Impact Wrestling Results (1/25): Johnny Impact Defends Title, Scarlett Bordeaux Training Video

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Rich Swann vs. Hijo Del Vikingo (Non-Title Match)

Both men lock up but Swann comes out on top with a wrist lock on Vikingo. Vikingo climbs in and out of the ropes to escape and then trips up Swann in to a headlock. Swann with a headlock takeover but Vikingo turns it in to a head scissor in the middle of the ring. Swann nips up and both men square up. Swann off the ropes with a hurricanrana but Vikingo tumbles out of it, on to his feet. Swann's attempt at a clothesline turns in to a huricanranna from Vikingo this time, but similar to before, Swann tumbles out on his feet. They mirror one another with arm drags, leg sweeps, dropkicks, and nip ups. The crowd rallies as Swann connects with a spinning back kick on Vikingo's abdomen. Vikingo uses his head to bounce off the ropes and performs a stunning, spinning roundhouse kick to Swann's head. Vikingo with a chop and an irish whip that is reversed, but nevertheless, Vikingo ends up on the apron and delivers a springboard hurricanrana.


Vikingo sends Swann out of the ring with a head scissors and then comes soaring over the top rope with a somersault, helio splash that wipes out Swann. Vikingo goes for a running splash on Swann, but he he evades and Vikingo slams in to the steel barricade around the ring. Swann hits a kick and a springboard somersault splash off the barricade to take out Vikingo. Swann tosses Vikingo back in the ring and delivers a rolling thunder splash for the 2 count. Swann with a snapmare takeover and a kick to Vikingo's back. Swann with a sitting abdominal stretch maneuver that he turns in to a half boston crab. Vikingo gets to the rope and Swann breaks the hold. Swann kicks the legs out from under Vikingo and then locks him in a unorthodox, upside-down submission. Swann puts him in a pin for a 2 count. Vikingo comes off the ropes with a step-up enziguri and a fisherman buster/jackhammer pin for the 2 count. Rich tries to collect himself in the corner but Vikingo meets him there and give him a kick to the sternum.

Vikingo climbs to the top rope but Swann gives him a kick to the head in his efforts. Swann with a standing hurricanrana that sends Vikingo off the top rope for a close 2 count. Vikingo gets a face full of boot and Swann goes to the top rope for a splash. Vikingo catches him and connects with a tilt-a-whirl slam for a 2 count. Swann with an unexpected small package for a 2. Swann delivers a superkick and a mitchonoku driver for another 2 count. Swann with a final kick and a 2nd rope, 450 splash for the 1-2-3!


Winner: Rich Swann

After the match, oVe appears on the ramp. We come back from commercial and Sami Callihan is confronting Swann in the ring. Callihan congratulates Swann on his victory and tells him he's proud of all his accomplishments. Callihan says he wants to cut to the chase and finally tell people the truth about them. Callihan says they're truly like brothers and Swann needs to step up, put on the oVe shirt, and join their family. Callihan tells him that he's the one that saved Swann, and if it wasn't for him, he would probably be dead somewhere in Baltimore. Callihan brings up Swann's family and asks him where they were at when he was eighteen and homeless. Swann considers it further but tells them that he doesn't think it's the right fit. Callihan tells him that he better think about it because he gave him everything he's needed.

We go backstage to Killer Kross and Moose. Kross says that he feels highly homicidal and it's the night that Impact's legacy finally dies. Kross says he's going to choke Impact out tonight. Moose gets on the mic and says that they won't have to worry about Cage tonight because he was having trouble with customs at the border.

Backstage, Jordynne Grace says that she and Keira Hogan have been training to face Dark Allie and Su Yung again. Hogan says that they're prepared for whatever they can bring in the ring and whatever they may bring with the mind games. The lights flickers and the screen behind them reads, "The Darkness Will Take You Too. This Is Not Your Fight." – R


Keyra vs. Taya Valkyrie (Non-Title Match)

Before the bell even officially rings, Keyra forearms Valkyrie in the back and gives her a kick to the leg. Keyra with a snapmare takeover and a kick to Valkyrie's back. She slams Valkyrie's face off the turnbuckle and then uses the ropes for leverage as she stretches out her arm. Keyra goes for a hurricanrana but Valkyrie swings her back around and hits a backbreaker. Valkyrie with multiple kicks, a double stomp, and a knee to Keyra's face for a 2 count. Valkyrie goes for her finisher but Keyra turns it out and gains the advantage with a dropkick on Valkyrie in the corner. Keyra with a stiff basement dropkick on Valkyrie's face for a 2 count. Keyra sets Valkyrie up on the ropes and hits a chop. Valkyrie comes back with a big boot and a couple clotheslines. Valkyrie with a high angle back suplex and a meteora in the corner for the 2 count.

Valkyrie goes to the top rope for the moonsault but Keyra stops her and connects with a backstabber off the top rope. She follows it up with a moonsault for the 2 count on Valkyrie. Valkyrie hits a northern lights suplex and a stomp, each getting to counts. Keyra perches Valkyrie on the top rope and the two women begin ramming one another with forearms. Valkyrie slides under and carries Keyra in to a powerbomb. She does a surfboard curb stomp and a surfboard camel clutch for the tap out.


Winner: Taya Valkyire

Valkyrie talks about how excited she is to be back in Mexico, claiming that they made her who she is. She's thrilled to be back with the championship around her waist. She says that Killer Kross ruined Homecoming but Johnny Impact will take care of that tonight. Valkyrie tells Tessa Blanchard that she's waiting for her to return from suspension and they can finish their business at that time. She also tells everyone else in the locker room that she's ready for them, too.

Rich Swann is backstage and says that what Callihan claimed about their past is true but there's more to the story. He walks off.

The Rascalz are backstage horsing around. Trey Miguel says that he'll defeat Ethan Page tonight and they joke about how they thought they were in Canada instead of Mexico.

Back from commercial, we see the training video for Scarlett Bordeaux where she's lifting weights. She tells her assistant that she needs food and then puts nearly an entire banana in her mouth. They announce that she will debut in 3 weeks.

The Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh) vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)

Singh immediately boots and gives some headbutts to Xavier. He goes to irish whip Xavier but he leapfrogs over him, hits some kicks, and a beautiful standing dropkick. Singh tries to collect himself in the corner but Xavier meets him there and hits him with a strike to the abdomen. Wentz is tagged in and they work in tandem to knock out Raju on the apron, deliver some kicks and a bronco buster to Singh in their corner. Wentz gets a 1 count and then attempts a standing moonsault to no avail. Raju comes in and hits a couple strikes before he bounces off the ropes with a forearm. He mocks the Razcalz and then comes off the ropes again. Wentz dodges and connects with a springboard splash for a 2 count.


Singh holds Wentz back in his corner and Raju takes advantage with a dropkick for 2 count. Singh gets tagged in and they use combined stomps on Wentz in the corner. He wrenches on Wentz's neck and slams his face in to the ring mat. Wentz uses strikes and chops to fight back but Singh catches him and plants him with a reverse STO. The Desi Hit Squad all work together on the outside to put Wentz in a forward facing headlock and double stomp to his back. Raju goes for a pin but he only gets a 2 count. Singh gets tagged back in and they try for a wheelbarrow, combo move. Wentz escapes and delivers a handspring knee. Wentz tags in Xavier and things get fast, with strikes, running uppercuts and elbows, chops, dropkicks, etc. The Rascalz with multiple kicks, enziguris and then Xavier sets himself up as a step for Wentz to prop himself over the top rope for a big splash on the DHS.

After a series of reversals, Raju knees Xavier's arm and the DHS work together for a wheelbarrow DDT. They nearly get the 3 but Wentz saves the match for his team. The Rascalz rush the ring and hit multiple kicks before connecting with the push moonsault for the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Rascalz

Backstage, Johnny Impact says that seeing Taya return tonight reminds him of how badass Taya is, but it also reminds him about how bad he wants to hurt Killer Kross. He says that all people will ultimately remember Kross for is being a piece of garbage. He says he's not worried about Brian Cage tonight and Kross can bring Moose along because he'll still walk out as champion.


We see LAX backstage and Konnan is still frustrated about what happened with The Lucha Brothers last week. They say that next week they're gonna add more members of their family to the mix and have a match together.

Ethan Page vs. Try Miguel

We return to the match from commercial break and Page is in control, however, Miguel gets a head scissors that tosses Page out of the ring. Miguel ends up getting a loud kick to the face on the outside but Miguel gets a kick and a asai moonsault in rebuttal. Miguel and Page get back inside the ring and Page hits a couple slams that send Miguel face first. Page with a couple knees to Miguel's back and an elbow to his face. Page with a hard irish whip that slams Miguel down in the corner. Page gets a 2 count and then gives Miguel some more forearms to the face. Page tosses Miguel on to the top rope and hangs him out for a 2 count. Page with a headlock on a grounded Miguel but he hits some strikes on page's abdomen. Miguel with a forearm and a pele kick. Page feeds him a big boot in response.

Page goes for the finish but Miguel gives him some back elbows and a neckbreaker. Miguel rushes Page in the corner with a forearm and he pulls the legs out from under Page. Miguel with a 619 and a split-legged moonsault for the 2 count. Page reverses Miguel in the corner and delivers a vertical suplex for another 2 count. Page puts Miguel in a fireman's carry and carries him to the top rope but Miguel catches his head on the turnbuckle and does a 619. Page rolls out before the double stomp but Miguel catches him and gets the spinning, reverse DDT for the 1-2-3!


Winner: Trey Miguel

Backstage, Eli Drake confronts Eddie Edwards and tells him again that he wants the old guy. Edwards says that he doesn't appreciate what Drake is trying to do. Drake says he set up a tag team match for them next week to face The Rascalz.

Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship

The match begins with Impact and Kross exchanging a couple of kicks before Impact pulls him in to a headlock. Impact comes off the ropes and Kross knocks him down. Impact nips up and hits a hard right on Kross. Kross with a takedown on Impact for a quick one count. Kross with some grounded strikes and an attempt at a rear-naked choke is unsuccessful. Impact with a backbreaker/side russian leg sweep. Impact follows up with a break dance leg drop for a one count. Impact goes to the top rope and goes for a dive but Kross evades and nails Impact with a running knee to the face. Kross with knees to Impact's abdomen in the corner. Impact with a hurricanrana and some kicks int eh corner on Kross.

Impact kicks Kross on the side of the head and gives a couple kicks to Moose on the outside. Kross takes advantage of the distraction and chokes Impact on the ring mat. Kross with a running elbow drop for a 2 count. Kross puts Impact in the corner and rains down with right hands. Kross carries Impact to the opposite corner and stomps at him and chokes Impact on the ropes. Kross with a snapmare takeover and a stiff kick to Impact's chest. Kross with a DDT that spikes impact for another 2 count. Kross puts Impact back in the corner and comes running but Impact gives him a big boot to counter. Impact goes for a tornado DDT but gets tossed across the ring. Kross with a cobra clutch variation but Impact hits elbows on Kross's abdomen to escape. The men begin exchanging punches in the center of the ring until Impact knocks Kross down with kicks and a shining wizard for the 2.


Both men are slow to get back to their feet, but when they do, Kross connects with a throat strike to punch and then an assault in the corner. Kross with another throw and a stiff clothesline off the ropes for another 2. Kross calls for the Kross Jacket hold but Impact rolls through. Kross turns it in to a kneebar submission and then secures him in the straight jacket hold. Kross goes for a clothesline on Impact in the corner but he misses and Impact is able to connect with a kick and his sliding german suplex. Kross tries for a roll up but Impact tumbles out and knees him in the head. Impact goes for Starship pain but Kross hits him in the spine and cuts him off. Impact with a springboard spear off the ropes but Kross gets his foot on the rope at the last second. Impact goes for Starship again but Kross rolls out. Kross has the kross jacket hold on Impact but Brian Cage comes to the ring and begins attacking everyone!

Winner: No Contest

Cage f-5's Moose, Kross hits a high angle back suplex on Cage but it doesn't affect him and he gets back up, slamming Kross with a discus clothesline. Impact and Cage start going at one another, with Cage clotheslining Impact down. moose and Kross try to team up against Cage but then Impact starts helping out Cage. A brawl incites and it leaves Impact and Cage going face to face in the ring. Impact holds up the title in Cage's face as the show ends.