Impact Wrestling Results (1/18): Scarlett Bordeaux's Talent Search Winner, Brian Cage Vs. Moose

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KM vs. Caleb Konley

Konely immediately hits KM from behind when he's watching Fallah Bahh exit the ring. Konley chops KM on the ropes but KM retaliates with a chop of his own. KM rushes Konley in the corner, but Konley leapfrogs over him and uses a spinning kick to take out KM's legs from under him. Konley scrapes at KM's back and hits some forearms. He comes off the ropes full speed, but KM reverses and gains the momentum, hitting a spinning elbow and a lay-out Full Nelson slam.

The cameras suddenly switch to the backstage area, and we see Brian Cage going on a rampage and attacking people backstage. He's calling out that he's looking for Johnny Impact! He gets in everyone's face and asks them where Impact is at. Somebody tells him that Impact is out in the ring, so Cage storms to the ring and clotheslines KM, tosses him out of the ring, delivers a running European uppercut on Konley in the corner, a kick to the head, and then he German suplexes him across the ring. Bahh comes in and tries to help, but Cage gives him a kick to the back of the head and a powerbomb for his attempts. Cage F-5's KM on the ramp and then returns to the ring, attacking the referee that counted the questionable 3 count at Homecoming. Cage connects with the Drill Claw on the ref.

Winner: No Contest

Cage gets on the mic and says that he was promised the next title shot, and he'll be around next week at Mexico City. Cage claims he will get a closer look at Impact vs. Kross for the title. Impact comes out to the stage but Kross and Moose jump him and stomp at the grounded champion. Moose finishes him off with a kick to the face as Cage watches on from the ring. Kross and Moose exit and then Cage retrieves Impact's body and drags it to the ring. Moose returns and Spears Impact while Kross delivers a high-angle back suplex on Impact.

Back from commercial, Cage is backstage being taped up but he pushes the ref away and says he doesn't need the tape. He looks in to the camera and says all he cares about is Impact and the Impact World Heavyweight Championship. He tells Moose that if he wants to get in to his business, then they can go one-on-one tonight!

The announcers gives us a recap of what's coming up on the show tonight.

Eli Drake comes out to do commentary for the next match.

Ethan Page vs. Eddie Edwards

The match begins with Page kicking Edwards in the abdomen and giving him a few right hands. Page irish whips Edwards in to the corner but he comes exploding out of the corner with a forearm and a chop. Page retaliates with another right but Edwards irish whips him and gives Page a snap belly-to-back suplex. Edwards delivers another couple chops to Page on the outside and then comes running from inside the ring to baseball slide dropkick Page down. Edwards with another chop and a rake to Page's back on the outside of the ring. Page is able to get some offense and drops Edwards face-first on the metal barrier, he then follows it up with a kick to Edwards' face. Page walks over to Drake on commentary and tells him that he better be saying some good stuff about him.

Page tosses Edwards back in the ring and gives a knee and a stomp to his head. Back from commercial, Page is stomping Edwards in the corner. He picks Edwards back up, irish whips him, and then comes running after him but Edwards retaliates with some strikes and chops. Page climbs to the top rope but Edwards meets him up there and is able to connect with his top rope hurricanrana. Edwards with more chops to page and a blue thunder bomb for a close 2 count. Edwards once again rakes the back of Page, irish whips him in the corner and shifts around Page's attempts to reverse with a back elbow. Page still manages to pop a vertical suplex for a close 2 count.

Edwards gives Page a back elbow out of the ring and then comes diving out with a suicide dive that topples over Page. Edwards grabs Page's nose and shoves him back inside the ring. Edwards grabs Kenny the Kendo Stick as the crowd starts cheering. The ref tries to reason with Edwards and Page takes advantage with a big boot to Edwards' face. Edwards goes ballistic and starts attacking Page with Kenny the Kendo Stick.

Winner By DQ: Ethan Page

Drake gets on the mic and tells the people in the back to cut off Page's music. Drake tells Eddie Edwards that he looks just like Tommy Dreamer but he just needs to eat more pancakes. Drake puts Edwards' career in to perspective for him, reminding him that he's held and fought for many titles before he started pursuing hardcore. Drake encourages him to leave the kendo stick behind and find the champion he used to be because right now, he sees a loser.

Backstage, oVe and Sami Callihan are talking about the importance of family. Callihan tells Swann that it's time to come home to Ohio, but tonight, it's all about the most violent feud of 2017 renewed, LAX vs. oVe.

We see The Rascalz backstage in their stoner circle, Trey Miguel says that he doesn't know why he bought a nice suit and a crown for Homecoming if there wasn't even going to be a Homecoming dance. Wentz and Xavier look confused and say that they could have told him that. They also remind him that Homecoming was two weeks ago. Miguel teases them about losing to the Lucha Bros. last week, to which Xavier tells him that they just need to take their masks to gain the superpowers. They joke around and horse play before doing their signature Rascalz wave.

Jordynne Grace vs. Dark Allie

The match starts out with Allie screaming and sticking her tongue out at Grace. The lights start flickering, seemingly from Rosemary, but it only lasts for a moment. Grace takes advantage and uses some forearms and a german suplex for a 2 count. Grace with a delayed vertical suplex on Allie. Su Yung gets up on the apron but Kiera Hogan pulls her down. Grace is distracted by what's happening and Allie sneaks behind her and connects with a backstabber for a quick 2 count. Allie mounts Grace and rains down punches on her, following it up with a running kick. Allie stomps on Grace as the crowd rallies behind Grace. Grace seems to be regaining momentum but Allie claws at her eyes and then splashes on to Grace in the corner.

Grace looks like she's powering up but Allie strikes with forearms to Grace's face. Grace irish whips Allie in to the corner and runs after her but Allie boots her in the face. Allie goes for a codebreaker but Grace throws her away and then hits a unique driver that was similar to the Pentagon Driver for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jordynne Grace

Grace & Hogan celebrate and head to the back as Yung confronts Dark Allie in the ring. Yung tries to help Allie up but the lights disappear and when they come back up, Rosemary is standing exactly where Yung was! Yung nearly gets to Allie but she slides out of the ring and slowly scurries back up the ramp as Rosemary looks on.

Scarlett Bordeaux is backstage and says that she's brought sexy back to wrestling. Bordeaux says that she's watched all the videos and everyone on the roster, and she's picked the person who won her talent search. She talks the person up and then says it's actually herself. She says she's going to begin competing and she's here to make wrestling sexy again.

Moose vs. Brian Cage

Cage immediately rushes Moose in to the corner, hitting multiple shoulder strikes on Moose's abdomen. Cage follows up with forearms on Moose but he thumbs at Cage's eyes. Moose of the ropes but Moose knocks him back with a shoulder tackle. moose begins walking up the ramp like he's going to leave but Cage catches him and forearms him. Moose and Cage each slam one another's heads on the apron and steel steps. Moose nearly chops Cage on the steel ring post but kicks him in the face first. He goes for t he chop again, but nevertheless, Cage moves and Moose smacks his hand on the ring post. Cage starts focusing on his hand and slamming it against various surfaces. Uppercut by Cage on the outside. Moose returns the pressure with a knee to Cage's abdomen and a toss in to the steel barricade.

Moose chops away at Cage and irish whips him in to the ring post. Running pump kick to Cage's face. It looks like he's going for another but Cage catches Moose an connects with a pop-up powerbomb on the ring apron. Cage tosses Moose back inside the ring and as he enters, Moose kicks the legs out from under Cage. Moose tackles his knee and starts raining down punches on it. Moose with multiple standing kicks to the knee of a downed Cage. Moose with some jumping attacks on Cage's legs, using the ropes for momentum. Cage eventually reverses and it sends Moose out of the ring. Moose grabs Cage's foot and slams his knee against the ring post. Cage is slow to get back in the ring and gets instantly attacked at the leg upon his return. Moose covers for a 2 count.

Moose backs Cage in to the corner and uses the ropes as leverage to pull apart Cage's knee. Moose off the ropes with a big running dropkick on Cage's knee. Moose uses his foot to choke Cage, drags him to the center of the ring, and drops some elbows on Cage's knee. Cage hits some abdomen strikes and a jawbreaker as he tries to fight back. The men trade some forearms in the middle of the ring. Moose goes for a discus forearm but Cage kicks him and they begin exchanging reversal kicks. Moose hits a dragon screw on Cage's knee that debilitates him.

Back from commercial, Moose chops away at Cage in the corner but his hand is still in pain. Moose comes running after Cage but eats a back elbow and a boot for his trouble. Moose hits a pop-up powerbomb, a senton splash, and then nips up. Cage gets up immediately and delivers a clothesline, a back elbow, and his own pop-up powerbomb. Another running powerbomb in the corner followed by the discus clothesline for a super close 2 count. The crowd rallies as Cage calls for the finish. Moose backs Cage in to the corner but Cage retaliates with a kick to the sternum. Moose hits the Go To Hell from the top rope on Cage for a super close 2 count. Moose goes back to the outside and grabs a steel chair. Cage dodges the chair shot, hits a jumping knee, and the drill claw for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Brian Cage

Cage celebrates on the ramp as we go to an update on Taya Valkyrie.

Valkyrie says she hasn't been cleared yet, but when she does, Kross will get his. Valkyrie explains that Blanchard can run around blaming everyone else for losing the title but she is more than willing to face her in Mexico City next week.

Back from commercial, Blanchard is backstage and is irate. She blames Gail Kim for losing her Knockouts Title and starts attacking everyone around her. Kim tries to break it up and Blanchard starts attacking her, grabbing a wrench in the process. Kim fights back but Blanchard tosses her in to a chain link fence and chokes her with a cord until they're finally broken up by management. Blanchard yells in the face of management and ends up getting suspended!

Trey Miguel vs. Rich Swann (Non-Title Match)

The match begins with a tie up that favors Miguel, locking in a wrist lock on Swann. Swann reverses with a wrist lock of his own. The men continue switching momentum with wrist locks and acrobatic maneuvers to escape. Both men trade leapfrogs, flips, reversals, arm drags, and then finally stand off. The crowd chants for the X Division as they collide back in the middle of the ring, this time, Miguel kicks Swann in to the corner but he's able to reverse. Swann goes for a dive but Miguel side-steps it and does a suicide dive of his own. Miguel tosses Swann back in the ring but Swann hits him with some forearms. They trade forearms back an forth until Miguel hits a loud spinning chop. Miguel rushes Swann in the corner but eats a boot. Miguel goes to the top rope but Swann kicks him in the head and hits a hurricanrana off the top rope. Swann comes off the top rope with a HUGE frog splash for a close 2 count.

Miguel reverses Swann trying to pick him up and gets a close 2 count. Miguel with a unique heel kick and a jumping cutter for another 2 count. The men trade various roll ups and pinning predicaments for more 2 counts. Miguel stops the exchange with a super kick to Swann's face. Miguel sets Swann up in the corner but Swann regains the advantage and hits a sunset flip for a 2 count. They roll around the ring with more pinning predicaments in a silly, fun sequence. Swann with a spinning heel kick and the 450 splash off the 2nd rope for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Rich Swann

After the match, Sami Callihan and oVe come out to the ring. They confront Swann in the ring and Callihan, once again, tosses Swann the oVe shirt. Swann considers it further but LAX makes their entrance and Swann exits.

LAX vs. oVe

Back from commercial, the action has already started and everyone is brawling on the outside of the ring. Jake Crist is hitting punches on Ortiz and raking at his eyes, while Dave Crist is slamming Santana against the ring steps. Jake tosses Ortiz back in the ring and puts him in a headlock. Ortiz with a jawbreaker but Jake comes off the ropes and keeps the advantage. Jake holds Ortiz while Dave comes off the top rope with a stiff shot tot eh back of Ortiz's head. Dave tags in Jake and they work in tandem to deliver a running kick and a northern lights suplex for 2. Jake secures another headlock and then tags in Dave. Dave with a running dropkick to take out Santana on the apron. They irish whip Ortiz but Ortiz stops their momentum with some kicks. The Crists use the numbers to their advantage and give Ortiz a couple kicks and a pinning predicament for 2.

Dave knocks Santana off the apron once again and then tags in Jake. The Crists irish whip Ortiz in the corner but he's able to gain control when he perches Dave groin-first on the top rope and dropkicks Jake. Ortiz finally tags in Santana and he comes in hot! Santana hits Dave off the top rope and then enziguris Jake. Santana off the ropes with a running dropkick on Jake. Santana goes for a double stomp but Jake rolls out of the way. Ortiz tags in and LAX uses a tandem belly-to-belly suplex, a splash off the top rope, and a planking splash for a 2 count. LAX comes off the ropes with a double suicide dive on the Crists on the outside. They toss Jake back in the ring and Santana Irish whips Ortiz in to Jake, but Jake had it measured and elbows Ortiz, kicks Santana multiple times, and then sets Santana on the top rope. Ortiz tosses Jake off the top rope but Dave comes back in and takes out Ortiz. The Crist brothers use a superplex/powerbomb maneuver for a close 2 count!

The crowd rallies as the Crists get ready for another big tag team move off the top rope. Ortiz appears on the apron and pushes Dave down to the outside. LAX uses a combo, rolling cutter, a running codebreaker, a superkick, and their combo tilt-a-whirl face slam for the 1-2-3!

Winner: LAX

After the match, LAX celebrates in the ring with Konnan and then head to the backstage area. Backstage, The Lucha Bros. congratulate LAX and call them their family, but as they're walking away, Ortiz disrespects them by yelling out, "Hey, if you ever want another ass whooping, just let us know, baby!" Konnan gets angry as the show ends.


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