Matt Morgan Reveals How A Concussion Cost Him A WWE Push

Matt Morgan is best known for his six-year stint in TNA/Impact Wrestling in which he was a two-time Tag Team Champion. But before that he spent three years under the WWE umbrella, with the last two as being a member of SmackDown.

At nearly seven feet tall and a chiseled physique, Morgan had the look of a future world champion. But he never entered the main event picture due to an untimely injury as he explained on our post-Raw edition of the Wrestling Inc. podcast this past Monday.

"I got a concussion on a house show," said Morgan. "Big Show was on my team ? me, Brock and Big Show. Big Show got eliminated over the top rope then Bob Holly clotheslined me over the top rope. But the ring was still shaking from Big Show falling over the top rope.

"So, as I flipped over the top rope, you do a backflip and basically land on your feet and crash and burn. As I'm in the middle of my backflip, that second rope snapped back and smacked me in my head and knocked me out for about 2-point-something seconds."

Morgan said his instinct was to get back up but he received instruction from the ref to stay down.

"The ref told me, 'Stay your butt down, Matt. Do not get up ? you're screwed up. We'll get you some help'" Morgan recalled as he waited to be helped to the back.

"I had so much heat on me because I was stretchered out of there? Bob didn't do anything wrong, but what pissed me off was afterwards was I was de-pushed big time because of that."

Morgan reiterated that he was just following the ref's orders to stay down and no one should have questioned his toughness.

"I was shat on because I got hurt," stated Morgan.

Morgan went from working with the likes of Big Show and Brock Lesnar to being given a stuttering gimmick shortly thereafter. He then formed a partnership with Carlito before being released in mid-2005 and ending his WWE tenure. Morgan is coming out of retirement for one final match for charity at Reiter Park in Longwood, Florida on March 16th. You can get more details here.

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