Charlotte Flair recently spoke with SportBible while at the WWE UK Performance Center launch earlier this month. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Why she watches her matches back:

“I talked to my dad about this because he never watched his matches back, so I go, ‘Well I wonder why it’s so beneficial for me’ because I kind of take everything he says to heart. But I can still critique every moment in my match, whether it helps me get better or if it’s just learning as you go along. I think it’s very helpful, especially because the performance centre has all the technology to do that – even with your promos that you can watch back.”

WWE possibly running a major pay-per-view in the UK:

“I think so, 100 per cent. [It has to be] the right story, why are we going to the UK – but I definitely see it in the future.”

How WWE developmental molded her into a professional wrestler from nothing:

“Truly that’s why I am here celebrating today because I am NXT homegrown. I know my dad’s Ric Flair but when I showed up at FCW/NXT, I didn’t know anything about wrestling – I didn’t watch it, I didn’t study it, I didn’t know the history of it – I just knew I liked my dad and he was a wrestler. If you take a clean slate like me, even though I played division one volleyball, the performance centre molded me. Yes, I had the last name but I wasn’t allowed to woo, I wasn’t allowed to chop and I couldn’t do the figure four. I couldn’t do anything like my dad, and I think they were like, ‘Wow she’s got the it factor, maybe she can carry the name’. They’ve molded a professional wrestler from nothing is how I look at it.”

Source: Sport Bible