– Above are the top 10 moments from last night’s episode of SmackDown Live, topped by Triple H announcing that WWE Champion Daniel Bryan will defend his title at Elimination Chamber against Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy and Mustafa Ali.

– NXT will be taping television tonight at Full Sail University. We are looking for correspondents for the tapings, so if you are attending it, please contact us by clicking here.

– WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and NXT UK Champion Rhea Ripley have been working a little Twitter feud this week. It continued today, when Foley referred to Ripley as a future WWE Champion “IF she adjusts her attitude a wee bit.” He later clarified his tweet to say that he has heard amazing things about her attitude and sees her as a future champion and star. Ripley replied, “That’s right, get back in your lane old man… Your days have passed, I am the now and the future. So you can just sit there in your trackies and your flannel shirts and admire my work.”

You can check out the exchange below: