Sports Illustrated spoke to Marty Jannetty to discuss the 27th anniversary of The Rockers breaking up on Jan. 12, 1992. The shocking WWE moment happened when his former partner Shawn Michaels delivered the Sweet Chin Music during a segment on Brutus Beefcake’s “Barber Shop.” After that, Michaels threw him through the barbershop window and tore a magazine with a photo of The Rockers in half. Below are highlights from what Jannetty had to say about the moment, the WWE Hall of Fame, and wanting to be an agent.

Reaction that people still remember Shawn Michaels throwing him through the window:

“I was hoping that moment would last six months, let alone 27 years. [Laughs] I can’t believe it’s been so long. I think one of the main reasons that the Barber Shop window moment has lasted 27 years is that it looked real enough to believe it was real. I wouldn’t want to change that.”

Watching the fans’ reaction to the segment with Michaels:

“Seeing the look on somebody’s face when they get it, especially when the kids really get the psychology part, is really special. Anybody can do the moves, but it’s a lot harder to understand the psychology behind it. That’s a thrill for me.”

If he’s interested in being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

“I would be grateful for that opportunity. I would be honored. That makes a big difference in the wrestling world. I would also love to do some work as an agent. The young guys, they’re already great as it is, but you can never get too much experience or wisdom, especially on the psychology end.”

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