Trish Stratus On Working "Sexy" Attitude Era Matches, Trish And Lita Talk Main Eventing WWE RAW

As previously noted, WWE Hall-of-Famers Trish Stratus and Lita were recently on Ring The Belle for an interview. Among the topics discussed, Stratus talked about what it was like being in the "sexy" matches of the Attitude Era and how she tried making the best out of the situations she was placed in. Lita and Stratus then looked back at their historical main event match on the December 6th, 2004 edition of WWE Raw, where they would become the first two women to main event a televised WWE show. The women would also explain how they sometimes needed to go off script and use telepathy to communicate with one another when unexpected things happen inside the ring.

Mud pit matches, bra and panties matches, fulfill your fantasy battle royal matches and many other sexualized gimmick matches were regularly featured in the WWE's attitude era, as well as the transitional years to follow. Stratus and Lita were featured in many of these gimmick matches. Stratus explained her mindset when faced with these unique stipulations.

"For me [Trish] personally, it was like, make the best out of it. I know when I had a gravy match, I was like, a gravy match? Really? I was like, 'Ok, I'll do this gravy match if I can be thrown off the top ramp in to the bowl of gravy,'" Stratus said. "It was some muddy farm mud. We actually found the packaging after and it wasn't good. Do not ingest."

Stratus and Lita made history fourteen years ago on the December 6th, 2004 episode of WWE Raw, when they would become the first two women to wrestle in a main event match on WWE television. Lita revealed that nothing needed to be said between both women after the stellar performance they thought they gave that night.

"I don't remember saying anything. I just remember we didn't have to say anything because we knew we did it, we knew we were equally proud of each other for being, like, we did that," Lita said.

A few months later, on the April 18th, 2005 edition of WWE Raw, Stratus and Lita would be exchanging a series of promos in the ring as the Madison Square Garden crowd grew progressively more hostile toward Lita and her then, real-life relationship trouble with Matt Hardy. The women agreed that using "telepathy" and going off the script was their best strategy at trying to reel in the rowdy New York audience.

"We had some telepathy going on," Lita revealed.

"We went completely off script for this one," Stratus added. "We went our own way, and went with the crowd, and tried to wrangle them in and it was interesting."


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