Jordynne Grace Talks Why She Signed With Impact Over ROH, If She Was Contacted By WWE

Jordynne Grace appeared on Cutting Corners with JD and spoke about why she signed with Impact and what she likes about the Knockouts Division. Here are some of the highlights:

Why she chose Impact Wrestling over other promotions:

"Well I'm not going to lie to you. Give you a little exclusive here. Never been contacted by the WWE besides for extra work, and there was something weird about the Mae Young Classic, which I'm sure you'll ask me about in a second, too. Ring of Honor—I don't know if you know my husband, Jonathan Gresham, he is signed to Ring of Honor, he's been signed there for two years. I don't know.

"Honestly, I have no idea. I went to tryouts, did all that stuff, but I guess there was no interest in me and Impact was the first ones that reached out to me with a plan. You know? Like a plan of attack. They gave me a direct thing that they wanted to do with me and I really embraced that, and I liked that, so that's why I signed with them."

How it feels to be involved with Impact and the Knockouts Division:

"I think it's amazing. All the people I feel like I know there are from the indies. They're the people that never really got the look by WWE because they're so underrated. They have one of the best rosters because they decided to take a chance on some of these people, like Willie Mack—he doesn't have that conventional look, but he is incredible, right?

"Other than that, they have so many different women's storylines going on right now and they're actually taking time out to think about these women's storylines. They're not just throwing women in six-man tags, right? There's three right now, there's three right now that I know of. There's four, there's the Scarlett one — she is not even wrestling, they're just using her incredibly — me and Kat, there is the Su Yung-Allie one, and then Tessa and Taya. It's awesome to be in."

You can check out Grace's full interview in the video above.

Himanshu D contributed to this article.


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