The list of accomplishments for The Big Show will match up with just about anyone who’s stepped foot into the squared circle. He is a Grand Slam winner, a seven-time World Champion and no doubt a future Hall of Famer.

But despite all of that, the man who put The Big Show on the map, Eric Bischoff, is slightly disappointed with the career of The World’s Largest Athlete. Bischoff recently said that Show never became a star in pro wrestling and he clarified those remarks on his podcast’s aftershow with Christy Olson.

“I may have been wrong about this. But it’s what I believe then and it’s what I still believe now,” said Bischoff. “It had nothing to do with Paul [White, aka The Big Show] or his ability.

“Paul is a phenomenal character, an amazing athlete… He’s as big as he is. So all the ingredients are there. But from a creative point of view, until you have to sit down and figure out a story that the audience will get into and believe and like, and when you have to do that with a guy as big as Paul you automatically eliminate a lot of the storytelling devices that you would normally use. How do you beat up a giant? How do you get sympathy?”

Bischoff’s point is fair in that many storylines or angles are thrown out the window for someone the size of The Big Show. There’s no underdog element for someone that size and there’s also the fact that he can’t work with everyone due to contrasting styles.

Many fans would disagree with Bischoff’s comment that the Big Show never became a big star as 99 percent of pro wrestlers are envious of the career that Show has had.

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Source: After 83 Weeks with Christy Olson