Noam Dar Talks WWE Relying On Homegrown Talent In The UK, The Unique Experience Of 205 Live

WWE 205 Live Superstar Noam Dar spoke with The Sunday Post to discuss the NXT UK Brand, WWE's relationship with UK indie promotion, ICW, and 205 Live. Here are some of the highlights:

WWE's working relationship with UK indie promotion, ICW:

"I think it's important to be able to highlight and showcase that these promotions like ICW exist [outside of] WWE and especially now that there's a great working relationship there. I think that's WWE's token of gratitude to ICW; to allow guys that were homegrown there to come and put performances on now and again to give back and help. I think that's really important to the development of the company and us personally, it's really good to have these opportunities."

WWE relying on local, homegrown talent in the UK for the NXT UK brand:

"It shows how strong the depth of roster is in the UK and the demand for it. People want to come to these big shows and pay good money to watch these guys from the UK, from Scotland and who have been ICW's roster members for years, as opposed to coming to see guys they saw a couple of times on the telly."

The unique experience of 205 Live:

"The experience myself and some of the other cruiserweights have had in the WWE has been very unique. We essentially went from independents to the main roster, then on the road, and then to our own show 205 Live. From there other opportunities have come up. The learning experience is tenfold, the amount of knowledge you're picking up. Hopefully I can keep making the best of everything and keep moving forward."

Dar also discussed returning to "The Hydro" for ICW and having knee surgery late last year. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.