– This week’s first WWE NXT UK episode opened with Wolfgang and The Coffey Brothers (Mark Coffey & Joe Coffey) in the ring. They are now using the name Gallus for their stable. They were confronted by Travis Banks, who ended up getting triple teamed until Tyler Bate and Trent Seven made the save. Banks later defeated Wolfgang in the main event of the second NXT UK episode.

Based on what has happened at recent NXT UK TV tapings, it looks like the Gallus stable will be booked as some of the top Superstars on the brand. Above is video from the first segment and below is video from Banks vs. Wolfgang.

– Next week’s NXT UK episodes on the WWE Network will feature an update on the to-be-revealed NXT UK Tag Team Titles. Seven vs. Joe Coffey has also been announced.

– Today’s second NXT UK episode saw NXT UK Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley hand-pick her first opponent as champion. She then defeated Candy Floss, who was making her NXT UK TV debut. Below is video from the match along with post-match promos from the two.

Speaking to Radzi Chinyanganya, Ripley dismissed a jab at her aggressive win and post-match attack, and said a victory is a victory. Ripley also said the victory for the viewers is getting to watch her compete. Candy said the match was tough but she’s learned from it, and next time she’s back at NXT UK she will be a lot stronger.