Alexa Bliss Gives Update On WWE In-Ring Return

Yesterday, Alexa Bliss made an appearance at the ACE Comic Con in Phoenix, Arizona to talk with Lillian Garcia and do a Q&A with the fans. One of the questions from Garcia was about her return to the ring.

Bliss, who does have limited clearance for physical activity, suffered multiple concussions in a short period of time, the last one reportedly happening in late October of this year.

WWE had kept her on TV as the storyline boss of the RAW women's division, but there's been no word on when she might wrestle another match. This week on RAW she debut her new talk show segment, Moment of Bliss, which featured WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey.

Garcia asked for clarification on Bliss getting concussed and how many she had.

"It was one that happened, and then I went back too soon and aggravated it," Bliss responded.

Bliss was asked about a possible timeline for a return to in-ring action and she says it will be "soon."

"Well, I plan on coming back pretty soon," Bliss began. "WWE is very careful with us when it comes to concussions and any injury. We have the best taking care of us and you have to go through concussion protocol. Everybody is being cautious, it's the brain, you only get one, can't trade it out for another. So, I've been doing well, training at the [WWE] Performance Center. I've been training in the ring there. There's hope for me getting back in the ring relatively soon. It just depends on?it's a brain, you can't really tell it to heal, my MRIs and everything look good. Neurologists say I look good and as long as I don't have symptoms?that's the thing, if you feel good, know you're good, and go in the ring, but feel a symptom (headache or memory loss), you have to start all the way from square one."

You can check out Bliss' full comments in the video below.

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