Ricochet Gets Emotional Over Girlfriend's Performance In WWE Royal Rumble Match (Video)

As seen in the video below, WWE NXT superstar, Ricochet was shedding tears and at a loss for words after watching his girlfriend, fellow NXT superstar Kacy Catanzaro, perform in the WWE Royal Rumble this past Sunday.

"You did great. Just had tears in my eyes, even now. So, you did great," Ricochet told Catanzaro as they embraced backstage.

"Come here!" Catanzaro yelled as Ricochet turned away, choked up. "I couldn't have done it without you."

"You were awesome," Ricochet said as they hugged once again. "My heart was beating way faster than ever for one of my matches. Like, I was so stoked. And I knew your number was coming and my heart was just beating. It was amazing."

Catanzaro would retweet the video and write, "Love is a beautiful thing." Ricochet would do the same, but he wrote, "Haha couldn't even talk. Such an amazing moment for me getting to be there to see her be in the Royal Rumble. So proud!"

You can see the video and read the full tweets below: