opens strong with a running elbow, corner splash, snapmare, and a basement dropkick. He tosses Swann to the outside and slams him into the barricade. Rush grabs a steel trash can and tosses it at Swann! Rush throws Swann onto the entrance path, then slams his head off the announcer table where Schiavone and Bocchini sit.

Back in the ring and Rush nails another corner splash, fakes a running meteora, then boots Swann right in the face. The Los Ingobernables member has been in full control since the beginning. Swann finally lands some knife edged chops, but Rush fires another of his own and Swann drops. The referee and Rush get into an argument, and Rush taunts him, even threatens to hit him.

Swann finally lands some offense, surprising Rush with a handspring cutter. Right hand jabs from Swann. He unloads a series of quick strikes onto Rush, ending with a huge head kick that sends Rush to ringside. Swann runs off the apron and nails a twisting senton! He runs in the ring...TOPE CON HILO FROM SWANN! He throws Rush back in and climbs...frog splash lands! Rush kicks out at two. He lets Rush get to his feet and charges him but Rush is ready and belly-to-belly suplexes Swann into the turnbuckle.

Rush goes for a powerbomb but Swann responds with a spinning reverse head kick, then a roll-through DDT! He pins Rush...Rush kicks out again. Swann climbs but Rush cuts him off. Superplex from Rush with cover. This time Swann kicks out. Back on his feet...Swann lands a trouble in paradise! Rush comes right back with a headbutt! Both men are down! Rush pounds Swann down in the corner, corner dropkick attempt...Swann moves! He goes on the second rope...450 attempt...Rush gets the knees up! Rush hooks both arms...RUSH DRIVER. (Double underhook piledriver). Swann can not kick out.

Rush wins by pinfall

LA Park appears on the entrance path. Rush runs down to meet him....both men start brawling! Security has to separate them, with the fans chanting "let them fight!" Rush is escorted from the arena.

Low Ki runs into the ring and grabs a microphone. He says the beautiful part of live TV is that anything can happen. He taunts Tom Lawlor...and claims that no matter how hard he's tried...they've always stayed one step ahead of him.

Lawlor appears out of nowhere and starts unloading on Low Ki! The fight spills to ringside, where Lawlor rips off Low Ki's shirt, and then back drops him off the apron! The brawl continues, but Schiavone tells us that they're out of time.

That's the show friends.