Show opens with Shane Strickland in the ring ready to address the audience. He opens by saying he hates Miami as much as he hates all of the fans in attendance. Strickland claims that MLW paid him a lot of money to be there, that he is the gold-standard of pro-wrestling, and that there is no one backstage who could compete with him.

Rush comes out and snatches the microphone out of Strickland's hand. "HOW ABOUT ME?" exclaims Rush. He plays to the crowd and pumps them up...Strickland attacks from behind. We got ourselves an opening bout.

Rush versus Shane "Swerve" Strickland

Swerve continues to pound on Rush from his sneak attack, and tosses the Los Ingobernables member to the arena floor. Swerve chases him out, smashing Rush off the ringpost several times. He throws Rush back in the ring and tears the t-shirt from Rush's body. Rush lands a big chop, but Swerve hits a kick and a running uppercut in succession. He allows Rush to get back to his feet. (Big mistake.) Rush gets in some offense, but Swerve cuts him off with an Irish-Whip and a corner dropkick into the knee. He targets Rush's leg with a ground submission, transitioning into a rear-naked choke.

Big chest kicks by Swerve. Rush mounts a comeback with a running elbow that sends Swerve to ringside. Rush runs after and whips Swerve into the barricae. They go into the crowd, where Rush throws Swerve through an exit door. He picks up a solid steel trash can...and tosses it right at Swerve's head! (No DQ called.)

Back in the ring, Rush stomps Swerve down in the corner. He fakes a running basement dropkick...stops short...and boots Swerve right in the face. Tranquilo pose! Chest kicks from Rush this time. He continues to damage Swerve's chest with knife-edge chops. Rush goes for his finisher but Swerve counters and nails with a big right. Rush with one of his own. Both men trading strikes in the center of the ring. Swerve with a jab to the eye...Rush responds with an overhead belly-to-belly, followed by an immediate dropkick to Swerve's neck.

Rush starts a beef with the referee for some reason...Swerve with a roll-up! Rush escapes. German suplex from Swerve, Rush fires back with one of his own. Swerve pops right up and lands a roll-through cutter! Pinfall attempt...Rush kicks out again. Swerve climbs to the top but Rush crotch-drops him. He climbs...superplex with a cover! Kickout! Norther-Lights suplex by Rush! Another kickout from Swerve! Rush plays to the crowd again...perhaps for too long. He climbs up for a top rope senton...Swerve moves! He climbs...Swerve stomp, but he doesn't get all of it. Falcon Arrow from Swerve...Rush barely escapes. Big head kick! Rush won't stay down. Angrily both men trade shot in the corner. Rush wins the exchange, and destroys Swerve with a devastating running dropkick. Rush driver! Got em!

Rush wins by pinfall.

After a long first match...the Fusion intro plays.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Boccini officially welcome us to the show after that impromptu matchup between Strickland and Rush. They announce the evening's matches, including a returning Ricky Martinez taking on Gringo Loco, and the Hart Foundation versus the Dirty Blondes in the main event.

Up next...Ace Romero takes on the newest member of "Team Filthy," Ariel Dominguez.

Promo ad for Mance Warner, who is coming soon to MLW.

Recap of last week's incident between Tom Lawlor and Sami Callihan. Callihan argued with Salina de la Renta about getting paid for his previous work for Promociones Dorado, but Salina refused until Lawlor was taken out. Callihan searched all night for Lawlor, and eventually found him in the kitchen, where Lawlor got the better of Callihan with a hammer.

Cut to Kaci Lennox with Salina de la Renta. Kaci asks about the recently signed match between LA Park and Sami Callihan. Salina says she did it because Callihan didn't do his job, and that she's sending Park after him. That match to take place next week according to Schiavone.

Barrington Hughes has joined Boccini and Schiavone on commentary, as Ariel Dominguez makes his way out to the ring. Ace Romero is out second.

Ace Romero versus Ariel Dominguez

Dominguez goes for a waist-lock, but Romero tosses him off with ease. Dominguez lands an enziguri, but it has no effect on the big guy, who rag-dolls Dominguez around the ring. BIG DROPKICK FROM ROMERO. He picks Dominguez up for a powerbomb but Dominguez turns it into a sunset-flip! Romero doesn't go down...leg-drop attempt misses! Dominguez lands a series of lariats, but then runs into a powerslam. Big elbow from Romero...and this one is over quick.

Ace Romero wins by pinfall.

Following his victory, Romero stares over at Barrington Hughes. Hughes takes off his sunglasses, and points right at Romero.

Promo from Brian Pillman Jr. He says he's so excited because he beat Tommy Dreamer at his own game. Pillman claims that the world is his playground, and he looks forward to facing Dreamer again, begging him for another violent showdown.

Ricky Martinez and Gringo Loco is next!

Preview for MLW SuperFight, being booked as the biggest title match of all time (by MLW) between Low Ki and Tom Lawlor.

Kaci Lennox is with Low Ki. The champ says that after 15 years of being undefeated, he's solidified as the greatest MLW Heavyweight champ of all time. Low Ki then says that Lawlor will join a world-class list of athletes who have failed to dethrone him.

Ricky Martinez is on his way out, accompanied by Salina de la Renta. He wears an eye-patch, mocking the man he attacked, Kotto Brazil. El Gringo Loco is out second. Flashback to his matchup with LA Park from a couple weeks ago.

Ricky Martinez versus El Gringo Loco

Action begins quick, with Loco showing off his speed and athleticism. Martinez with a headscissor takedown but Loco lands on his feet. Roll-up from Martinez, Loco with a takedown, but misses a standing moonsault. Arm-drag from Martinez but Loco evades and lands on his feet again.

Angrily, Martinez goes for a hand-shake, then strikes Loco and hits a quick jumping neckbreaker. He crashes Loco's head off the mat several times using his legs. Loco fires back with a superkick to the gut, and a Low-Down spinebuster! Both men bounce off the ropes...Martinez wins the exchange with a shoulder block. He climbs to the top but Loco cuts him off...FALCON ARROW FROM THE TOP BY LOCO! Martinez just kicks out!

Loco climbs this time...he jumps to the middle-rope and lands a cutter halfway across the ring!!! (WOW.) Cover...Martinez just gets the shoulder up! Loco climbs again...corkscrew plancha...Salina pulled Martinez out of the way! Eye-rake from Martinez, followed by an ugly looking gut-buster. Loco can't kick out.

Ricky Martinez wins by pinfall.

Backstage Colonel Parker is giving the Dirty Blondes a pep-talk. He says that his family created tag-team wrestling, and that he expects the two of them to start stacking up wins. "That's what you're paid to do." Parker says someone's rear end will get kicked if they lose again.

Promo from Lawlor. He says that he's been on a seven-month journey to become MLW Heavyweight champion, and that at SuperFight he'll take what's his. He then calls Low Ki's undefeated streak flawed, saying that he's delegated responsibility to other men to take him out: "Simon Gotch, Sami Callihan, the fat skeleton, the skinny skeleton, and Salina the teenage witch." (Good line.)

MLW announces that SuperFight will be aired live on beIN Sports!

Dirty Blondes are on their way out with Colonel Parker, which means it's main event time! Hart Foundation is out next. Hart Foundation is out next...Davey Boy Smith Jr. and Brian Pillman Jr.(No Teddy Hart. FOR SHAME.)

Dirty Blondes versus Hart Foundation

Davey Boy stars with Leo Brien. Tie-up but neither man can get an advantage. Big dropkick from Davey. He runs through Brien with a shoulder block, and shows off his strength with a snap-suplex. Pillman tags in. He uses his speed to nail Brien with quick strikes, including a running dropkick. Another dropkick attempt misses...Brien tags out.

Michael Patrick in now. He immediately goes after a downed Pillman. Stomping him down, and even biting him on the forehead. Brien tags back in and wears Pillman down with a reverse chinlock. Pillman escapes, dodges two lariats, but runs into a big elbow from Brien.

Patrick comes back in. Snapmare from Patrick, who transitions right into another chinlock. Pillman escapes again, lands an uppercut and a running crossbody in succession. Pillman tries to tag out...and he does!

Davey comes in and smashes both of the blondes heads together. He mounts in the corner Brien and hits him with ten fists. Running powerslam from Davey onto Brien...but Patrick brakes up the pin. Pillman comes in with a springboard elbow to take Patrick out. Davey goes after Brien...SUPERPLEX FROM THE TOP. Pinfall...and that's it.

Hart Foundation wins by pinfall.

Hart Foundation celebrates. Colonel Parker is furious with the Blondes.

Commentary tells us that Kotto Brazil will be returning to television next week! Also next week, Samil Callihan versus LA Park in the main event.

That's the show friends.