NXT UK Results (1/16): NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool Exclusive Pre-Matches, Isla Dawn Vs Jinny, Ligero

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WWE only aired one new episode of WWE NXT UK this week.

Episode 1

The show begins with a video package recapping what happened at this past Saturday's NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool.

Ligero vs. Saxon Huxley

The match begins with both men locking up and Huxley hitting a hard right on Ligero's abdomen. Ligero comes back with a couple dropkicks on Huxley, a spinning kick to Huxley's abdomen and a running kick to his head. Ligero dodges Huxley in the corner and connects with a back elbow. Huxley catches Ligero mid-air and gives a body slam for a 2 count. Huxley with some strikes and a kick as he pushes Ligero on the ropes. He comes rushing after Ligero but Ligero boots him in the face and connects with some body punches. Huxley pounces on Ligero with a Lou Thez Press, he then drags Ligero to his feet and hits him with knees to the abdomen. Ligero kicks out at a 2.

Huxley ties up Ligero in a straight jacket hold in the middle of the ring. Ligero struggles to gain the advantage but finally shifts his body out of it, eating a right hand for his trouble. Huxley goes for the irish whip but Ligero holds on the ropes. Huxley rams in to him but Ligero begins to fight back with multiple kicks to Huxley's legs, followed by an enziguri. Ligero dodges Huxley in the corner and gives him a dropkick as Huxley's face is perched on the 2nd rope. A flying, missile dropkick on Huxley for a 2 count. The crowd rallies but Huxley evades Ligero and turns his wheelbarrow maneuver in to a face-plant in to the turnbuckles. Huxley goes for a powerbomb but Ligero escapes to the apron, delivers an enziguri, a stunner, and his finishing tornado DDT for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Ligero

We see replays as Ligero celebrates with the Blackpool audience.

Isla Dawn vs. Jinny

The match starts out with Jinny kneeing Dawn in the abdomen and slamming her down on her face. Jinny mounts Dawn and throws some punches as Dawn tries to cover her face. Dawn back up on the ropes as Jinny forearms her in the face. Dawn starts to gain the advantage with a gutwrench suplex and a running meteora on a downed Jinny. Dawn secures a hammerlock armbar on Jinny but Jinny grabs her leg and finds her way out of the hold. Dawn grabs Jinny in another armbar and contorts Jinny's fingers a la Pete Dunne. Dawn hits Jinny with three forearms and Jinny rolls to the outside. Jinny takes her time getting back to the apron and grabs Dawn's head and bounces it off the ropes as she comes back in the ring. Dawn still maintains the advantage and tries to attack Dawn in the corner, only to be double stomped backward. Jinny with a running hurricanrana on Dawn.

Jinny has Dawn in the corner and shoves her hand in Dawn's face. She pulls Dawn back in to the center of the ring and locks in an abdominal stretch. Dawn slides her leg free and delivers a standing arm drag and a basement dropkick for a 2 count. Jinny backs up in the corner and hits a reverse STO in to the turnbuckle for a 2 count on Dawn. Jinny with a cobra clutch but Dawn uses forearms, a jumping knee, and a high angled back suplex for a 2 count. Dawn uses a gory especial stretch that Jinny reverses in to a pinning predicament for a close 2 count. Jinny with a unique submission hold that she shifts in to a camel clutch. Dawn uses her strength to pick up Jinny and slams her in to the turnbuckle. Dawn tries to go to the top rope but Jinny kicks her feet our from underneath her and delivers an x-factor from the 2nd rope for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jinny

We see a video Travis Banks made talking about what happened with him and Jordan Devlin at NXT UK Takeover: Blackpool. Banks says he worked ten years for that opportunity and Devlin took it all away from him. Banks says that there will be no more cheap shots or sneak attacks, they will go one-on-one next week.

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Marcel Barthel & Fabian Aichner

The match begins with Andrews and Aichner locking up but Aichner quickly overpowers and tosses Andrews away from him. Andrews gets a headlock on Aichner but Aichner bounces him off the ropes and shoulder tackles Andrews down. Aichner yells in Andrews' face a bit but he kicks him, hits a hurricanrana and a dropkick for a quick 1 count. Andrews tags in Webster but Aichner chops him LOUD a few times and then tags in Barthel. Barthel goes for a slam but Webster escapes to the corner, dropkicks down Aichner on the apron, and gives Barthel a hurricanrana. It looks like he attempts another hurricanrana but Barthel drops him and tags Aichner back in the match. They work in tandem to hit a backbreaker.

Aichner stomps away at Webster in the corner and then tags Barthel back in. Barthel continues the stomps on Webster and then poses to the audience before hitting more boots. Barthel gets a 2 count and then puts a headlock on Webster to continue the pressure. Webster uses some elbows to Barthel's abdomen and a reversal to tag in Andrews. Aichner also gets tagged in but Andrews uses his speed to maintain control with chops, a stomp 182, and then he kicks down Barthel on the corner and uses a shoulder on Aichner's abdomen. Andrews comes over the ropes and uses a wheelbarrow bulldog and a 450 splash to get a close 2 count on Aichner.

Aichner knees Andrews in the abdomen, hits a clubby blow on his back, and tags in Barthel. Barthel with a kick to Andrew's face, Aichner with a belly to back suplex, and Barthel with a tilt-a-whirl slam maneuver for another 2. Barthel tags Aichner and they deliver a combination spinebuster/running kick for a close 2 count on Andrews, which was broken up by Webster. Barthel tries to throw out Webster but Webster send Barthel over the top rope. Aichner goes for a vertical suplex on Andrews but he hurricanranas him out of the ring and then both Webster and Andrews come flying over the top rope to the outside with somersault splashes. They try to follow up but Aichner and Barthel get the best of them, with Aichner first driving Webster in to Andrews, Aichner hitting a clothesline on Webster, and then he hits a brainbuster for a super close 2 count on Webster.

The crowd is giving these men a standing ovation! Barthel tags in Aichner but Andrews fights them both off with chops and a double moonsault kick. Andrews reverses Aichner and hits a spinning DDT, followed by Webster's finishing somersault senton splash but Barthel breaks it up at 2. Andrews with the stundog millionaire on Barthel. Aichner pulls Andrews to the outside and hits a running knee that crushes his head against the barricade. Back inside the ring, Webster hits a stiff headbutt of Aichner but Barthel and Aichner work together and hit a running, basement dropkick and their powerbomb/spinning european uppercut finisher for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

We see replays as Barthel & Aichner pose inside the ring and the episode comes to an end.


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