"The Marine 6" Director Reveals Which WWE Stars He'd Like In Future Marine Films (Contains Spoilers)

The Marine franchise has become one of the longest-running film series in the history of WWE Studios. While the lead has always changed, the entertainment is always there to get people enticed for the next one. After The Marine 6, what does the future hold for the franchise?

As part of a recent episode of Wrestling Inc.'s WINCLY podcast, The Marine 6 director James Nunn discussed the possibility of a new Marine film. There may be a chance he wants to spice things up with the lead.

"If I was in charge of the studios, I would make a Marine 7," Nunn stated. "This is what I would do: I would continue it with Shawn (Michaels) and I would team him up with a female, and maybe even do a handover in the middle of the movie. I don't think you want to kill Shawn though. Maybe Shawn has got a Marine daughter, you know?"

With Shawn set with a big role, there has to be true plan for the film, right? Nunn has done some thinking, as he has found creative ways to honor the past and future of The Marine films.

"This is how the movie starts: We start at Jake's funeral, and you have all of the other Marines. You have to get Cena, Ted DiBiase and Shawn and they're all around the coffin," Nunn continued. "You also have Shawn's daughter who is the future of the Marine franchise, maybe Charlotte. Did Becky Lynch die? I don't know, I didn't see a body. You basically end up with Charlotte v. Becky in a movie. Boom, and that's 7, and then we can talk about 8, and in 8 you obviously got to bring Ronda into it somehow.

The Marine 6: Close Quarters is available now on video and in addition to starring The Miz, Becky Lynch and Shawn Michaels are also featured in the film.

You can listen to the full audio from Wrestling Inc's exclusive interview with James Gunn on our WINCLY podcast below: