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Episode 1

The first episode begins with a tribute image memorializing “Mean” Gene Okerlund.

The commentators announce the semi-final NXT Tag Team Championship Tournament match for later tonight, between Moustache Mountain and Gallus (Wolfgang & Mark Coffey).

Travis Banks vs. Jamie Ahmed

The match starts with Banks sweeping behind Ahmed and securing in a waist lock. Banks takes him down but Ahmed gets back to his feet and uses a sharp elbow to escape from Banks. Banks rolls passed Ahmed and then wraps himself around Ahmed as he attempts a sleeper hold. Ahmed’s foot taps the rope a few times before he clutches it and looks up at Banks. Ahmed uses the referee breaking them up as a distraction, striking Banks with a left hand and knocking him down. Ahmed with a forearm, a clubby blow to Banks’ back, and a European uppercut to send him in to the ropes. Banks attempts to fight back but Ahmed continues the strikes and then does a sit-down splash on a downed Banks for a 2 count.

Ahmed picks Banks up and the men begin exchanging strikes. Banks gains the upper-hand and goes crazy with swings at Ahmed’s abdomen. Ahmed tries to toss Banks in the corner but Banks uses a kick to send Amed face-first in to the 2nd turnbuckle. Banks with a running dropkick to the back of Ahmed’s head. Banks with a German suplex in to a bridge pin for a 2 count. Ahmed slowly gets back up but sweeps out Banks leg and begins to throw fists at him while Banks is down. Ahmed with an irish whip in to the corner on Banks but Banks uses a boot to stagger an approaching Ahmed. Banks with another running dropkick sends Ahmed in to the bottom turnbuckle. Banks uses the ropes to do an elevated double-foot stomp. Banks springboards off the ropes for the Slice of Heaven kick and gets the 1-2-3 for the win.

Winner: Travis Banks

After the match, Jordan Devlin comes out to the ramp and cuts a promo about how Banks left his family behind and had an estranged relationship with his mother. Banks gets frustrated as Devlin taunts him and exits.

A video package is shown showing what has lead to our main event, the semi-final match between Moustache Mountain and Gallus.

A video is shown of Bomber Dave Mastiff and Eddie Dennis’s rivalry that has progressed over the past couple weeks of NXT UK. They’ll be facing one another one-on-one on next week’s NXT UK.

Kenny Williams and Amir Jordan vs. Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner

The match begins with Williams and Barthel locking up. The men exchange quick reversals until Williams comes out on top, holding Bathel in a sitting headlock position. Barthel gets back to his feet and claws at Williams face, tying him in a wist lock. Williams rolls through and locks in a wrist lock of his own. Jordan tags in and uses a double axe handle on Barthel’s arm while Williams continues holding it out in wrist lock position. Jordan tries a wrist lock of his own but Barthel quickly kicks him in the abdomen and uses a sharp elbow on the back of his head. Barthel with his own wrist lock but Jordan rolls through, cartwheels, and dances a little. Barthel doesn’t like it and uses a double forearm right to Jordan’s throat. Barthel throws him in to his respective corner and stomps at him while he is down.

Barthel tags Aichner in to the match and he shoves Jordan’s head around before delivering various clubby blows and chops to Jordan. Aichner rushes Jordan in the corner but he dodges and escapes, using strikes to Aichner’s abdomen. Jordan charges Aichner but gets thrown to the apron, nevertheless Jordan bounces Aichner’s head off the top rope and jumps off the ropes attempting a crossbody. Aichner actually catches him and tries a power slam. Jordan wiggles out of it and tries to collect himself on the ropes, but Barthel uses a kick to the back of Jordan’s head to knock him down. Aichner takes advantage and mounts Jordan, delivering strikes while he’s down.

Aichner tags in Barthel and he hits Jordan with multiple kicks to his gut region. He’s stomping a mud hole!!! Barthel taunts and tags Aichner back in. Jordan tries to escape and fight out of their tag team combination moves but he’s still hit with a spinebuster, followed by a loud kick to his chest from Barthel. Aichner tries to pin Jordan but Williams runs in and breaks it up at 2. Aichner grabs Jordan in a sitting chin lock but Jordan reverses and nearly tags in Williams, only to be picked up and carried back to Aichner/Barthel’s corner. Barthel tags in and Aichner runs over to cheap shot Williams. Barthel executes a butterfly suplex on Jordan but he only gets a 2 count.

Barthel gets back on Jordan with a sitting headlock. Jordan’s exhausted but he gets to his feet and uses some elbows to gain a little momentum. Barthel tries a back suplex but Jordan lands on his feet and tags in a hot Williams! Williams comes zooming in with a springboard back elbow on Barthel, followed by a slide through the legs and a leg sweep on Aichner on the outside. He runs back over to Barthel and does a sunset flip from the apron, over Barthel, and in to the ring, and then rushes past Barthel and does a suicide dive on Aichner on the outside. Incredible!

Jordan had tagged himself in when Williams had run past him and he tries to capitalized on a confused Barthel, but Barthel ties him to the tree of woe in the corner and delivers a running dropkick to his face. Barthel hits a unique version of almost a tazzplex and nearly gets 3 count, but it’s broken up by Williams at 2! Aichner pulls Williams out of the ring and slams him spine-first in to the metal barricade. Barthel tags Aichner in and they do a combination powerbomb/back suplex for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

Backstage, Toni Storm and Deonna Purrazzo are arguing that Purrazzo should be going to NXT UK: Takeover Blackpool to fight for the NXT UK Women’s Championship. They agree to have a match to show who is the best of the two.

Again backstage, Johnny Saint and Sid are talking about the card for Takeover: Blackpool when Joe Coffey comes out and demands that he deserves the NXT UK Championship, and the match against Pete Dunne at Takeover: Blackpool. Saint and Sid say they’ll take it under advisement and they dismiss Coffey.

Candy Floss vs. Jinny

The match begins with a tie up and both women exchanging reversals before Floss grabs Jinny in to a hug. Jinny looks confused and then tries to swing at Floss. Floss grabs her arm and turns it in to an armbar behind her back. Floss brings her to the ground and continues the armbar while also grabbing Jinny’s other hand and contorting her fingers. Jinny rolls out and puts Floss in a head scissor maneuver but Floss floats over and puts Jinny in a headlock. Jinny gets back to her feet and puts Floss in a headlock of her own. Floss pushes Jinny off the ropes and then slides underneath Jinny, taking her legs out from under her and making her face bounce off the canvas. Floss giggles and taunts Jinny. Jinny grabs Floss’s hair but Floss uses a code breaker to escape and then climbs to the top rope. Jinny rushes after her and throws her down to the canvas.

Jinny with a huge forearm strike for a close 2 count. She ties Floss in a double wrist lock but Floss uses some clubby blows to try and escape. Jinny turns the wrist lock in to a pinning predicament but Floss escapes again at 2. Jinny tosses Floss in to the corner turnbuckles and then grabs her arm, twists her inside out and slams her face on the mat. She goes for the pin but only gets 2. Floss looks in pain but Jinny is relentless and kicks her into the corner. Jinny irish whips her in to the same turnbuckle but then Floss uses a big boot to knock Jinny backwards a few steps. Floss with a running dropkick that sends Jinny in to the opposite bottom turnbuckle. Floss with another full-speed running dropkick and then she bring Jinny to the center of the ring. Jinny tries to escape but Floss manages to get the best of her and Jinny is dazed in the corner. Floss runs after Jinny but Jinny uses a Japanese arm drag and a ripcord pele kick for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jinny

We see Gallus backstage getting hyped for the match that’s coming up next!

Moustache Mountain vs. Gallus

The match begins with Tyler Bate and Mark Coffey going toe-to-toe. Coffey rushes after Bate but Bate retaliates with solid right hands to Coffey’s face. Bate with a quick dropkick and then tags in Trent Seven. Seven uses a slam and gets a 1 count on Coffey before tagging Bate back in. Seven uses a fireman’s carry slam and Bate with a swanton dive off the top rope for a 2 count. Coffey backs up in to the corner where Bate delivers uppercuts and right hands. Bate irish whips Coffey in to the opposite turnbuckle and hits a big back body drop on Coffey in to the center of the ring. Coffey scurries to the opposite corner where Bate meets him and ends up irish whipping him out of the ring. Wolfgang comes in and distracts Bate so that Coffey can slide back inside the ring and cheap sot Bate. Coffey takes advantage and begins stomping a downed Bate right before he tags in Wolfgang.

Wolfgang comes in and he beats Bate down in the corner with abdomen strikes. Wolfgang with a short arm clothesline for a 2 count on Bate. Wolfgang continues the pressure with a headlock takeover and more stomps to a downed Bate. Wolfgang then uses the ropes for leverage as he chokes Bate. Wolfgang continues with a front-facing headlock that grounds Bate in his and Coffey’s corner. The crowd is adamantly behind Moustache Mountain which gives Bate some motivation to reach the opposite corner; Bate uses a hurricanrana to create some distance and tag in Seven. Seven and Coffey both come rushing in and Seven uses some loud chops and a DDT to knock Coffey down. Another chop and a vertical suplex gave Seven another close 2 count.

Seven stays on Coffey and tries to keep him from Wolfgang but it’s futile, Wolfgang tags in and forearms Seven in the face which allows Coffey to hit Seven with a back suplex. Wolfgang uses a running senton for another 2 count on Wolfgang. Wolfgang continues with the strikes and gets another 2 count before tagging Coffey back in. Coffey with abdomen strikes on Seven and then tags Wolfgang back in the ring. Wolfgang with stiff knees and a tight waist lock on a downed Seven. Wolfgang carries Seven to his corner and tags back in Coffey, who delivers more abdomen strikes to Seven as Wolfgang holds him back. Coffey hits a stiff forearm on Seven for another 2 count. Coffey gets another waist lock on Seven and hits his back with a few strikes to keep him face-down.

Coffey tags Wolfgang in once again and they keep Seven in their corner with a kick to his face. Wolfgang irish whips him in to his own corner and then grabs him in another bear hug. Seven is fading out but he garners enough strength to break Wolfgang’s hold. Wolfgang luickly throws him out of the ring to avoid Seven tagging Bate back in the match. Coffey meets Seven on the outside but Seven turns him out with a vertical suplex on the floor. Seven dodges another attack from Wolfgang and finally tags Bate back in to the match.

Bate comes in hot, springboarding off the ropes and doing a suicide dive that nearly has him in the first row! Bate throws Wolfgang back in the ring and goes to the batting cages with lots of hard swings to Wolfgang’s face as he tries to block. Bate irish whips Wolfgang in to the corner but is tossed in to the corner himself, where he manages to escape Wolfgang and knees him in the face. Bate takes advantage of staggered Wolfgang with a diving european uppercut from the 2nd rope. Bate immediately dives to the outside on to Coffey with a suicide dive! Bate slides back in the ring and hits a running european uppercut in to an exploder suplex. Bate nips up and hits a standing shooting star press for a close 2 count, Coffey broke it up at the last second. Bate dropkicks Coffey to send him back out of the ring and then puts Wolfgang in a fireman’s carry and spins him around for like 45 seconds before dropping him.

Bate picks Wolfgang up in a waist lock but Coffey tags back in. Coffey puts Bate in cobra clutch and jumps on his back piggy-back style, but Bate still pulls Wolfgang closer to him and delivers a german suplex to Wolfgang WHILE Coffey is hanging off his back. It was incredible! Bate is slow to get back up but he has the advantage after Seven took out Wolfgang on the outside. Bate goes for the Tyler Driver ’97 but Coffey reverses and hits Bate with a hard forearm off the ropes. Coffey hits a nasty enziguri but Bate is out at 2! What a match this has been!

Joe Coffey comes down but Pete Dunne also appears and the two men go at it on the ramp. Dunne hits an X-Plex on Coffey on the ring apron while Moustache Mountain take advantage inside the ring. Bate uses Bop and Bang before tagging in Seven. Seven puts Coffey in a full nelson and Bat hits a springboard clothesline for the 1-2-3!

Winner and Advance to the Finals at NXT: Takeover Blackpool: Moustache Mountain

After the match, Joe Coffey continues the attack on Pete Dunne and the rest of Gallus takes down Moustache Mountain. Dunne begins to gain the advantage and he allows Moustache Mountain to get back to their feet. Dunne gets on the mic and says that he went to Johnny Saint and made their NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool match official. The chaos continues as everyone fights in the ring as the episode concludes.

Episode 2

Toni Storm vs. Deonna Purrazzo

The match begins with both women locking up and exchanging multiple reversals until Storm finally trips Purrazzo and puts her in a front-facing headlock. Storm continues the pressure with a body scissor on Purrazzo, yet Purrazzo slides out and puts Storm in an ankle lock. Storm with another beautiful counter and a headlock takeover on Purrazzo. Purrazzo escapes and puts a head scissor hold back on Storm. Storm is able to escape and offers a handshake to Purrazzo, which she taps in acceptance.

Purrazzo with a go-behind and a waist lock on Storm but Storm reverses again in to another wrist lock. Purrazzo reverses and trips Storm down to her back. Storm reverses again and puts Purrazzo in another head scissor maneuver. Purrazzo escapes with a headstand and does a little taunting of her own. Storm offers a handshake and Purrazzo kicks her hand out of the way. They tie up and Purrazzo hits a hard knee to Storm’s abdomen. Purrazzo with chops to Storm’s chest, followed by forearm strikes, a roundhouse abdomen kick, and a running dropkick that saw Storm change directions midway on the ropes. Storm gets a 1 count.

Storm hits a snap vertical suplex for a 2 count. Storm then delivers a surfboard/stf hold that looks incredibly painful. Purrazzo makes it to the bottom rope but Storm still stomps on Purrazzo’s legs before she releases the hold. Storm goes for a running hip attack but Purrazo trips Storm and hits an armbreaker for a 2 count. Purrazzo continues the pressure on Storm’s arm, even using the rope as leverage to inflict extra damage. Storm tries to fight back with forearms but Purrazzo hits a reverse STO and a koji clutch. Storm is able to turn it in to a pinning predicament on Purrazzo and she has to break the hold to save herself from getting pinned. Purrazzo hits Storm with a stiff clothesline when they get back to their feet. Purrazzo goes back to inflicting damage on the arm, jumping down on top of Storm’s legs in the process. Purrazzo bounces off the ropes and goes for a running kick but Storm grabs her foot and delivers a backstabber. Purrazzo is staggered in the corner and Storm hits her running hip attack. Storm goes for the Storm Zero but Purrazzo reverses, kicking Storm’s arm. Purrazzo off the ropes again but Storm hits a LOUD headbutt on a charging Purrazzo for the close 2 count.

Storm goes for another Storm Zero but Purrazzo reverses with a hip toss and a handspring dropkick for another 2 count. Purrazzo immediately turns it in to an armbar and progressively contorts both her arms back further until they’re in a butterfly hold. Storm just barely makes it to the ropes with her foot. Purrazzo and Storm yell in one another’s faces and exchange strikes. Storm hits a kick on Purrazzo, followed by a snap german suplex and the Storm Zero for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Toni Storm

After the match, Rhea Ripley came out and taunted Storm with the NXT UK Women’s Championship.

Backstage, Johnny Saint and Sid announce that next week will be Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews against James Drake and Zack Gibson in the last semi-final match to determine who will fight for the NXT UK Tag Team Championships at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

Josh Morrell vs. “Wild Boar” Mike Hitchman

The match begins with both men locking up and Boar throwing Morrell over with a hip toss. They tie up again and this time, Boar uses a wrist lock take down to send Morrell on to his back. Morrell rolls through and does a series of cartwheels and handsprings to escape Boar’s wrist lock. Morrell hits a few European uppercuts on Boar before Morrell tries for a wheelbarrow maneuver and gets tossed to the center of the ring. Boar with a standing senton splash on Morrell for a 2 count. Boar stays on Morrell with a trapezius hold and a flurry of claws to Morrell’s face. Morrell finally nips up and escapes, which allows him a drop kick and a pele kick that sends Boar down.

Morrell with a running swanton splash for a 2 count. Boar tries to collect himself in the corner but Morrell comes running at him with a hard European clothesline. Morrell runs at him again but Boar moves out of the way, prompting Morrell to jumpon the 2nd rope and jump backwards in to a sunset flip pin for a 2 count. Boar uses a standing fireman’s carry drop to send Morrell’s head in to the bottom turnbuckle and then charged in with a cannonball splash on Morrell in the corner. Boar jumps off the top rope with a big splash for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Wild Boar

Backstage, Joseph Conners says that joining NXT UK was all a lie. He says there is no “we” in NXT UK, there is only yourself. He says he’ll break every one of the new toys if he has to.

Backstage, Banks says that he loves his country and if Devlin wants to call him out then he’s ready to fight him.

Also backstage, Fabian Aichner and Barthel are yelling at Sid about the semi-final tag team match next week. They say that they deserve to be in the semi-final tag team match next week and that Sid better put them in the match. Sid says that it’s not their time and if they decide to involve themselves in the match next week, they will be out of NXT UK as fast as they got here.

Dave Mastiff vs. Eddie Dennis

The match begins with Dennis rushing Mastiff with a European uppercut, sending him in to the corner. Dennis executes a flurry of forearms and kicks that keep Mastiff in the corner turnbuckles. Dennis with a series of irish whips to keep Mastiff in the same corner and then he continues the kicks to keep Mastiff grounded. Mastiff gets back to his feet and hits an audible elbow to send Dennis back. Mastiff hits a few forearms and strikes just as Dennis collides with a knee to Mastiff’s gut. Dennis off the ropes with another forearm but Mastiff turn it in to a back-and-forth exchange on the ropes, ultimately favoringMastiff who connects with a high crossbody on Dennis. Mastiff goes for a german suolex but Dennis grabs the rope to break the hold. Dennis hits an elbow and rushes after Mastiff but Mastiff hits a dropkick and gets a 2 cont. Dennis escapes from Mastiff’s clutches but he still ties Dennis up on the ropes and delivers some hard elbows while Mastiff can’t protect himself.

Dennis rolls to the outside of the ring and uses the opportunity to gain the advantage and cheap shot Mastiff. He sets Mastiff up in the Razor’s Edge/crucifix bomb on the outside but Mastiff slides out of it and delivers a rolling senton splash on Dennis that looked painful. Mastiff charges after Dennis but he dodges and Mastiff collides with a THUD! on the steel steps. The ref nearly counts both men out but they’re able to get back in the ring at the 9 count! Inside the ring, both men exchange forearms as the crowd gives their respective cheers and boos. Mastiff throws Dennis in to the ref and the ref disqualifies them in frustration.

No Contest Via Double DQ

The men continue brawling on the ramp and ring apron until Johnny Saint comes out to the stage. Saint tells them that at NXT UK: Takeover Blackpool it wil be Mastiff vs. Dennis in a no DQ match.

A video package is shown highlighting what happened on the last episode on NXT UK, where Moustache Mountain qualified for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship match and Pete Dunne accepted Joe Coffey’s NXT UK Championship match. Next week will be a six-man tag team match against all Moustache Mountain and Pete Dunne against Gallus.

Next up is the contract signing for the NXT UK Championship match. Joe Coffey is out first, followed by the Bruiserweight, the NXT UK Champion, Pete Dunne.

The men are asked to take their seats but they refuse, staring daggers in to one another. Coffey grabs the mic and says that it’s like when two CEO’s of a company get together to discuss business for the first time. He says how historic NXT UK: Takeover Blackpool will be and how he will finally make NXT UK his kingdom. Coffey asks Sid and Saint to leave the ring so he can have a moment alone with the Bruiserweight. He tells Dunne that the kingdom will finally be his and the championship will be his, too. He tells Dunne he’s been a champion too long and it’s because Joe Coffey hasn’t been around to take it. Coffey says the other guys are pawns in his game and it’s time for the Iron King to stand and claim his thrown. Coffey signs the contract for their match at Takeover: Blackpool.

Dunne grabs Coffey’s hand as he signs and does his finger-breaking move on Coffey’s hand. Dunne signs the contract and says, “You talk too much.” Dunne promises that he’ll see him at Takeover: Blackpool. Gallus comes out to distract Dunne, which allows Joe Coffey to powerbomb Dunne through a table.

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