Final Impact On Pop Results (1/3): Fenix & Pentagon Jr. Vs Johnny Impact & Brian Cage, Raven Returns

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The final edition of Impact Wrestling on Pop is bound to be an exciting one, with a huge 10-man tag team match kicking off the night, Dark Allie going one-on-one with former friend, Kiera Hogan, and opponents at this Sunday's Homecoming, Johnny Impact & Brian Cage will team up tonight to face The Lucha Bros. in a tag team match main event!

Rich Swann, Willie Mack, & The Rascalz vs. oVe, Matt Sydal, & Adam Page

The match begins with Jake Crist and Trey Miguel locking up in the center of the ring. Crist shifts Miguel in to a headlock position but Miguel quickly escapes and bounces Crist off the ropes. Crist with a shoulder tackle that knocks down Miguel but Miguel instantly nips up and taunts Crist a little bit. Miguel bounces off the ropes back and forth with Crist leapfrogging over him until Miguel catches Crist in a hurricanrana. Miguel drags Crist back to his corner and he tags in Dezmond Xavier to the match. Xavier and Miguel irish whip Crist off the ropes, Miguel trips his feet out from under him and Xavier connects with a running dropkick to Crist's head.

Crist scurries to his corner and clutches on to Sami Callihan, tagging him in to the match. Callihan yells some words at Xavier as Xavier taunts him, unfazed. Callihan charges after Xavier but he leapfrogs out of the way and delivers a dropkick to Callihan's chest that sends him stumbling backward in to the turnbuckle. As Xavier gets reversed and thrown to the apron, Zachary Wentz tags himself in to the match. Xavier hits a swift enziguri to Callihan's head. As Callihan collapses down to the bottom turnbuckle, Xavier slingshots over the top rope and hits a double stomp on Callihan's chest. Wentz continues the pressure with a bronco buster in the corner on Callihan.

More of the Rascalz's taunts, this time at Callihan's other 4 team members on the apron. Wentz puts Callihan in to a wrist lock and tags in Rich Swann, who takes advantage of Callihan's tied up arm and hits a double axe-handle off the second rope. Willie Mack tags himself in from behind Swann and delivers a double stomp on Callihan's arm. Mack with a body slam in the middle of the ring to Callihan. Mack puts Callihan in a forward-facing headlock and drags him back to his corner, where Miguel tags himself back in and tries to continue the abuse on Callihan; Callihan's had enough though and he forearms Miguel down to the mat. Callihan tries to tag in a partner but things become chaotic as all ten men begin brawling inside and outside the ring. As things begin to disperse, Callihan connects with a vicious clothesline on Miguel in the center of the ring. Miguel climbs out to the ring apron but Callihan meets him with a kick and a triangle clothesline in the corner. Callihan tries to follow it up with a dive to the outside on Miguel but he side-steps, runs back in to the ring, does a modified 619 maneuver and hurricanranas Callihan on the floor.

Jake Crist gives him no time to celebrate and attacks Miguel with a suicide dive through the ropes to the outside. Swann comes off the ropes and does his own dive to the outside, a beautiful corkscrew plancha on to 2 men. Then Ethan Page does a suicide dive through the ropes that take out 3 men. Willie Mack's turn to fly, and he doesn't disappoint, with a full-on sprint that turns in to diving somersault over the top, taking out 4 men of his own. Xavier begins running and attempts to go for a dive but Sydal stops him on the ropes with a kick to his head. Xavier is on all fours and arched over on the mat, so Wentz takes advantage of this and uses his back as a step to fly out of the ring and take out everyone with a stunning dive. Xavier wants to get in on the action and delivers a handspring, corkscrew moonsault on to the group of men outside. Jake Crist and Miguel are battling on the top turnbuckle nearby and Crist grabs Page's head, pulls him close, and executes a cutter off the top rope in to the group of men on the outside.

Back from commercial, Callihan is screaming in the camera and is in control on Miguel in the center of the ring. Callihan delivers a body slam to Miguel and then quickly secures him in a chin lock while he's down. The ref continues checking on Miguel until Callihan clubby blows his back and tags in Dave Crist. Callihan exposes Miguel's abdomen while Crist hits a direct kick to his gut. Crist with a few loud chops and kicks on a struggling Miguel. The ref attempts to separate them for a moment which allows Page and Callihan to attack Miguel on the ring apron. Crist slingshots Miguel face-first in to the bottom rope and gets a 2 count. Crist immediately turns it in to a heel hook that has Miguel screaming in pain.

Miguel finally makes it to the bottom rope and the hold is broken at the 4 count. Crist tosses Miguel in to his corner turnbuckle and tags in Sydal. Crist throws Miguel with a headlock takeover and Sydal connects with a few sharp kicks to Miguel's back. Sydal wraps Miguel's arm around his own head in an inverted chin lock maneuver. Miguel gets to his feet and is able to gain a little momentum with forearms to Sydal's face. Miguel rushes after Sydal but he's stopped and dropped in a snap sidewalk slam from Sydal. Sydal tags in Page and he climbs to the top rope and goes for a flying elbow drop, only to miss and give Miguel the opportunity to tag in Swann. Swann comes in hot, dropkicking two men down in Page's corner before he hits a spinning kick on Page's abdomen. Then he used Page's back as a step to hurricanrana Sydal.

Swann continues the incredible moves, hitting a handspring, springboard cutter on Dave Crist and Callihan. Swann reverses Page's attempt at a cutter of his own, strikes Page with a loud kick to the head, and hits a 450 splash from the second rope! Swann nearly gets a 3 count on Page but Sydal breaks it up. Swann tags in Mack, and Mack sets up Page for a piledriver but he's unsuccessful as Callihan sneaks in and hits a hard big boot on Mack's face. Wentz comes in and hits an impressive handspring, springboard knee on Callihan but has no time to celebrate as Dave Crist grabs him in the Spirit Compass and takes him out. Xavier did a double back handspring that kicked Dave Crist in the head and took him out. Xavier tries to stay on Sydal but Sydal bests him with a big knee to the face and a twisting samoan drop that sends Xavier out of the ring. Mack comes in and connects with a shining wizard to Sydal's face. Page catches Mack off guard with a kick to the head and a brainbuster suplex for a 2 count. Page climbs to the top rope but Swann tries to stop him with some punches. His attempts are futile and Page tosses Swann in to everyone on the outside with a body slam off the top rope.

Mack knocks Page off the top rope with a running kick but Dave Crist is right behind him and knees Mack in the chin. Mack stumbles backward in to the corner, Crist perches Mack up on the top turnbuckle while he's dazed and climbs up top with him. Mack gains the advantage with a few elbows to Crist's abdomen and then delivers a huge flying cutter from the top rope for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Rich Swann, Willie Mack, & The Rascalz

After the match was finished, Callihan attacked and choked Mack from behind with a baseball bat. Jake Crist brings out a table and works with Callihan to set it up in the middle of the ring. Jake Crist climbs on Callihan's shoulders and hits the All Seeing Eye on Mack, face-planting him through the table. Callihan nearly takes the head off of Swann with the baseball bat but he actually retreats, slithering out of the ring.

We see a video package that recounts the lengthy, dysfunctional relationship between Moose and Eddie Edwards. Every match they've been in, every backstage brawl, and Edwards' time in Shady Acres Asylum is replayed to hype up this Sunday's Falls Count Anywhere match between Moose and Edwards.

Eli Drake comes out to the ring and says that the conspiracies in Impact Wrestling continue because, even after taking care of Abyss and Tommy Dreamer, he has to be in a Monster's Ball match at Homecoming. Drake tells management that they can attempt to intimidate him but at Homecoming he'll adapt and become what he hates - hardcore.

Tommy Dreamer's music hits and he runs to the ring with a steel chair. Drake tries to hit it with the rowing paddle he brought to the ring but it bounces off the chair and allows Dreamer to begin the chair attack, hitting Drake's abdomen and back with chair shots. Dreamer finishes Drake off with the Dreamer DDT and places Drake's neck inside the fold of the steel chair. Suddenly, the lights go black and Raven appears in the Impact Zone!

Raven and Dreamer are standing face-to-face as the crowd chants, "ECW!" Dreamer and Raven stare one another drown and seem like they may fight but instead, they continue the attack on Drake and pose in the ring together.

Gama Singh tells the audience that this next match is for Scarlett Bordeaux and she ends up appearing right before the action gets under way.

Fallah Bahh & KM vs. The Desi Hit Squad (Raj Singh & Rohit Raju)

The Desi Hit Squad get the advantage right off the bat, using Bordeaux's distraction to attack Bahh and KM from behind. Raju kicks out the feet from under Bahh and then Singh stomps on his back. Raju off the ropes with a running knee that connects on Bahh's head. Raju and Singh scream and wave at Bordeaux while they continue stomping on Bahh. Singh hits some punches on Bahh but they ultimately power him up. Even still, Singh kicks him in the face and Bahh falls back down. Singh drags Bahh in to his corner and Raju tags himself in the match. While Singh better exposes the abdomen of Bahh, Raju with some stomps to Bahh's stomach. Raju's punches are having a similar effect on Bahh, causing him to power up in frustration. Raju stops his momentum with a rake to Bahh's eyes. Raju taunts Bahh, tags in Singh and then both men continue with stomps in the corner.

The Desi Hit Squad continue trading hot tags that allow the fresh man to deliver kicks and strikes to a struggling Bahh. After numerous tags in and out, Raju and Singh hit Bahh with a series of running kicks and a cannonball that bounces Bahh off the bottom turnbuckle. Singh goes for a pin on Bahh but only gets a 2 count. Singh tries to execute a falling powerslam on Bahh but his weight is too much and Singh gets pinned for a 2 count. Bahh tags in KM and he uses clotheslines and back elbows on both members of the DHS. Bahh and KM each do a steamroll to the DHS!

KM tries to stay on Raju but he wiggles free and hits KM in the face with a high knee, allowing Singh to follow up with a neckbreaker on KM. The DHS spend too much time posing and it results in Bahh toppling over them with a double crossbody. Bahh drags Singh in the corner and hits his sit-out splash for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Fallah Bahh and KM

Backstage we see The Lucha Bros telling LAX that they're very similar in a variety of ways but since Konnan left their corner, they've been nothing but trouble. Pentagon says that since the communication is broken, the match at Homecoming will no long be a friendly, competitive match. Now it's personal and they're ready to take their tag team championships.

Dark Allie vs. Kiera Hogan

Hogan immediately rushes Allie and attacks her in the corner of the ring. Allie tries to collect herself but Hogan bounces Allie's head off the top turnbuckle and connects with a flurry of kicks to Allie's stomach. Allie pushes Hogan off of her but Hogan regains control and hits a running bulldog on Allie for a 1 count. Allie picks herself up in the corner where Hogan meets her with a running dropkick, a running clothesline, and a back elbow, causing Allie to crumble in to a sitting position. Hogan off the ropes with a running kick to the face of a downed Allie.

Hogan catches Su Yung off guard on the outside of the ring, using a suicide dive to take her out. Allie uses Hogan being distracted as an opportunity to throw her down by her hair and bounce Hogan's face off the mat. Allie mounts Hogan and rains down punches. Allie picks up Hogan and throws her face in to the top turnbuckle. She continues the pressure with kicks on Hogan and uses her foot to choke her. Allie pins Hogan but only gets a 2, prompting Hogan to fight back and irish whip Allie in to the corner. Hogan rushes Allie but Allie catches her in a nasty clothesline that looked a lot like a Sling Blade.

Allie tries to capitalize but Hogan continues fighting back with forearms. Hogan is now in control, using a snapmare and a kick to the side of Allie's head for a close 2 count. Hogan picks Allie up off the mat and delivers a couple more kicks for another 2 count. Hogan gets bamboozled by Allie and a codebreaker gives Allie the 1-2-3!

Winner: Dark Allie

After the match, Yung and Allie teamed up and attacked Hogan until Jordynne Grace came out to make the save. She kicked Yung in the face while simultaneously Samoan dropping Allie. Grace wasn't done, following it up with a sit-out powerbomb on Yung. In the corner, Grace hits a meteora on Allie's back and then runs to the opposite corner and hits a sliding back elbow on Yung. Grace bumps Allie off the ring apron on to Yung and then helps Hogan in the ring.

We see a video package highlighting the story behind Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie 3, with special guest referee Gail Kim!

Backstage, Trevor Lee is furious and tells Impact Wrestling management that he doesn't care who it is, he wants a match tonight.

Also backstage, we see LAX talking about growing up and only wanting to achieve their dream of becoming a pro wrestler. Ortiz tells Santana that when it comes to the two of them, they have to prove that they can defend the championships without Konnan. Santana says how they had no choice but to accept the title match against The Lucha Bros. because their reputation in the streets depended on it.

Trevor Lee vs. Killer Kross

The match starts with Lee and Kross locking up but Kross quickly gains advantage and delivers a headlock takeover on Lee. Lee claws at the mouth of Kross to escape and then shifts Kross' arm in to a wrist lock. Kross overpowers him but Lee fights back with elbows to the back of Kross' skull. Lee with a couple chops and kicks on Kross' chest but they're futile, Kross picks Lee right up and does a modified exploder throw.

Kross stays on the attack, stomping at a struggling Lee, delivering a northern lights suplex with a brief bridge, and then a Doomsday Saito suplex that dropped Lee on his head. Kross rolls Lee through in to his Kross Jacket choke submission hold for the win.

Winner: Killer Kross

After the match concluded, Kross gets on the mic and tells Johnny Impact that he wishes him good luck but he's worried about what the outcome will be in his match on Sunday. Kross gets out of the ring and grabs the time keeper, telling him that he has to do everything Kross wants or he'll break his neck. Kross pulls out a concrete cinder block and demands that the time keeper hold the cinder block up against Trevor Lee's skull. Kross rushes after Lee and punches right through the cinder block and Lee's face. Kross yells in the camera, "I'll be watching, John!" before exiting.

Johnny Impact & Brian Cage vs. The Lucha Bros.

Fenix and Cage star the match out, with Cage quickly knocking down Fenix with a shoulder tackle. Fenix gets frustrated and tries a handspring off the ropes, only to be caught in a bear hug by Cage. Fenix escapes and comes off the ropes again where he is met with an unorthodox, arm drag backbreaker from Cage. Fenix kicks Cage in his abdomen, does a 619 fake off the ropes, but is then irish whipped in to the corner. Fenix climbs to the top rope and goes for a dive but is swatted away by Cage.

Pentagon rushes in to try and help but is met with strikes, kicks, and a German suplex for his trouble. Cage puts Pentagon in a fireman's carry but Impact tags himself in and takes Pentagon off Cage's shoulders, delivering his signature spinning neckbreaker on Pentagon for good measure. Impact taunts to Cage a bit and then pins Pentagon for the 2 count. Impact places Pentagon in the corner and tries to continue the assault but Pentagon irish whips him away and tries to fight back. Impact is too quick and delivers a kick to Pentagon's face from the ring apron. Impact tries following it up with a springboard attack off the top rope but Pentagon avoids it and executes a brutal Sling Blade.

Impact reverses another irish whip but Pentagon is still able to best him in the exchange and delivers a backstabber to Impact. Pentagon sets Impact up on the ropes, shushes the crowd and then hits his famously loud chops on Impact's chest. Pentagon taunts some more and then tags in Fenix. Fenix springboards off the top rope and uses Pentagon's shoulder as a step to perform a flying dropkick on Impact, but he still only gets the 2 count.

Fenix connects with chops of his own on to Impact's chest, as well as a jumping European uppercut. Fenix again off the ropes trying to tackle Cage but Cage just swats his opponent down again. Cage was signifying to the audience that he was gonna go for a dive to the outside but Fenix rolled in the ring and caught him with a cutter. Cage rolls out of the ring but Pentagon is swift to meet him there with a diving somersault over the top rope to the floor. Impact hits a hard kick on Fenix's head and then performs an Asai moonsault on to Pentagon and Cage on the outside of the ring.

Fenix refuses to be outdone, doing a corkscrew splash off the top rope to the outside that takes out all the match participants.

Back from commercial, Fenix loses control of the match and Cage plants him with a powerbomb. Impact gets another blind tag (to Cage's apparent frustration) and misses the shining wizard on Fenix. Impact still connects with a calf kick that hits Fenix square in the face and follows that up with a dropkick that knocks Pentagon off the ring apron. Fenix and Impact trade various strikes in the corner of the ring as they begin to climb to the top turnbuckle. Once there, Impact grabs on to Fenix and they go soaring for an amazing Spanish Fly! Close 2 count but Pentagon breaks it up and throws a super kick to take out Cage on the apron. Pentagon turns his attention to Impact, and after a series of reversals, is able to perform his Pentagon Driver near the center of the ring. Cage comes in and does a running knee to the face of Pentagon. Impact off the ropes for the springboard shining wizard but he almost hits Cage! Cage and Impact begin arguing and the distraction allows Fenix to super kick Impact in the side of the head. Cage then super kicks Fenix. Pentagon with a super kick to Cage! Cage with a super kick to Pentagon. Fenix with a step up enziguri to Impact. Cage winds up and attempts a spinning lariat on Fenix, only to totally miss and take out Impact.

The Lucha Bros. connect with a double superkick on Cage that sends him out of the ring, then they focus on Impact and pierce his head in to the mat with their tandem package piledriver for the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Lucha Bros.

After the match, The Lucha Bros. celebrate their victory on the ramp as Brian Cage re-enters the ring. Cage stares down Impact and the two argue about the ending of their tag match. Cage attempts to leave but Impact grabs his arm to stop him. Cage pushes Impact off of him which incites Impact to throw some punches. Cage and Impact continue trading punches until referees and security have to swarm them and try to keep them separated. Impact jumps off the top rope with a double corkscrew splash on to lots of people outside the ring.

Impact ends with a video package preparing us for Sunday's Homecoming PPV. Join us here at for live coverage of Impact: Homecoming this Sunday at 7:30pm ET!


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