Show opens with a video package detailing the feud between Konnan and Promociones Dorado, specifically Salina de la Renta and MLW Heavyweight champion Low Ki. The recap includes Low Ki's victory over Daga, and Konnan's decision to finally return to the ring to face the champ.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini welcome us to Fusion, and hype the evening's main event:Low Ki versus Konnan in a no DQ bout for the Heavyweight championship.

Flashback to last week's main event, when Tom Lawlor got his revenge on Simon Gotch by choking him out during their no holds barred showdown.

Simon Gotch is on his way to the ring to issue one of his open prizefight challenges. He grabs a microphone and tells the fans that a disease is growing in MLW, and that he is there to vanquish it. He calls out anyone backstage who is brave enough to challenge him for $20,000 dollars. This bring out...ACE ROMERO!

Simon Gotch versus Ace Romero Prize Fight

Gotch opens the action up with multiple chops to Ace's chest. Ace overpowers Gotch, rag-dolling him around, and unloading some chops of his own. He whips Gotch to the outside, and even fakes a suicide dive to throw Gotch off his game. Back in the ring, Ace slams Gotch with a double choke.

Gotch lands a vicious combination, but Ace bulldozes through him and lands a running elbow! That'll do it!

Ace Romero wins by pinfall and claims the $20,000 cash prize

Post match, Ace throws the money to the crowd, while Gotch looks stunned.

Ariel Dominguez and Andrew Everett are coming up next.

Video showing Rush and LA Park posing for their April 4th showdown in New York.

Update on Kotto Brazil, who was injured at a nightclub in Miami by Promociones Dorado's Ricky Martinez, who smashed a glass over Kotto's head. Schiavone tells us that Kotto had to undergo surgery, before shooting us over to footage of Ricky Martinez partying with a bunch of women.

Boccini says that due to the incident Martinez will be suspended from MLW indefinitely without pay.

Cut to camera crews from earlier in the day trying to interview Martinez. They ask Martinez about the Kotto incident. Martinez says that he doesn't care how long he's suspended, Promociones Dorado will take care of him. He then taunts Kotto, saying that he's only been around for a short time, while he's an established vet in the business.

Ariel Dominguez is on his way to ring for our next bout. His opponent...Andrew out second.

Ariel Dominguez versus Andrew Everett

Tie-up. Everett shoves Dominguez into the corner to win the exchange. Dominguez grabs a waist-lock, but Everett reverses the pressure. Series of counters from both men. Dominguez tries a springboard clothesline but Everett dodges and Dominguez hits the mat hard. Springboard moonsault from Everett lands flush. He targets Dominguez's head with headbutts. Dominguez tries to mount a comeback but Everett cuts him off with a big boot.

Everett goes for a chokeslam, but Dominguez escapes, goes for a roll-up...transitions to an O'Connor Roll German! Everett responds with a Pele kick. He climbs to the top...shooting star attempt...Dominguez gets the knees up! em!

Ariel Dominguez wins by pinfall

Flashback to Teddy Hart capturing the MLW Middleweight championship in a fatal-five way ladder match.

Promo for MLW Superfight, featuring Low Ki versus Tom Lawlor for the MLW Heavyweight championship.

Konnan cuts a promo. He tells Low Ki that he can see right through him...and that he plans on taking him to the deepest waters he's ever been in.

Recap of last week's tag team bout, when Brian Pillman Jr and Davey Boy Smith Jr defeated Tommy Dreamer and Barrington Hughes.

Tommy Dreamer is backstage, giving kudos to Brian Pillman Jr. Dreamer claims that he underestimated Pillman, and calls for a rubber match between the two since they each have a victory over the other. Dreamer asks for it to be a Singapore cage match. Dreamer ends by asking if Pillman's career will live up to expectations, or if he'll fall to obscurity.

Match is made official for two weeks. Main event is next!

A video package detailing Tom Lawlor's rivalry with Low Ki and Promociones Dorado is shown, including Lawlor finally getting his hands on Low Ki two weeks ago during MLW's first live broadcast.

Another episode of H2TV plays. (Hart Foundation Network.) Brian Pillman Jr is seen running on a treadmill while facetiming. Cut to Teddy Hart drinking, and cutting a promo on the Lucha Brothers. Hart says that the Hart Foundation can't be stopped, and that he wants those MLW tag titles.

Pentagon Jr. versus Teddy Hart is announced for next week.

Promo from Tom Lawlor. He says 7 months ago he won Battle Riot, and that Low Ki has been avoiding him since then. Lawlor says he is willing to stand up to any challenge across the locker room, or even the world, because he is a fighting champion.

The tale of the tape is shown for Konnan and Low Ki.

Konnan is on his way to the ring, draped in a Dwayne Wade jersey. The hometown crowd gives him a warm response. Low Ki comes out next, accompanied by Ricky Martinez and Salina de la Renta. Konnan and Low Ki jaw-jack during the intros.

Low Ki versus Konnan NO DQ for the MLW Heavyweight championship

Low Ki charges Konnan but Konnan dodges and hits Low Ki with a foreign object! He goes for an early pin, but Ricky Martinez pulls Low Ki out of the ring to break the fall. (NO DQ so it's all good.) Low Ki is busted open from whatever the object was.

Low Ki unloads some kicks onto Konnan, but Konnan returns strikes knocking Low Ki to his back. Tequila sunrise submission locked in! Ricky Martinez comes in again and kicks Konnan in the head! He stomps Konnan down, and holds him up for Low Ki. Low Ki goes for a dropkick but Konnan moves and Martinez goes flying into the turnbuckle! Low-blow from Konnan! Now Salina is in the ring...she tries to hit Konnan with her cane but Konnan grabs it...Low Ki blindsides Konnan with a clothesline.

Now in control, Low Ki stomps Konnan down. Salina throws a beer bottle in the ring...Low Ki puts it under Konnan's head...AND STOMPS BREAKING THE BOTTLE. Konnan is also busted open. Low Ki targets the wound with stiff elbow shots. He cranks Konnan's neck, before calling Ricky Martinez in the ring to assist in a beatdown. El Hijo de la Park comes out and joins in on the Konnan beatdown. The referee calls for stoppage.

Low Ki retains via referee stoppage

Members of Promociones Dorado attack the ref for stopping the match. More come out...but they attack them all. Salina hands Low Ki either a knife or a piece of glass. THEY STAB KONNAN IN THE BACK!

Finally, Tom Lawlor comes out and fights Low Ki, Hijo, and Ricky Martinez off. He attends to Konnan in the ring.

Backstage, Pentagon Jr. is seen laid out on the floor. Schiavone says that he was attacked by Promociones Dorado so he couldn't help Konnan.

That's the show friends.