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Episode 1

Jamie Ahmed & Dan Moloney vs. Kenny Williams & Amir Jordan

Ahmed and Jordan start out the action, with a collar-and-elbow tie up that Ahmed gets the best of. Ahmed with a wrist lock on Jordan but he’s able to use his foot to break the hold and then he secures a wrist lock of his own on Ahmed. Jordan tags in Williams, who comes off the ropes with a leapfrog splash that lands on Ahmed’s arm. Williams now with a leg drop on Ahmed’s arm for a 2 count. Williams then tags Jordan back in comes in with a rolling thunder body splash for another 2 count on Ahmed. Ahmed hits some forearms on Jordan but he’s still able to explode off the ropes with a crossbody.

Jordan has Ahmed in the corner and hits him with abdomen strikes. Jordan climbs to the top rope but has his feet yanked out from under him, causing the back of his head to bounce off the top turnbuckle. Ahmed off the ropes with a stiff clothesline on Jordan for a 2 count. Ahmed tags in Moloney, who begins with a series of single-underhook, vertical suplexes, followed by a double underhook toss. Moloney with a hammer lock on a grounded Jordan. Jordan with punches to Moloney’s abdomen but Moloney stays in control with a clubby blow to Jordan’s back. Moloney pushes Jordan toward the ropes but Jordan comes back and puts Moloney in a backslide cover for the 2 count. Jordan hits a big back body drop and both men tag in their respective partners.

Williams and Ahmed come in zooming, with Williams hitting some double-arm strikes on Ahmed’s chest and then delivering a springboard back elbow that knocks Ahmed down. Ahmed tries to collect himself in the corner but Williams comes running in, gets tossed to the apron, but nevertheless hits a kick to Ahmed’s head. Williams with a kick on Moloney, who’s also on the apron. Williams with another springboard back elbow that had some long hang time, and then he comes running and slides through the ropes with a dropkick on Moloney who’s still on the outside. Williams pulls himself over the ropes and back inside the ring a la Shawn Michaels. Jordan tags himself in as Williams hits a Cazaodra that plants Ahmed hard on his face. Williams with a suicide dive to take out Moloney on the outside as Jordan hits a Swanton Bomb off the top rope on to Ahmed for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Amir Jordan & Kenny Williams

We’re shown a recap of Joe Coffey and NXT UK Champion, Pete Dunne’s contract signing from last week. After exchanging some words and Coffey proclaiming that NXT UK will become his kingdom, Dunne grabbed his fingers and snapped them in half. Coffey would retaliate, sending Pete Dunne through a table with a powerbomb.

Wolfgang, Joe and Mark Coffey, collectively known as Gallus come out to the NXT UK ring. Joe gets on the mic and says that nobody likes them and they don’t care. Coffey says that next week, it’s finally going to be Gallus vs. British strong style. Coffey says that for him, he’s looking at Pete Dunne. Coffey says that at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool, Dunne will be lucky to walk out of the ring. Coffey says that NXT UK is the kingdom of Gallus and the NXT UK Championship will come to the Iron King.

Rhea Ripley and Toni Storm are doing a discussion panel about their Takeover: Blackpool UK Women’s Championship Match. Storm starts talking about how she won the Mae Young Classic and how it was a high she never imagined she could reach, and yet, this match means more because this has been her home for the past 5 years. She says Ripley comes and goes but Storm stays in the UK and wants to represent properly.

Ripley is asked what she’ll do to keep the championship. Ripley says she’s not going to reveal any of her strategies to Storm or any of the pathetic people around her. Ripley tells Storm she’s beat her and she’ll do it again. Storm says that when bad things happen to people, they become more dangerous than ever before. She said she defeated every challenge in front of her in the 2018 MYC. Storm says what chance does Ripley have if she’s defeated all those incredible competitors, Ripley says that Storm still never beat her. Storm says that on January 12, she will take what is rightfully hers and become the NXT UK Women’s Champion.

Ripley says she is 110% herself and not a copycat of Toni Storm, she says if anyone is a phony, it’s Storm. She says she’s proved she’s better and then yells in Storm’s face about how her time is over and how she is pathetic. Ripley pushes Storm back and holds up her Title belt, telling Storm that it’s hers and will never ever be Storms. Ripley walks off stage and Storm exits soon after.

A promotion for Ligero vs. Joseph Conners is set for our next NXT UK episode.

Isla Dawn vs. Xia Brookside

The match begins with a handshake between Brookside and Dawn with the crowd applauding them. The women test strength and Dawn comes out on top, putting Brookside in a wrist lock. Brookside uses a back elbow to lock in a wrist lock of her own. Dawn rolls forward and shifts her way back in to another wrist lock. The women both roll through and escape as they exchange more wrist locks. Brookside puts Dawn in a headlock but Dawn rolls through and ties Brookside in a sitting hammer lock. Brookside escapes and has Dawn’s head trapped in a head scissors. Dawn escapes and shoves Brookside’s head in to the mat multiple times as she also traps her in a leg lock. Brookside escapes and pins Dawn for a 1 count.

The women have a stand off as the crowd applauds the fantastic chain wrestling. Dawn gets a straight jacket hold on Brookside in the center of the ring. Brookside nearly escapes but Dawn keeps it locked in. Brookside wiggles her way out of the hold and pulls Dawn in to a straight jacket of her own. Another series of technical reversals and each women locking in brutal variations of the straight jacket hold. Dawn backs Brookside in to the corner but she comes after her and gets a pin for a 2 count. The women then trade a series of roll ups, backsides, crucifix pins, etc. as they try to best one another. Brookside goes to roll through for another pin but Dawn catches her and sits on her shoulders for a 1-2-3.

Winner: Isla Dawn

After the match, Brookside congratulates Dawn and holds her arm up in victory in the center of the ring.

A video package is shown that highlights the history between Eddie Dennis and Dave Mastiff, building up to their No DQ match at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

Back from commercial, we see that Ginny attacked Isla Dawn in the backstage area following her victory against Xia Brookside

Damien Weir vs. Jordan Devlin

The match begins with a test of strength but Devlin immediately knees Weir in the abdomen and throws him around in to various wrist locks. Devlin with a strike to Weir that puts him in the corner. Devlin stomps Weir in the corner and chokes him with his boot before he starts taunting Weir. Weir comes back and explodes with some forearms out of the corner on Devlin. Devlin regains the advantage with a urnanage and a standing moonsault.

Devlin stomps on Weir’s head, connects with a backbreaker, and keeps Weir in position as he stretches him out over his knee. Weir hits some strikes on Devlin but he easily drops Weir back down and stays in control. Devlin ties Weir up and pulls his arms behind his back as he drives his knee in Weir’s back. Devlin puts Weir in a fireman’s carry but Weir rolls him up for a close 2 count. Devlin comes after Weir in frustration but Weir delivers an enziguri. Weir comes running after Devlin, who’s stuck on the outside, but Devlin hits him with a kick and stops his momentum. Damian comes over the ropes with a cutter, he hits a belly-to-back suplex, and Ireland’s Call for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Jordan Devlin

After the match, Devlin grabs the microphone and says that he’ll do his own interview but Travis Banks comes running out! Devlin scurries out of the ring. Banks grabs the mic and tells Devlin that he wants to fight him right now. Devlin waves it off and walks off to the back as Bank’s music hits.

We see Moustache Mountain backstage, they say there isn’t a team they’re trying to avoid and they are the most experienced tag team on the NXT UK roster. They say it doesn’t matter who it is, at Takeover: Blackpool, they will become the first-ever NXT UK Tag Team Champions.

James Drake & Zack Gibson vs. Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster to Advance to the Tag Team Championship Match at NXT Takeover: Blackpool

The match begins with Andrews and Drake sizing each other up in the ring. Gibson immediately hollers at Andrews on the outside, causing a distraction that allows Drake to forearm Andrews in the back of the head. Drake goes and knocks out Webster, too. Drake tags in Gibson and they team up, stomping a mudhole in Andrews in the corner. Gibson hits a cheap shot on Webster and he falls to the outside, again. Gibson puts Andrews in an electric chair position and Drake connects with a clothesline off the top ropes, sending Andrews to the mat below. Drake gets a close 2 count.

Drake tosses Andrews out of the ring and tags in Gibson, They deliver a combo backbreaker/elbow drop on Andrews, toss him inside the ring, and get another 2 count. Andrews tries to fight back as he’s stuck in the corner, but he’s shoved back down by Gibson for a 2 count. Gibson tags in Drake. He puts Andrews in a front-facing headlock and tags Gibson back in, who kicks Andrews in the abdomen and hits a short-arm clothesline. Gibson puts Andrews in a sitting, unorthodox headlock.

Gibson stays in control until Drake tags back in. Drake and Gibson try numerous times to keep Andrews from the tag to Webster, but Andrews nevertheless tags in a hot Webster! Webster delivers a springboard, double moonsault on Drake and Gibson, he hits a dropkick, and a series of mounted punches on Drake. Drake sends Webster out to the apron but Webster strikes Drake away and then hits a running somersault from the apron on to Gibson on the floor.

Webster rushes back in and connects with a double-underhook facebuster on Drake for a 2 count. The crowd is cheering for Webster and he tries to stay in control, but Drake forearms Webster and tags in Gibson. Webster puts up a good fight but Gibson targets his injured shoulder. Webster sends Gibson to the outside. Webster tags in Andrews and he goes up over the top rope, to the outside, and catches Gibson in a hurricanrana on the floor. Andrews throws Gibson back in, Webster hits a running knee on Drake, and Webster/Andrews perform an assisted 450 splash for a close 2 count.

Drake pulls Webster away before Andrews can make the tag to him. Andrews avoids the Shankly Gates but still gets caught in a Ticket to Ride for a super close 2 count. Gibson tags Drake back in and they team up to attempt another combination electric chair drop/clothesline. This time however, Andrews fights out of the predicament and Andrews uses a hurricanrana off the top rope to send Drake tumbling down on Gibson. Webster comes back in and performs a swanton bomb. Andrews and Webster hit a stunning super kick/reverse hurricanrana but Gibson broke it up at 2 & 7/8. Andrews tries a spinning tornado DDT from inside the ring out on to Gibson, who’s outside, but Gibson catches him and delivers the Helter Skelter for a sick thud on the ramp. Andrews is out. Drake rolls Webster up for a close 2. Webster retaliates with a stiff headbutt on Drake but it isn’t enough, Gibson gets tagged in and they deliver a combination Ticket to Ride for the 1-2-3.

Winners and Advance to NXT Takeover: Blackpool: James Drake & Zack Gibson

Episode 2

Ligero vs. Joseph Conners

The match begins quick, with Conners pushing Ligero in to the corner and then both men exchanging various reversals off the ropes until Ligero connects with a hurricanrana. Ligero comes rushing after Conners in the corner, is tossed out to the apron, but then jumps back over and rolls Conners up for a 2 count. As they get back up, Ligero hits a sharp kick. The men begin battling on the ring apron and Conners finally gains the advantage after he pushes Ligero face-first in to the ring post. Conners drapes Ligero over the apron and connects with forearm strikes to Ligero’s back. Conners delivers a clothesline for a 2 count.

Conners off the ropes and gives Ligero a mouth full of boot. Conners bounces Ligero off the ropes as he connects with a slingshot, vertical suplex. Conners hits an elbow on the top of Ligero’s head and then puts him in a half-nelson headlock. The crowd rallies behind Ligero and he begins to connect with some strikes. Ligero with a big back body drop on Conners. Ligero with a few clotheslines, a fireman’s carry with an unorthodox slam, and a kick that gives him a 2 count. Ligero with another sharp kick, this time to the abdomen of Conners. Ligero goes for sliced bread # 2 but Conners escapes and catches Ligero with a double stomp that slams his head to the mat. Conners rips at Ligero’s mask and yells in his face. Conners drags Ligero back to the center of the ring but Ligero hits an arm drag and escapes. Ligero with a beautiful springboard, tornado DDT for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Ligero

Backstage, Zack Gibson and James Drake say that they are undefeated and they deserve the Tag Team Championships. Gibson says that they feel confident, so confident that they already cleared a spot on their mantle for shiny, new titles. Gibson says they’re going to have an early celebration on Facebook Live to celebrate the fall of Moustache Mountain and the rise of Gibson and Drake.

Another video package is shown hyping up the No DQ match between Eddie Dennis and Dave Mastiff, highlighting the history they have together.

Travis Banks vs. T-Bone (w/ Saxton Huxley)

The match begins with Huxley causing an immediate distraction that allows Bone to strike Banks in to the ropes. Bone tosses Banks all the way to the other side of the ring. Bone with kicks to the abdomen of Banks and then he picks up Banks, but Banks still gains the advantage with a flurry of strikes and kicks. Banks with a running dropkick that sends Bone in to the corner turnbuckles. Banks then used the the top turnbuckle to elevate him as he comes down for a double stomp on Bone’s chest.

Banks hits a kick on Bone but, all of a sudden, Jordan Devlin comes out dressed up as Travis Banks. Bone tries to capitalize on the distraction but Banks continues his momentum, with a flurry of kicks, a shining wizard, and a Slice Of Heaven for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Travis Banks

After the match, Devlin storms the ring and attacks Banks. Banks gains the advantage with a series of mounted punches and a super kick. He tries to hit the Slice of Heaven on Devlin but he scurries away to the back as Banks’ music plays.

A video package is shown highlighting the journey that’s lead to Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley for the NXT UK Women’s Championship at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

An advertisement for Nigel McGuniess’s documentary is shown, it airs this Saturday immediately following NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

It’s now been confirmed that Travis Banks vs. Jordan Devlin will take place at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool. The announcers update us on the card.

Gallus (Mark & Joe Coffey, & Wolfgang) vs. Moustache Mountain & Pete Dunne

The match begins with Tyler Bate and Joe Coffey locking up, but neither man can find the advantage. Another strength test sees Coffey push Bate backwards, forcing him down in to a bridge. Bate’s shoulders hit the ground for a couple 2 counts but he always gets up and eventually makes it back up to his feet. Bate nearly overpowers Coffey but Coffey delivers a knee to Bate’s abdomen to stop him. Coffey with a wrist lock on Bate, but Bate rolls through a few times and nips up, inciting both teams to rush in to the ring and have a six-man stand off.

Trent Seven and Wolfgang tag in and lock up, with Wolfgang quickly locking in a head lock on Seven. Wolfgang gets shoved off but comes back off the ropes with a shoulder tackle. Seven off the ropes with a headbutt. Once again, all six men come in and start getting in each other’s faces. The ref finally gets the match back under control and Mark Coffey tags in as Pete Dunne also tags in. Dunne and Coffey lock up, Coffey secures Dunne in a headlock. Dunne pushes him off and explodes off the ropes with an audible clothesline on Coffey. All six men rush in for the third time and chaos has broken loose! The men brawl all over the ring until Moustache Mountain & Dunne toss the members of Gallus to the outside of the ring and stand tall.

Dunne with a drop toe hold on Coffey and his signature, finger contorting move. Dunne with a surfboard stretch, but he stops prematurely and stomps on the backs of the knees of Coffey. Dunne tags Seven in and he continues the offense with a powerslam and a 2 count on Coffey. Bate tags in and Moustache Mountain do a tag team swanton splash for a 2 count. Bate gets bumped in to Wolfgang on the ropes, which allows Coffey to connect with a vertical suplex on Bate. Mark tags in Joe Coffey and they keep Bate in their corner with kicks and strikes. Wolfgang comes in and delivers some standing double axe-handles to Bate.

Wolfgang tosses Bate in the corner and tags in Joe Coffey, who proceeds to use continuous irish whips to slam Bate in to the turnbuckles over and over. Coffey with a double underhook submission hold that has Bate struggling in the center of the ring. Bate hits some elbows on Coffey’s abdomen, but Coffey tosses Bate back in to his corner and tags Wolfgang in. Wolfgang hits a stiff knee on the chest of Bate and then tosses him back in to Gallus’s corner, but this time, i backfires, and Bate crawls under Wolfgang’s legs. Wolfgang catches him again but Bate still leapfrogs over Wolfgang and tags in a hot Seven.

Seven comes rushing in and hits multiple, LOUD chops on Wolfgang, followed by a big back body drop. Seven goes running out the ring with a suicide dive on Wolfgang. Seven with a snap german suplex on Wolfgang, he puts Wolfgang in a full nelson but Wolfgang elbows him in the face and goes for a supelx. Seven avoids it and Wolfgang’s attempted moonsault connects on Mark Coffey, taking him out.

Seven gets a close two count on Wolfgang after another snap suplex. Seven attempts a figure-four but Wolfgang kicks Seven to the outside, allowing Coffey to ram him in to the steel ring steps with a booming thud. Coffey tosses Seven back in and he’s hit with a spear from Woflgang for a close 2 count. Seven is stuck in Gallus’s corner, being stomped on by Joe Coffey. Coffey has Seven in a front facing headlock in the middle of the ring and follows it up with some rights to Seven’s stomach. Coffey tags in his brother, Mark, and he continues with the front facing headlock. Joe Coffey tags back in and he strikes at Seven as Wolfgang holds his arms back in the corner. Coffey with another front facing headlock that seems to have Seven fading out. Wolfgang tags back in and comes off the top rope with a flying double axe handle to Seven’s back.

The Coffeys try to help Wolfgang but Seven actually begins to gain the advantage. Seven chops and strikes at Joe Coffey on the top rope, eventually delivering a superplex to the mat below. Seven tags in a hot Dunne and he enters, delivering forearms and kicks to any member of Gallus he can find. A snap suplex, an X-plex, and a knee bar has Wolfgang about to tap out. Wolfgang crawls to his corner and tags in Mark Coffey. Coffey gets caught in a triangle choke from Dunne. Coffey scurries to the corner and tags back in Wolfgang. Wolfgang goes for The Howling off the top rope but Dunne catches him in an armbar and then a double wrist lock.

Wolfgang turns it in to a vertical suplex with his power. The crowd rallies and in comes Tyler Bate and Joe Coffey. Bate with a few uppercuts and then his attempt at a kick turns in to a knee in to Joe Coffey’s face. Bate climbs to the second rope and hits a jumping, spinning uppercut. Bate with a running european uppercut from one corner to the other. Coffey comes after Bate but he dodges. Coffey still hits a headbutt and then a springboard crossbody that misses it’s target. Bate with a standing shooting star press for another 2 count.

Bate goes for a wheelbarrow maneuver but Coffey catches him in airplane spin. Bate is still able to roll him up in a pinning predicament for the 2 count. Bate puts Coffey in a fireman’s carry and delivers an airplane spin of his own for nearly a minute (seriously, a minute). Everyone falls to the mat. Bate goes for the Tyler Driver ’97 but Coffey reverses with a headbutt. Bate with a loud right as both men go tumbling to the mat.

Mark Coffey and Trent Seven are back in. Coffey kicks Seven’s arm but Seven regains momentum and hits a ripcord clothesline on Coffey. Seven tags in Bate, who tags in Dunne, and all three men deliver a combination triple powerbomb but Wolfgang breaks it up at the very last second. Wolfgang tosses Seven out of the ring, Bate hits bop and bang and then hits a suicide dive on Wolfgang, the two men lading on the ramp. Dunne kicks Mark Coffey’s back but Joe Coffey distracts him by holding up the championship on the apron. Mark gets a 2 count on the distraction and tags in his brother, Joe.

Coffey hits his signature powerbomb and goes for the pin but Seven breaks it up before the 3 count. Seven tosses Wolfgang to the apron and chops him down, Bate springboards off the ropes with a stiff clothesline on Mark. Joe Coffey with an elevated european uppercut on Bate. Dunne and Coffey are left in the ring to face off and they meet in the center with punches raining back and forth. Dunne steps on Coffey’s hands and stomps away, followed by a kick, and then he comes off the ropes but gets hit with a headbutt to the abdomen. Coffey goes for a spear but Dunne kicks him in the face at full speed. The crowd with, “NXT!” chants.

Wolfgang tags himself in off Coffey, just as Dunne hits his finger breaker and his The Bitter End.Wolfgang immediately elbow drops him and Bate tags himself in off of Dunne. Bate with a hurricanrana that sends Wolfgang to the outside. Bate climbs to the top rope and delivers an insane corkscrew splash on everyone involved in the match. Bate tosses Wolfgang back in the ring and puts him in a fireman’s carry. Wolfgang breaks free and Coffey, the legal man, comes back in. Bate nearly hit the Tyler Driver ’97 but Coffey escapes and goes for the lariat clothesline. Third time is the charm, and he basically decapitates Bate for the 1-2-3!

Winners: Gallus (Mark & Joe Coffey, and Wolfgang)

After the match, Gallus stares down Pete Dunne as the show ends.