As recently noted, ‘famous wrestling midget’ Swoggle, formerly WWE’s Hornswoggle, was a guest on the WINCLY podcast with Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman. Among many other things, Swoggle talked about worrying about not being able to deliver in a match versus Marko Stunt, telling Joey Ryan not to wrestle their tag match at the recent MLW tapings, and his goal for 2019.

According to Swoggle, he was intimidated to wrestle Marko Stunt, as ‘The King Of Small Style’ knows he is not able to keep up with the athleticism of ‘Mr. Fun Size’.

“He gave me the opportunity, which I was very scared of in Marko Stunt. There was another plan before that that I’m not going to talk about because who knows if it’ll happen and I don’t want to talk about it yet. But there was a plan in place and it didn’t happen and then they gave me Marko and I was instantly so scared because, like I said, man, if you’ve seen the match, if you’ve watched it online, Marko is the guy right now and he truly is. And he is way, way more of an athlete than I am and I met this Marko. I was like, ‘man, I’m nervous.’ I said, ‘I don’t want to hold you down.’ And that’s a true statement. And I said to Mikey, I said, ‘I’m really excited to work with him for Black Label, but I don’t want to let you down with the match. I don’t think I can hang with Marko.’ He gave me that opportunity, that opportunity that I thought I was going to drop and I don’t think we did. And I will go on record saying that was one of the first and one of the only independent matches that I felt like, ‘man, I knocked it out of the park’ because going into it, I was so nervous about it being terrible on my end.” Swoggle explained, “I knew Marko would kill it, but I was nervous about myself and Mikey gave me that opportunity and I appreciate that.”

Though Swoggle was looking forward to teaming with ‘Famous Dick Wrestler’ Joey Ryan for MLW, the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion advised Ryan not to wrestle in their tag match due to his recent pectoral muscle injury.

“I was so bummed out, man! That was a match I was looking forward to for so long. And I was so bummed out when I saw him in the hotel and I saw that he was hurt. And I felt so bad for him, but the selfish part of me was also like, ‘man, this sucks!'” Swoggle shared, “personally, I told him not to wrestle. But Joey is Joey and Joey legitimately, all he wants to do is please the fans and put on a good show. And he was worried about it. I said, ‘don’t wrestle. Don’t wrestle. Please don’t wrestle.’ I said, ‘I really think you shouldn’t.’ And he goes, ‘I have to’ and he felt so bad. It was legitimately bugging him when I saw him at the hotel and it was killing him when we went out for the match. It was killing him just going back and forth about this. I can’t wait? hopefully, we get that opportunity again, man. I really hope we get that opportunity. I’m not nearly as good looking as Candice [LeRae], but hopefully we can do another tag team.”

When asked about his goals for 2019, Swoggle said he would like to wrestle in Japan for DDT Pro-Wrestling.  

“I want to do Japan, man. I have never been to Japan. And it’s the one thing that, man, I can’t stop till I do it once. DDT [Pro-Wrestling] would be a perfect home for me. That’s legitimately my dream for 2019, is to go to Japan for DDT. I need to. It’s that thorn in my side that I can’t get rid of, I can’t. I’m going to have the chip on my shoulder about it until it happens. So that’s my dream for 2019, is that I make it to Japan and hopefully it happens!” Swoggle added, “this year’s going to be crazy. It’s going to be another crazy year, I have a feeling already. And I’m looking forward to it.”

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