WWE Live Event Results From Bossier City (12/2): Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose, Ronda Rousey

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Cade Galey for sending in these results from yesterday's WWE live event in Bossier City, LA:

* Drew McIntyre defeated Finn Balor. Solid back and forth match to open the show.

* Heath Slater, Rhyno, Zack Ryder & and Apollo Crews defeated The Revival, Jinder Mahal & Mojo Rawley. Another solid match that saw Apollo Crews pick up the win for his team. He also had pretty decent pop for his entrance while The Revival and Mojo Rawley got no reaction. There was also a lot of "He's got kids" chants at Slater.

* Buddy Murphy defeated Kalisto in a Cruiserweight Title Match. This match was a little on the slow side but it was still decent. Many "Lucha" and "Lets go Kalisto" chants through out the match. Murphy got no reaction for his entrance but was able to get heel heat from the crowd.

* Bayley & Natalya defeated Ruby Riot & Liv Morgan (with Sarah Logan). The crowd was really behind Bayley and Natalya the whole match with Natalya making Liv Morgan submit to the Sharpshooter for the victory.

* Elias defeated Baron Corbin & Bobby Lashley (with Lio Rush). Elias did his usual gimmick and a solid pop from the crowd. Baron Corbin interrupted and a one on one match started then Corbin made it a Handicap match halfway through the match and out came Lashley to a decent pop. After a minute of Lashley being in the match, Finn Balor does a run-in as well as Drew McIntyre and Elias and Balor were able to overcome the heels and Elias was able to pin Corbin for the win.


* RAW Tag Team Champions AOP (with Drake Maverick) defeated Bobby Roode and Chad Gable in a Tag Title Match. AOP went out first and Maverick cut promo about peeing on Roode's jacket and how great AOP was. Next Gable come out on the stage by himself while Roode did a sneak attack on AOP to start the match. The match was alright, nothing spectacular, and AOP double teamed Roode for the win.

* Ronda Rousey & Ember Moon defeated Nia Jax & Tamina. Jax and Tamina came out first and both got a mixed reaction. Moon came out next and got a small pop while Rousey came out to a huge pop. Another good match with Moon spending most of the time in the ring being overpowered by Jax and Tamina. Jax would take an Eclipse from Moon while Rousey went at it with Tamina and Rousey actually hit a Superman Punch on Tamina and then Tamina would eventually tap out to the Armbar. After the match, Ronda spent about 5 minutes at ringside meeting fans before leaving.

* Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose by DQ in the main event for the IC Title. This was probably the match of the night in my book. Ambrose came out first to a baby face reaction but he would eventually gather a lot of heat from the fans. Rollins was out next to a huge pop as well. Ambrose would attack Rollins before the match started and would dominate for a few minutes then they went back and forth with Ambrose targeting the left knee of Rollins. The only true Signature Move done was the Falcon Arrow by Rollins. Ambrose would soon hit a Rollins with a chair to cause the DQ. After the bell was rung, Ambrose went for Dirty Deeds on the chair but Rollins would then overpower Ambrose and hit him with the chair to send the crowd home happy and Rollins would also spend about 5 minutes meeting fans at ringside to end the show

Overall this was a pretty good show and I would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Biggest pops: Ronda Rousey and Seth Rollins
Most heat: Jinder Mahal and Baron Corbin


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