MLW Fusion Recap (12/21): Lawlor Versus Gotch No Holds Barred, Hart Foundation In Action

Show opens with Salina de la Renta making her way to the ring with her lackey Ricky Martinez. She calls Miami hell, and takes a shot at the fans for being demons and overweight. She would expect nothing less from Konnan's hometown. She also says that 2019 will be Promociones Dorado's year.

This brings out Konnan, who receives a welcoming ovation. He grabs his own microphone, mispronounces Ricky Martinez's name, (a running bit) and tells Salina that he's planning on taking the title from the mental midget Low-Ki here in Florida. Konnan then claims that when he dismantles Promociones Dorado, he promises Salina won't be standing in the unemployment line. Konnan leaves an angry Salina in the ring.

MLW Fusion intro.

Tony Schiavone announces that the MLW heavyweight title matchup between Low Ki and Konnan will take place next week.

Breaking news from MLW, Kotto Brazil is reportedly injured after an incident in a Miami nightclub (kayfabe) that may have involved Ricky Martinez. Commentary tells us that MLW and Miami Police are investigating the incident.

Tom Lawlor versus Simon Gotch is announced as the main event. Also happening tonight, DJZ versus El Hijo de LA Park.

Flashback to last week's show, when Teddy Hart became the new MLW Middleweight champion in a fatal-five way ladder match.

Cut to the H2 channel (Hart Foundation station) where Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr are playing with Hart's cats. Hart calls out Dreamer for defeating Pillman via low-blow a couple weeks ago, and says he's a coward. Pillman says that the Hart foundation is a pack...and that Hat is their fearless leader.

Show cuts back to MLW, where Tommy Dreamer is on his way out to the ring. Barrington Hughes, Brian Pillman Jr, and Davey Boy Smith Jr. are already in the ring. Believe this will be a tag match.

Tommy Dreamer & Barrington Hughes versus Hart Foundation

Dreamer and Pillman start. Pillman makes Dreamer chase him around the ring before tagging in Davey Boy. Davey shows off his strength early by knocking Dreamer down with a shoulder bump, and slamming the ECW legend with ease. Dreamer tags in Hughes.

Hughes comes in and has a staredown with Davey Boy. Davey goes of the slam but can't get the big man up. Davey then opens up with kicks to Hughes' legs, followed by a barrage of forearms to the head. Hughes fires back with a standing splash of his own. Pillman runs in and uses his speed around Hughes, but Hughes cuts him off with a reverse elbow. Dreamer comes back in, they double team Pillman. Quick tags in and out from Hughes and Dreamer, who drop Pillman with a double-elbow drop. Big chop from Hughes onto Pillman. Dreamer goes for Irish-whip but Pillman reverses it...Davey kicks Dreamer in the back and Pillman takes advantage with a dropkick.

Now in control, Davey Boy wears Dreamer down with elbows of his own. He stomps Dreamer several times in the center of the ring and uses the ropes to cut off Dreamer's air supply. With the ref's back turned, Pillman gets his shots on Dreamer from the apron. Beautiful stalling veritcal suplex from Davey Boy onto Dreamer. Davey Boy goes for a piledriver but Dreamer blocks it...Davey with a forearm to Dreamer, but Dreamer comes out of nowhere with a running cutter. Both men are down. Dreamer crawls over...Hughes is back in.

Hughes runs right through Pillman. Big belly-to-belly suplex from Hughes and he goes for the cover, but Davey Boy breaks it up. Davey gets his shots in on Hughes, but Hughes uranagis him. Pillman comes in with his cane...Hughes catches it and takes Pillman down. Dreamer comes back in...Million Dollar Dream elbow. He sets him up for a piledriver on the can, but with the refs back turned again, Pillman uses the cane to low blow Dreamer! em!

Hart Foundation win by pinfall

Flashback to last week's main event between Rush and Rich Swann. (Rush would emerge victorious.) Following the matchup, LA Park would come out to reignite his CMLL feud with Rush. The two started unloading onto each other until the show went off the air.

Rush is cutting a promo. He puts the MLW roster on notice, and calls LA Park a dog, and that his time is now.

Another promo for the Simon Gotch and Tom Lawlor main event, but DJZ and El Hijo de LA Park is up next!

El Hijo de LA Park comes out first. DJZ, in all of his EDM LED goodness, is out second.

El Hijo de LA Park versus DJZ

Tie-up. DJZ wins the first exchange with a top wrist-lock takedown. Both men show off their speed and athleticism by trading a series of quick arm-drags, pinfalls, and counters. They shake hands to show each other respect, but Hijo hits a standing lariat! Superkick by Hijo sends DJZ to the outside. He drops DJZ over the barricade groin first, before sending DJZ into the ring post the same way. Fans beg Hijo to do it one more time on the barricae, so he does, dropping DJZ right on his groin again. (His poor nuts.) Hijo drags DJZ by the entrance and powerslams him on the floor.

Back in the ring, Hijo whips DJZ off the ropes but the DJZ uses the momentum to mount some offense, hitting a middle-rope elbow which sends Hijo to ringside. Salina distracts DJZ and Hijo hits DJZ with his ring belt. Referee threates to DQ him but Salina convinces him not too. O'Connor Roll german suplex form Hijo, but DJZ fires back with a codebreaker which sends Hijo to ringside again. Tope con hilo from DJZ! He tosses Hijo back in the ring. Slingshot splash. Asai moonsault attemt but Hijo gets his knees up! DJZ rolls to the outside. Suicide dive from Hijo!

Back in the ring again, Hijo climbs to the top, but DJZ cuts him off. He climbs with him and lands a top frope frankensteiner! DJZ goes for a tornado DDT, but Hijo catches him in a jumping piledriver! Cover...and that's all.

El Hijo de La Park wins by pinfall

Earlier interview with Konnan is shown. He says that he has the home-court advantage being in Miami, and that he's inside Low Ki's head. He says it would be a great honor to be MLW Heavyweight champion, but that he believes in the young talent that MLW is producing. His title match next week against Low Ki is now a no DQ contest.

Dezmond Xavier and Andrew Everett are in the ring for singles-action.

Dezmond Xavier versus Andrew Everett

Tie-up. Xavier with a side headlock, and a shoulder bump. Everett quickly takes Xavier down with a headscissor. Each man trades pin attempts much like in the opening of the Hijo and DJZ bout. Everett and Xavier start jaw-jacking in the center of the ring. Everett and Xavier show off their speed running the ropes, but Xavier decapitates Everett with a dropkick.

Everett comes back with an enziguri, followed by a springboard moonsault. Cover but only two. Xavier dodges a corner attack and lights Everett up with a superkick to the back of the head. With Everett tied up in the ringpost, Xavier hits a 619. Xavier climbs for a 450 but Everett moves and Xavier lands on his feet. They trade blows in the center of the ring. Everett charges Xavier in the corner but Xavier moves again. Standing moonsault attempt by Xavier but Everett moves. Deadlift German from Everett, followed by a Pele kick! Everett with the cover...Xavier kicks out. (Fans are soley behind Xavier.) Everett climbs again, but this time Xavier hits a Pele kick. Xavier climbs again, corkscrew senton bomb...that'll do it.

Dezmond Xavier wins by pinfall

Main event is next! Tom Lawlor versus Low Ki is announced for February 2nd in Philadelphia for their event entitled Superfight.

Promo from Tom Lawlor. He calls Simon Gotch a weasel, a chump, and berates him for betraying him. He promises that he will choke Gotch unconscious, and that the only reason the referee is there, is to make sure Lawlor doesn't kill him.

MLW team is taking down the ring ropes for this no-holds barred fight. Ring announcer says that the only way to win is by knockout or submission.

Simon Gotch is out first. Low Ki is on commentary for this bout along with Bocchini and Schiavone. Low Ki says that his undefeated streak in MLW cannot be replicated. Lawlor is out next, and he's ready to go.

Simon Gotch versus Tom Lawlor No Holds Barred

Lawlor with the early takedown. He goes for his rear-naked choke early, but Gotch overpowers him and goes for an armbar. Lawlor blocks it by clutching his hands but the action spills to the outside, where Gotch shoves Lawlor into the barricade. (Remember no ring ropes.) He slams Lawlor off the ringpost, and unloads on Lawlor with stiff uppercuts. Lawlor responds with chops and knee lifts. Discus clothesline from Lawlor. He goes for a suplex, but Gotch blocks, switches position, and suplexes Lawlor onto the ring apron!

The fight spills into the center of the ring where both men trade stiff right hands. Gotch lands a combo. Lawlor lands one of his own. Standing head kick takes Gotch down. Lawlor goes for the choke again, but Gotch has it scouted. Rib shots from Gotch, followed by a headkick of his own. Lawlor comes right back with a german suplex! Ground and pound! Lawlor goes for a urinagi, but Gotch again counters it. Thrust knees from Gotch. And another. Head kick from Gotch...he goes for a piledriver, Lawlor transitions out of it, series of counters, LAWLOR LOCKS IN THE CHOKE. GOTCH CAN'T ESCAPE. HE'S OUT. IT'S OVER.

Tom Lawlor wins by referee stoppage

Lawlor is interviewed immediately following his victory. He says for 7 months Low Ki has been running away from him. Lawlor claims that he's wanted nothing else then to call himself the MLW Heavyweight champion. He calls out Low Ki for not being able to fight on his own. He ends by saying that on February 2nd, he'll be taking that belt away. Low Ki tells Lawlor to enjoy his victory, because it'll be his last.

That's the show friends.