Being The Elite (Episode 134) Recap: Behind-The-Scenes Look At The AEW Rally, Chris Jericho

If you missed it, here is the recap for episode 133.

* Matt and Nick congratulate Britt Baker on becoming the first official female signed to AEW. Everything is fine until Baker wants to talk about the fact that The Young Bucks "murdered" her boyfriend, Adam Cole. She gets cut off by the opening credits before she could finish his name.

* Young Bucks are at an airport flying to Chicago from Japan, possibly for the last time. This is the first time they will leave Japan without knowing a return date. After heading to Chicago, they will join the Khan family on a private jet to Jacksonville with their family.

* "We've finally arrived!" says Matt after talking about going from economy planes to private. A highlight of the flight is Tony Khan talking with the Jackson kids. Nick's family got ill while on the jet. After the flight, Matt and Nick meet up with Hangman, who is excited about the opportunity.

* Kazarian and Scorpio Sky are at a wine bar. Sky says he has the case of the snickers, and pauses. He leaves Kazarian, packs his suitcase, boards an airplane, get's into a new hotel room and barricades the door. He thinks he's safe until Matt shows up in his bed with a Snickers bar.

* Young Bucks and Cody Rhodes filming from this past week's AEW rally. Showing shots of the crowd and the previous announcements they made.

* Elite guys are posing for photos in their ring gear. Cody says Hangman Page is jacked, just not PAC jacked. Circling back to footage of PAC and Page's showdown at the rally.

* Joey Janela is at the Jaguars practice facility, cutting a promo. On a break due to injury, Joey thinks he can get into football. He tries to throw a long touchdown pass but botches it, calling it quits immediately after.

* SCU shows up at the same practice facility, saying Jacksonville is the worst town they've ever been in. They have to scream their usual bit due to how big the facility is.

* Cody introduces The Young Bucks and Page to someone he is taking under his wing, MJF. He says he's a huge fan of all of them. Cody leaves the room for a second and MJF starts to shoot on all three of them. Cody pops back in for a second and MJF is nice again before changing his attitude. He tells them he's better than them... and they know it before stealing Page's coffee. Page says he's just like Cody.

* More shots are shown from the rally, including the announcement of Chris Jericho to AEW. He tells the fans to keep their ticket before promoting Double or Nothing. After hyping the promotion, Jericho poses with fireworks.

* In the backstage area, Matt, Nick and Cody are feeling good. Cody says he feels much better than the first press conference they had. They are in awe of what happened and the fireworks display. They congratulate one another, and then end it all by saying they now just have to do the show (Double or Nothing).


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