Raven Reveals Billy Corgan And Tommy Dreamer Wanted To Buy ECW, Why He Thinks Paul Heyman Declined

ECW founder Paul Heyman has faced criticism from the public for the company going out of business, but the majority of people who worked for him have no ill feelings towards him. Two-time ECW world champion Raven was a guest on a recent episode of Heated Conversations with Booker T and opened up about the respect he has for his former boss.

Heyman sold ECW to WWE in 2001, but he has been criticized for accepting money from Vince McMahon for a number of years prior to the company folding. Raven was asked about whether Heyman ever withheld payments from superstars.

"He didn't do that to me, so I have nothing but good things to say about him," Raven said.

Raven also revealed that Billy Corgan once offered the buy ECW from Heyman, but Heyman had a high asking price and refused to sell the company if it wasn't reached. Heyman's pride for what he had built made him stubborn in his negotiations, so there was no other outcome than the company being sold to McMahon. Raven said he didn't believe Heyman ever truly wanted to sell the company.

"Billy Corgan was talking about how one day he wanted to buy ECW from Paul Heyman and Paul wanted to charge him a ridiculous mark price for it and he didn't do it. To be honest, I don't think Paul wanted to sell it. He gave you a price you couldn't match because he didn't want to sell it," Raven said. "That was why he didn't want to sell it to Tommy Dreamer, because he wanted it to go under with him in charge so that it was his show, and that if it continued the way it did, it was his baby. If it got buried the way Vince McMahon buried it it didn't effect the magic that he created so I don't really think he really ever wanted to sell it and he just wanted it to go down with him as the captain of the ship."

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