WWE NXT UK Results (1/23): Travis Banks Vs. Jordan Devlin, Pete Dunne And Walter Come Face To Face

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We see a video package of 2 weeks ago, when Jordan Devlin and Travis Bank's match at TakeOver: Blackpool got cancelled because of Banks' injury. They'll face one another tonight!

Pete Dunne comes out to the ring, holding the title over his head as he enters. He tells Blackpool that NXT UK has changed everything, however, something that hasn't changed since TakeOver: Chicago is that he's the WWE UK Champion. Gallus comes out and Joe Coffey gets on the mic. Coffey tells the crowd, along with Dunne, that NXT UK is still his kingdom. He tells Dunne to look at the title he's had for over 600 days and enjoy it, because it will be around Coffey's waist at the end of the war. He says that if anyone has a problem with it, they can get to the back of the line.

Out comes Walter! The rest of Gallus holds Joe Coffey back until they eventually begin making their way to the back. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey run back in just before they reach the top of the ramp, but Dunne and Walter quickly force them back out of the ring. Walter begins staring at the UK Championship as Dunne picks it up and his music starts to play. Walter and Dunne stare at one another as Walter exits.

Sid Scala talks up the World's Collide Royal Rumble AXXESS Tournament, saying he expects an NXT UK superstar to win. He then directs his attention to Gibson & Drake, who just entered. Gibson says that he only wants to talk to him now that he's a champion. He says that they'll address the NXT UK universe next week, but for now, jog on.

Nina Samuels vs. Lana Austin

Samuels immediately gains control with a head lock in to a wrist lock, but Austin uses the ropes to flip backward and deliver a wrist lock of her own on Samuels. Samuels cartwheels to escape and does a unique takeover. Austin catches Samuels on the ropes with a running uppercut, followed by a snapmare takeover and a running, basement dropkick. Samuels kicks out at 2 and scurries over to the corner. Austin meets her there with a running forearm and she attempts a monkey flip to no avail, Samuels kicks her off and ties Austin up in the ropes, dropkicks her on the back, and gets a 2 count.

Samuels yells at the crowd to shut up and then locks in a chinlock/armbar maneuver in the middle of the ring. Samuels with an arm drag and follows it up with a snapmare for a 2 count. Samuels elbows Austin in the back and then ties her in the same lock as before. Austin is able to turn it in to a russian leg sweep and then knocks Samuels down with a couple clotheslines. Austin with a uppercut on Samuels in the corner, followed by a knee to the face in the middle of the ring. Samuels comes off the ropes and Austin hits a discus forearm for a super close 2 count. Samuels pushes Austin in to the turnbuckles and then hits her finishing "Pre-Madonna" for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Nina Samuels

We see replays as Samuels celebrates in the ring. We then see replays of the Moustache Mountain vs. Gibson & Drake match from TakeOver: Blackpool. We see a backstage interview where Moustache Mountain admits that they didn't reach their goal to be the first-ever tag team champs, but they still have those titles set in their sights.

We see Travis Banks preparing for tonight's main event.

We see an interview with Toni Storm moments after she won the NXT UK Women's Championship. She explains how winning the Mae Young Classic gave her any championship match of her choosing. She chose the UK Women's Title because she wants to make NXT UK the best women's division in the entire world. She says that the MYC forever changed her for the better.

Eddie Dennis vs. Jamie Ahmed

The match begins with Dennis immediately charging Ahmed in to the corner with a series of forearms and chops. Ahmed ducks a chop and throws some abdomen strikes before irish whipping Dennis to the other corner. Ahmed with a hip toss and and elbow to the side of Dennis's head. Dennis hits a clothesline that switches the momentum. Dennis with punches on Ahmed in the corner, followed by an irish whip in to the turnbuckles that bounces Ahmed down to the mat. He secures a neck cranking headlock in on Ahmed and then knees Ahmed in the chest. Dennis tosses Ahmed to the outside.

Dennis sneaks to the outside and slams in to Ahmed with a running forearm. Dennis with a body slam on the mats outside the ring. He tosses Ahmed back in the ring and starts setting him up for the Razor's Edge but Ahmed starts gaining momentum with some reverse punches. A hard right to the face takes Dennis down to the mat. Ahmed goes to the top rope but Dennis hits a running big boot that knocks Ahmed out on the top. Dennis with a superplex off the top rope. He taunts the audience and delivers the Neck Stop Driver for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Eddie Dennis

Dennis doesn't let the ref hold his hand up in victory and we see replays of the match.

Johnny Saint announces that Moustache Mountain will face Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel on the next episode of NXT UK!

Travis Banks vs. Jordan Devlin

Banks wastes absolutely no time, throwing down his entrance gear and sprinting toward the ring. Devlin is ready for him, and the two begin exchanging numerous forearms in the middle of the ring. Banks with a kick to Devlin's chest that knocks him down. Banks with a clothesline that sends Devlin over the top. Banks with a suicide dive that knocks Devlin back to the ramp. Banks with another suicide dive that sends Banks in to the barricade. Banks tries escaping through the audience but Banks meets him out there and they still fight. Banks with another kick to the chest, this time sending him closer to the ring. Banks does a running jump off the barricade and splashes on Devlin. Banks goes in for a running knee but Devlin avoids it and chop blocks him.

Devlin now has the advantage, throwing punches on a downed Banks. He tries to stomp on Banks' foot while it's on the steel steps, but Banks gives a kick to the head and a double stomp attack instead. Banks tosses Devlin back inside the ring and Devlin starts pleading for him to stop. Banks with multiple yes kicks to Devlin's chest, followed by a superkick. Banks goes running to the second rope but Devlin catches him and hits a backstabber. Devlin stomps on Banks' chest and forearms him in the face. Devlin elbows banks in the nose and then chokes him on the ropes.

Devlin with a backbreaker for a 2 count. Banks starts to fight back with some strikes but it's short lived, Devlin gives him a urunage and a standing moonsault for another 2 count. Devlin ties Banks' arm up in an armbar but Devlin escapes and starts fighting back. Devlin with a hard irish whip that sends Banks down on to the ring mat. Devlin with a snapmare takeover and a sitting surfboard submission. Banks turns it around and uses forearm strikes to escape. Devlin tries to throw him out of the ring but Banks hangs on and hits Devlin on the apron. Banks goes for a superplex over the top rope but Devlin meets him on the apron and shoves him in to the ring post. Devlin pulls Banks in to him and hits a spanish fly off the apron to the floor! Beautiful!

The ref nearly counts to 10 while the men are outside the ring but he only gets to 9. Devlin puts Banks in a fireman's carry but Banks rolls him up for a 2 count. Devlin goes for a kick but Banks catches his foot and forces Devlin face-first in to the ring canvas. Banks comes running off the ropes but Devlin gives him another spanish fly in the ring! Banks immediately jump up and hit a running lariat that turns Devlin inside out. Both men collapse to the mat as the crowd erupts in, "NXT!" chants.

Both men are slow to their feet but Banks grabs on to Devlin's hand and stares him down. Devlin tries to break his grip with forearms to the face but Banks returns with stiff forearms and a jumping knee strike. Devlin slams him with a headbutt and they collapse to the mat again. The crowd rallies and Devlin spikes Banks on his head with a high-angle back suplex. Close 2 count. Devlin goes to the top rope and tries for a moonsault but Banks puts his knees up. Banks with a running dropkick that sends Devlin in to the turnbuckle, followed by the Kiwi Crusher. Only a 2 count, still! Banks drags Devlin up to his feet and attempts his "Slice of Hell". Devlin avoids it and then tries to do the "Island's Call" finisher but stumbles to the outside with Banks over his shoulders. The ref counts a 10 count and the match ends.

Winner: No Contest Via Countout

They aren't finished! Devlin and Banks get in to a slugfest. Banks tosses Devlin over the barricade and attacks him further. The show fades away as Devlin and Banks fight in the audience.


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