As reported on Wednesday, Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer Abyss (Chris Parks) and Impact veteran Sonjay Dutt have left the company to take jobs with WWE.

In an update, Parks and Dutt are being hired for behind-the-scenes roles in WWE, not as performers, according to PWInsider. There’s no confirmed word yet on what those backstage roles will be but there has been a push as of late to hire new Producers, and they continue to hire staff for the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, and now the new UK Performance Center in London.

It sounds like we could see more wrestling veterans sign with WWE for behind-the-scenes roles in the coming months as they look to keep the developmental system stocked with a variety of styles. Triple H was asked about staffing the UK Performance Center during a media call this week. He called is an ongoing process. He was also asked what they learned from staffing the main Performance Center. He revealed that they are already seeing talents improve after running the UK PC for a few weeks.

“The staffing of it is an ongoing process, and is kind of a switching out process where we’re sending people in and taking people out, and moving them in,” he said. “I think part of that is also helpful to get the variety of different opinions and training, and all of it. As far as what we’ve learned, obviously the Performance Center in the UK is a different size and scope, it’s a scaled down, slightly, version of what we have in the US. There’s not as many people, not as much demand on space and time, and everything else. We don’t yet have the need to have as much… I’ll give you an example – language training, and things like that. So space for training people language-wise. Different opportunities that as time goes by, will expand and grow. We knew what the basics are of what we need to train them in, we knew how we wanted to protect our health and wellness, we knew the things that we needed to accomplish there, and we were able to get them nicely in the space that we had. You know, we obviously were over there launching it and kind of showing it off to everybody, but we’ve been using it here for a little bit and kind of functioning, and I see the clear difference in talent already. In just their point of view, and how they’re understanding things, how they’re executing them. It really made a big difference, and even for us from a production standpoint. It’s headed in the right direction but it’ll also be a work in progress as we move forward to make sure that as that grows, the UK brand grows, all of it continues to morph and grow along with it, to provide what it needs.”

We noted before how Impact officials confirmed the departures in an e-mail to the roster earlier this week. Both departures were said to be amicable and it was said that Impact officials did not want to hold back both men from pursuing better opportunities that were offered by WWE. It was noted today that Impact had to release them from contracts in order for them to be able to sign with WWE, and the internal feeling was that there was no positive in forcing them to stay.

Dutt had been working with the Impact creative team and Abyss, the longest-tenured performer in company history, had been working as a backstage producer. There’s no word yet on when they will start working with WWE.

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