AEW Announce Team News, Ryback On Possibly Working For AEW, Chris Jericho's First AEW T-shirt

- It looks like Alex Marvez will be one of the All Elite Wrestling announcers. The SiriusXM NFL Radio host now lists AEW in his Twitter bio, along with the "#ChangeTheUniverse" hashtag. Dave Meltzer noted on Wrestling Observer Radio that Marvez had been in line for an AEW announcing position and Marvez hosting Tuesday's Double Or Nothing rally with Conrad Thompson is a good sign that he will get the position.

You can get a closer look at Marvez working the AEW rally in the video above, which was the lead-in to the actual rally. There's no word yet on who might join Marvez at the AEW announce table but it does not look like Thompson will be calling the action.

- Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback has expressed interest in working with AEW. Ryback, who left WWE in 2016 and has worked some indies since then, noted that he's currently unable to wrestle due to a shoulder injury.

The Big Guy wrote, "I'm extremely happy for all involved and have known @CodyRhodes a long time. I have 2 more stem cell procedures and a shoulder scope to get me where I need to be in January and will then evaluate everything wrestling wise. I can't be anything less than my best ever if I return."

You can see his tweet below, which was a response to a fan asking about him possibly working for AEW:

- Pro Wrestling Tees has released the first official AEW t-shirt for Chris Jericho. PWT currently has the shirt for sale at $24.00. Jericho posted this photo of the "AEW Is Jericho" shirt to Instagram:


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