ROH Episode 383 Recap: Rush In Action, Silas Young Vs. Beer City Bruiser In No DQ Match

Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Facade and Eli Isom (with Ryan Nova) make their entrances. 

Facade vs. Eli Isom

They lock up. They exchange headlocks. Facade eventually connects with a springboard kick from the second rope on Isom. Isom rolls out of the ring. Facade hits a 450 Plancha from off the top rope to the outside on Isom. Facade rolls Isom back into the ring. Isom connects with a rolling elbow to Facade. Facade kicks Isom. Facade hits an Inverted Fireman's Carry on Isom. Facade ascends the turnbuckles. Facade connects with a jumping kick from off the top rope on Isom. Facade pins Isom for a two count. Isom clotheslines Facade. Isom hits a Brainbuster on Facade. Isom pins Facade for the win.


Winner: Eli Isom

ROH Women Of Honor Word Champion Kelly Klein is shown backstage. Klein talks about winning the title at Final Battle. Klein once again states that all of her one on one matches will be for the title.

A video package is shown highlighting the formation of Villain Enterprises with Marty Scurll, Brody King & PCO.

The Kingdom's TK O'Ryan makes his entrance. Rush makes his entrance

TK O'Ryan vs. Rush

They exchange waist-locks. O'Ryan hits a German Suplex on Rush. Rush hits a German Suplex on O'Ryan. O'Ryan and Rush go for dropkicks at the same time. Rush eventually sends O'Ryan to the corner. Rush splashes O'Ryan. O'Ryan hits a spine-buster on Rush. O'Ryan pins Rush for a two count. Rush and O'Ryan fight on the turnbuckles. Rush hits a Superplex on O'Ryan. Rush clotheslines O'Ryan in the corner. Rush connects with a Running Drop Kick to O'Ryan. Rush pins O'Ryan for the win.


Winner: Rush

Vinny Marseglia comes into the ring after the match. Matt Taven attacks Rush from behind. The Kingdom sets a chair under Rush's head as well as under his head. Taven, Marseglia and O'Ryan all grab a chair and slam them onto the chair placed over Rush's head.

Rhett Titus has joined the commentary team. Silas Young makes his entrance. Beer City Bruiser makes his entrance from the bar area. Bruiser grabs a microphone. Bruiser says that Silas sucks. Bruiser challenges Young to make their match No Disqualifications.

No Disqualification Match:
Silas Young vs. Beer City Bruiser

They exchange strikes. Bruiser connects with an elbow to Young. Bruiser clotheslines Young out of the ring. Bruiser eventually hits a Cannon Ball on Young through a table in the corner of the ring. Bruiser bites Young and lays him on several chairs before ascending the turnbuckles. Young gets up and strikes Bruiser. Young sends Bruiser off the turnbuckles and through several chairs. Young pins Bruiser for a two count. Young zip ties Bruiser's arm to the ring rope. Young strikes Bruiser with a chair. Brian Milonas comes to the ring and attacks Young.

Milonas drives his hip into Young in the corner. Milonas cuts the zip ties to free Bruiser. Young strikes the back of Milonas with a chair. Bruiser sends Milonas out of the ring and through a table at ringside. Bruiser hits Young with a keg. Bruiser lays Young on a table. Young moves out of the way as Bruiser comes off the turnbuckle, causing Bruiser to go through the table. Young hits his Misery finisher on Bruiser. Young pins Bruiser for the win.


Winner: Silas Young

They hype next week's show as this one comes to a close.