As reported earlier, WWE Hall of Famer “Mean” Gene Okerlund suffered a recent fall that led to health issues before his passing earlier this week. TMZ reports that Okerlund was seriously injured during the “nasty fall” back in December.

The fall triggered a rapid decline in Okerlund’s health, which led to his death. Gene’s son Todd told TMZ that his father suffered multiple broken ribs during the fall at his home. He was treated at a hospital in Sarasota, FL. Todd added that his father had been in “frail health” for a while but the fall made things much worse.

Gene was admitted into a nursing home just four days before his death, but he began having trouble breathing and was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday. Gene passed away at the hospital in Sarasota that morning at the age of 76. His wife Jeanne was at his side.

Todd also told TMZ that the Okerlund family has been touched by all of the support for his dad, adding that Gene loved his career and would have done it for free.

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