Former WWE Superstar Adam Rose (Raymond Leppan) took to Facebook on Tuesday and thanked WWE for helping him get sober.

Rose posted a photo from the height of his drug use when he weighed just 170 pounds. He’s now been sober for 415+ days and has his weight up to 223 pounds.

Rose wrote, “I have never really spoken about this but the picture on the left is me at the height of my drug usage, 170lbs. The picture on the right is me as I am now after 415 days sober, 223 lbs. God has given a me a second chance and I don’t plan to waste it. I want to thank the @wwe for their help. They went above and beyond for me even when I know I didn’t deserve it. Stay tuned as I plan to share with you all my story and journey. #letgoletgod”

Rose was suspended by WWE back in April 2016 for his second violation of the WWE Wellness Policy. He later claimed he had been legally prescribed Adderall by a doctor, to treat ADHD, and that WWE knew about the prescription for over one year. Rose was arrested weeks later after a domestic incident. He requested his release in late May 2016 and WWE granted it. Rose announced in 2017 that the year would be his final year in wrestling but he continued to wrestle in 2018 due to financial reasons, according to a statement he made in an interview.

You can see Rose’s Facebook post below: