Top WWE Stars Try Not To Laugh At Clips (Video), John Cena "Bumblebee" Movie Reviews, WWE Shop Sale

- In the video above, Drew McIntyre, Elias, Apollo Crews, Big E, Charlotte Flair, The Usos, Kalisto, Kofi Kingston and Sasha Banks stop by FBE for the latest episode of their hit series "React." They were shown a collection of funny clips and were tasked with not laughing. Elias was the only wrestler to make it through all the clips without cracking up. Sasha and Apollo were in last place for laughing during 7 clips, while McIntyre wasn't far behind as he broke during 6.

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- Bumblebee, which features John Cena in a major role, has been receiving some great reviews early on. The movie has a 96% rating at movie review aggregator site Rotten Tomatoes, by far the highest rating of any Transformers movie. Of the 26 reviews counted so far, 25 have been positive while only 1 is negative. Variety praised Cena's performance in the movie, writing:

The movie's most memorable human character is played by John Cena, who witnesses Bumblebee's arrival as a flaming meteor (at that point, the Autobot is transforming into a Jeep), barely surviving the ensuing firefight. Representing the ominous governmental authority figure determined to capture and/or experiment upon such misunderstood aliens in movies like these, the former wrestler looks plenty intimidating in military garb. But he also brings a welcome sense of humor to the mix, holding his own against the gargantuan CG co-stars.


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