– In the latest episode of Being the Elite, Marty Scurll appeared to be oblivious as to what All Elite Wrestling was. Currently signed with Ring of Honor, he is the only remaining member of The Elite with the organization. It seems to have come as a shock to him, especially after yesterday.

During the AEW rally in Jacksonville, Marty posted a photo onto Instagram with just one simple question:

“WTF is AEW? #villain ??”

Marty also happened to feel jealous of the AEW’s latest signing, for personal reasons. When PAC came out to confront Hangman Page, Marty thought the latter already found a new British best friend.

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WTF is AEW? #villain ??

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– Cody Rhodes has managed to sign the best of the best for AEW, including the security team. Atlas Security, who has done work for ECW, WWE and Impact, impressed Cody with their work at All In. That enticed him into bringing them aboard for his latest venture in All Elite Wrestling.

“Didn’t know what to expect at All In security wise…these guys came highly recommended,” Cody stated in a tweet. “I haven’t done a show/event since without them. Very glad to have Atlas as part of AEW.”

Below is video of Wrestling Inc. Managing Editor Nick Hausman speaking with Ronnie of Atlas Security: