WINC Podcast (12/5): WWE SmackDown Review, Dynamite Kid Passing, RAW's Historic Low Rating

Glenn Rubenstein (@GlennRubenstein), Nick Hausman (@WIncRebel), and Justin LaBar (@JustinLaBar) are back for the latest edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast. Topics include:

- WWE SmackDown Review

- Dynamite Kid passing at age 60.

- Who was backstage at this week's SmackDown?

- RAW's historic low rating.

- How to book Aiden English going forward.

- Alexa Bliss cleared for in-ring action?

- The guys look at where WWE could take Asuka vs. Charlotte vs. Becky Lynch.

- Nick and Justin fantasy book an NXT invasion on the main roster.

And more!

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You can watch the full episode in the video above, or listen to it in the audio player below.

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