Former WCW star Crowbar was a three-time champion during his time there, but he is best known for his storyline with David Flair. The two of them, along with Daffney, portrayed a mentally unstable faction and it led to Crowbar’s best run in pro wrestling.

Crowbar joined our WINCLY podcast where he talked about working with Flair and why WCW chose him to team with Ric Flair’s son.

“I was [wrestling as] Devon Storm first and I had been for 3-4 months on the Saturday Night Show,” Crowbar said. “I was being groomed as a new edition to the cruiserweight division?

“At the same time, David Flair was stalking Kimberly and hitting people with crowbars and being a nut. The only issue with David is he can’t wrestle that well. So, they came up with idea to put him in a tag team where the partner could do the majority of the work and he could still be a nut.

“Thank God. Him being not that great of a worker actually gave me my break.”

David Flair was no Ric Flair in the ring and made his WCW debut at the age of 19. But Crowbar says the younger Flair worked hard which made it easy to work with him.

“I tell everybody, I had no idea what it would be like with this being Ric Flair’s kid. I met David ? awesome, really humble, nice guy. He knew his limitations and wanted to learn from me. He always thanked me for doing more of the in-ring work,” stated Crowbar.

“All those fears, all those concerns were soon put to rest. He was eager to learn the best he can. He knew he wasn’t his dad but was happy to be there.”

Crowbar was around for WCW’s demise and eventual acquisition by WWE. He never made it in WWE, but he says that was a blessing in disguise for what happened after leaving WCW.

“Nobody knew,” Crowbar said of people backstage at WCW when Vince McMahon bought the company. “Everybody assumed that Bischoff was going to buy but no one saw Vince buying it. I was released just before the buyout and that was it for me.

“I had a few dark matches [in WWE] and got great reactions. Not blowing smoke up my own behind, but I got to wrestle at Madison Square Garden and there’s an old saying that Vince says ‘if you can get over at The Garden, you can get over anywhere.’ I got a great reaction, had a good match and a lot of fun.

“It just never came to pass. I think everything happens for a reason ? had I gotten signed I never would have met my wife and I wouldn’t be on the path I’m on now. It was meant to happen. At the time it was disappointing, but I’m not trying to preach at all, but I believe God steers you where you need to go. I have a great life now from not making it, I think.”

Crowbar and Rescue Mania just concluded their most recent set of tapings for their upcoming YouTube series. For more information about Rescue Mania please visit their Facebook page.

In Crowbar’s full interview from Wrestling Inc’s WINCLY podcast he also talks in-depth about his new Rescue Mania promotion, writing the web series with Kevin Sullivan, being bullied in the ECW locker room and more. Subscribe to Wrestling Inc Audio on iTunes to get the latest episodes of the WINCLY as soon as they are released. You can listen to the WINCLY episode featuring Crowbar, as well as Gail Kim and Brian Cage, in the embedded player below:

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