Week 12 of WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge Season 2 saw the MMC Playoffs continue with the brand finals being confirmed. To set up the semi-finals, R-Truth and Carmella pulled an upset win over Jeff Hardy and Charlotte Flair while The Miz and Asuka defeated Jimmy Uso and Naomi in the other match.

The finals of the SmackDown side are now official with R-Truth and Carmella vs. The Miz and Asuka. The RAW finals were confirmed last week – Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox vs. Finn Balor and Bayley.

The semi-finals will take place next Tuesday night on Facebook Watch with Mahal and Fox vs. Balor and Bayley plus R-Truth and Carmella vs. Miz and Asuka.

Live Facebook Watch viewership for this week’s episode peaked at 44,700 live viewers. This is up from last week’s high of 17,400 live viewers. The current high for this season is the 74,400 live viewers from Week 6.

The RAW vs. SmackDown finals of the round-robin style tournament will take place at the WWE TLC pay-per-view on December 16 in San Jose, and the winners will earn the #30 spots in the men’s & women’s 2019 Royal Rumble matches this coming January, plus an all-expense-paid trip to anywhere in the world that they want to go.

The updated MMC Season 2 standings read like this:

* Curt Hawkins and Ember Moon (4 wins, 1 loss – eliminated during Playoffs)
* Bobby Lashley and Mickie James (3 wins, 2 losses – eliminated during Playoffs)
* Bobby Roode and Natalya (0 wins, 4 losses – did not make it to Playoffs)
* Jinder Mahal and Alicia Fox (2 wins, 3 losses)
* Finn Balor and Bayley (3 wins, 2 losses)

* Jeff Hardy and Charlotte Flair (4 wins, 1 loss – eliminated during Playoffs)
* The Miz and Asuka (4 wins, 1 loss)
* Jimmy Uso and Naomi (2 wins, 3 losses – eliminated during Playoffs)
* R-Truth and Carmella (2 wins, 3 losses)
* Rusev and Lana (0 wins, 4 losses – did not make it to Playoffs)

Below are photos and videos from this week’s episode along with backstage footage of Kayla Braxton with Team Awe-Ska, Flair and Hardy: