As previously noted, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T was a guest on Busted Open Radio recently. During the interview, Booker would express his enthusiasm for the futures of WWE Intercontinental Champion, Bobby Lashley and his former student and current WWE star, Ember Moon. Booker also explained how WWE and his Reality of Wrestling School are working together with talent and in behind the scenes matters.

Booker went into detail about how the WWE and his wrestling school have mutually benefited from one another. WWE continues scouting out Booker’s students for contracts while they assist him in utilizing his website to promote ROW. Booker also hopes WWE someday shares their NXT talent with Reality of Wrestling.

“[WWE is] definitely looking at my guys, one of my guys just got a tryout and they didn’t even call me to look at him.” Booker said with a laugh. “They must be looking at him somewhere. But that’s what’s pretty cool, right now WWE is working with me where I can actually get the website to work with me a little bit, and promote some of my stuff. I’m looking to actually, hopefully, use some of those NXT guys to bring them down and be a part of what we’re doing down here. Because if you see it from a different perspective, you can actually pick it up from a different perspective, even though it’s the exact same thing, it’s just getting it from a different direction. So, I’d love to get my hands on some of those NXT guys and get in their head from a psychology perspective.”

Earlier this month, Bobby Lashley won the WWE Intercontinental Championship for the very first time in his career, adding it to the other numerous accolades he’s achieved in wrestling promotions around the world. Booker mentioned that he’s a big fan of Lashley’s work and he’s excited to see how Lashley responds with the torch now passed to him in WWE.

“It’s a different world now, you’ve got so many guys on the roster,” Booker said. “I really do like seeing Bobby Lashley get the torch and, exactly seeing what he can do with it. I think he’s in a good position right now but there’s so many guys. The roster’s full right now.”

Ember Moon made her debut on WWE RAW in April 2018 with a successful reign as WWE NXT Women’s Champion notched in her belt. When she first started out in her career, Ember was actually a student at Booker’s wrestling school. While Ember is out of action due to an elbow injury, Booker spoke highly of Ember’s abilities and is convinced that she will hold a WWE Women’s Title somewhere down the line.

“One of my girls up there right now, Ember Moon – she’s doing awesome,” Booker said. “You know, you watch her, you watch the little bitty things she does, you watch the little bitty interplay, she knows how to make all those girls look good. She’s gonna have her time, she’s gonna be champion, she’s gonna pick that tile up before long because she goes out and makes everybody else look good.”

You can listen to the full interview above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open Radio with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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