WWE Network Marathons Announced, Rare Holiday Hell 2000 Clip Released (Video), WWE Stars At NFL Game

- Above is a clip from a recent WWE Network Hidden Gems addition, featuring The Sandman taking on Justin Credible and then-ECW Champion Steve Corino in a Three Way Dance at the final ECW event to be held at the ECW Arena on December 23, 2000 - Holiday Hell 2000. The full upload on the WWE Network runs almost 10 minutes.

- The following WWE Network marathons have been announced for this week:

* Table For 3, Season 4: Today from 2 - 6:30pm ET
* Mixed Match Challenge, Season 2: Tuesday from 6am - 3:30pm ET
* Ride Along, Season 3: Tuesday from 11pm - 3am ET
* Network Collections: Thursday from 6 - 10:30am ET
* Photo Shoot: Thursday from 10:30am - 2pm ET
* WWE 24: Thursday from 2 - 6pm ET
* Story Time, Season 3: Thursday from 7:30 - 9pm ET
* Total Bellas, Season 2: Thursday from 11pm - 5am ET
* Network Original Specials: Friday from 6am - 12pm ET
* 2018 Takeover Specials: Saturday from 6am - 7:30pm ET
* 2018 WWE Pay-Per-View Events: Saturday from 9pm ET - Monday

- WWE stars from Cleveland returned home for the holidays and received VIP treatment at Sunday's NFL game between the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals - announcer Vic Joseph, EC3 and Johnny Gargano. Gargano's wife Candice LeRae was also there. Vic tweeted this photo of the group on the sidelines:


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