After unveiling All Elite Wrestling on New Year’s Day, along with their well documented Double Or Nothing rally in Jacksonville, Florida this past Tuesday, AEW has been causing waves in the pro wrestling community in early 2019. An interesting decision mentioned at the rally was AEW’s choice to join forces with China’s Oriental Wrestling Entertainment, a organization that American wrestling fans may have yet to be exposed to.

OWE’s management team recently spoke with South China Morning Post about their intentions concerning All Elite Wrestling, and how they hope their roster, mostly composed of marital arts students and Shaolin monks, can positively contribute to AEW’s future plans. Although the details surrounding their newly-formed partnership are still being mulled over, OWE says they’re mutually as excited to begin working together.

“It’s not an official announcement yet?how to work with each other, what the whole thing will look like, we haven’t had the thorough conversations yet,” OWE Vice President Michael Nee explained. “But they made an announcement that they’re happy to work with us, and we’re really happy about that too. We’ll just try to give them all the resources we have.”

According to South China Morning Post, OWE officials are setting up a plan to travel to the US and meet everyone involved with All Elite Wrestling before making an official announcement. OWE is optimistic about the influence their performers will have on American audiences, and they hope this partnership continues the globalization of professional wrestling.

“AEW knows OWE is doing really good in China with the Chinese kung fu and everything, and we have many talented wrestlers,” Nee said. “We are based in China, they’re in the US, but working together we can be huge in the future, that’s the intention. From the very beginning, we’re willing to do global matches like Japan, China, Asia, US and everywhere ? we think wrestling is an international sport and entertainment. It should be global. AEW also would like to globalize and work with many countries, so on this point we have something in common. OWE will do everything to support AEW to bring the best wrestling to the world.”

OWE’s hope is for the partnership with AEW to give the best OWE performers exposure to American audiences while also encouraging the people of China to see more beauty in pro wrestling. Nee acknowledged that the future of their collaboration is unknown, but still bright.

“We are really working hard to let Chinese people know what wrestling is, the beauty of it,” Nee said. “If all the Chinese people know OWE can work with the best leagues like AEW, it’s really good for us, and also we can get approval from the international fans. We’re young, we’re just beginning, but we have the skills trained by CIMA, the martial arts schools, to compete and challenge with the best people globally. Everything from our perspective, we are thinking that’s good for us. What’s gonna happen in the future no one knows.”

All Elite Wrestling’s next event will be Double or Nothing on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.