MLW Fusion Recap (1/25): LA Park Vs Sami Callihan Falls Count Anywhere, Kotto Brazil Returns

"In Memory of Dr. Rex Bacchus" plays.

Show opens with a recap of Sami Callihan's long relationship with Promociones Dorado, taking out superstars like MVP, Shane Strickland, and recently targeting #1 title contender Tom Lawlor. When Lawlor got the better of him, Salina de la Renta grew angry, and promises Callihan that LA Park is coming for him.

MLW Fusion Intro.

Tony Schiavone and Rich Boccini welcome us to the show, and rundown MLW Superfight's two marquee title matches: Lucha Brothers defending the MLW tag titles against the Hart Foundation, and Low Ki defending the MLW Heavyweight championship against "Filthy" Tom Lawlor.

As for tonight, main event is Sami Callihan and LA Park in a Falls Count Anywhere bout. Also, Ace Romero takes on Barrington Hughes! (Commentary tells us the ring will be reinforced.)

Already in the ring is Vandal Ortagun. He'll be taking on Kotto Brazil in his first matchup back from injury. (Kayfabe.)

Kotto Brazil versus Vandal Ortagun

Vandal nails Brazil with a running elbow right as the bell rings. He tosses Brazil through the ropes to the arena floor. Brazil kicks out Vandal's leg from the outside and pulls him out to ringside. He pops back in the ring...SUICIDE DIVE FROM BRAZIL! AND ANOTHER! TOPE CON HILO FROM BRAZIL!

Back in the ring, Vandal goes after Brazil's injured eye (wearing an eye-patch) and levels him with a running knee. Big knife-edged chop from Vandal, followed by a strong Irish-whip into the turnbuckle...Brazil hits hard and goes to the mat. Vandal drapes Brazil over the middle-rope, and crushes him with all of his weight after bouncing off the ropes. Vandal stomps Brazil down and is in full control.

More chops from Vandal. Brazil fires back one of his own, and lands an eat-the-feet. Brazil starts stringing moves together...german suplex from Brazil. And another.(Suplex city chant starts.) Vandal blocks the third, but gets caught by Brazil in the corner. Brazil slams Vandal's head off the turnbuckle...deadlift german with cover! Vandal escapes. Springboard headbutt to a downed Vandal from Brazil.

Now Brazil targets Vandal's chest with chops. Vandal responds with a hammerlock lungblower. He covers Brazil...two count. Vandal goes for a powerbomb but Brazil turns it into a frankensteiner. Code red from Brazil! He transitions immediately into a submission, but Vandal is able to break the hold. Cutter out nowhere from Brazil! Running sliced bread! Cover...Brazil wins!

Kotto Brazil wins by pinfall

As Brazil is celebrating Ricky Martinez comes from behind and attacks him! Big slam from Martinez..he rips off Brazil's eye-patch, and puts it on as his trophy. Martinez leaves with Brazil hurt in the center of the ring.

Recap of the Tommy Dreamer and Brian Pillman Jr feud. Tommy Dreamer calls in for a promo saying that Pillman is crazy for challenging him to another matchup in his hometown of Philadelphia. He says that in his home...he will find someone to stand by his side, and threatens Pillman to never disrespect him again.

Barrington Hughes is on his way to the ring. Ace Romero comes out second. (TIME FOR THE SUPERHEAVYWEIGHTS BAY BAY.)

Barrington Hughes versus Ace Romero

Hughes and Romero circle the ring and stare each other down. (This is awesome chant starts before they even tie-up.)

Lock-up. No one budges. Double-shoulder bump but nothing happens. Romero lands the first strike, but Hughes comes right back with a running splash. ROMERO RECOVERS AND HITS A RUNNING DROPKICK TO HUGHES SENDING HIM INTO THE CORNER.

Colonel Parker comes out! He says he's never seen some much pork in the ring since a BBQ his granddaddy once held. Parker says Hughes missed out on a pie-eating contest down the street.

The Dirty Blondes come out and start attacking Hughes and Romero. Instead of a DQ...the referee turns this into a tag match! (CAN HE DO THAT?!)

Barrington Hughes & Ace Romero versus the Dirty Blondes

All four men are in the ring. Patrick and Brien double-up on Romero, but he overpowers them both! Hughes with a double-clothesline taking the Blondes down! Corner splashes from Hughes and Romero! They pick up Brien and Patrick...super collider powerslam! They both get the pinfall victory.

Barrington Hughes & Ace Romero win by pinfall

Following the impromptu matchup...Barrington Hughes and Ace Romero shake hands. (New tag team? RIP everyone.)

Tommy Dreamer versus Brian Pillman Jr is confirmed for next week in an empty arena match!

The broadcast cuts out and the H2 (Hart Foundation network) comes on. Brian Pillman Jr and Teddy Hart are petting cats. Hart says that Fenix and Pentagon are afraid of the Hart Foundation, because at SuperFight...they'll take away their MLW tag team titles. Pillman chugs a protein drink as the feed cuts out.

Matt Striker runs down the SuperFight card for next week.

Sami Callihan cuts a promo saying that he never cared about Promociones Dorado, or the message they were trying to send. He did all those deeds for the blood money. He promises that tonight he's going to put LA Park in a body bag.

Another preview for SuperFight.

Low Ki cuts a promo at Tom Lawlor. He commends the journey that Lawlor has gone on since Battle Riot. He reminds Lawlor that he has been undefeated in MLW for over 15 years (sure) and says that he will be putting not only the title, but his legacy on the line in Philadelphia.

Main event time!

Sami Callihan is out first. He brings a trash can filled with weapons to the ring. LA Park is out second. Salina de la Renta accompanies him to the ring. He has a chair. Callihan jaw-jacks with Salina on the outside.

LA Park versus Sami Callihan Falls Count Anywhere

Park and Callihan start by trading strikes in the center of the ring. Park tells Callihan to take his protective vest off. Callihan obliges, than eats a vicious chop to the chest. And another. Callihan lands two strikes of his own, followed by a running clothesline. Park comes right back with a turnbuckle clothesline of his own. Big lariat from Park which sends Callihan to the arena floor. Park slams a chair into Callihan's gut, then smashes him over the head with a metal sheet. He sits Callihan down in the chair...pops back in the ring...SUICIDE DIVE FROM PARK.

Park continues to assault Callihan, taking off his costume belt and whipping Callihan in the back. He goes for another suicide dive but Callihan throws a trash can at Park's head! Another trash can shot from Callihan! He picks up a traffic cone and punches Park in the throat. Callihan grabs Park's belt and uses it on the luchador's back. Fight spills over to the entrance path. Callihan spits on his hand and lays into Park with a chop. He sets up Park on the metal barricade and charges at him with a running start! Park dodges the attack and tosses Callihan into the crowd! Trash can shot from Park this time! He takes the metal barricade apart and sets it up like a table, with the trash can on top. Park goes for a powerbomb, but Callihan blocks it. Park keeps hold on Callihan...SUPLEX ONTO THE BARRICADE. Park throws several of the fans arena chairs into the ring before nailing Callihan with the metal sheet again. Park with the first pinfall...Callihan kicks out.

The fight spills backstage, and even outside. They chase each other around the arena, but end up coming back through the front entrance. Callihan grabs a fans beer can and uses it as a weapon. Park throws Callihan into the ring and he clips the referee's leg. (Not sure if that was intentional or not, but now the ref is grabbing his leg.) Meanwhile, Park goes for a corner splash but Callihan gets the leg up. Park charges again but Callihan hits a thrust kick! Callihan charges...BIG POWESLAM FROM PARK. Ref covers...HE CAN'T MAKE THE THREE COUNT BECAUSE OF HIS INJURED ANKLE. Park is furious, and hits the referee with the metal sheet! Callihan with a low-blow and a roll up! PARK JUST GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Callihan sets up four chairs like a table. He goes for a powerbomb...but Park drops his weight so he can't be lifted. Irish whip...PARK SPEARS CALLIHAN THROUGH THE CHAIRS! em!

LA Park wins by pinfall

LA Park celebrates with Salina...that's the show friends.


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