Rusev Comments On Wins And Losses, Alexa Bliss Needs Name For Move, Kurgan In Netflix Movie

- Above, WWE looked at Alexa Bliss asking fans to name her new move name that she performed during the Women's Royal Rumble. Bliss hits a standing moonsault double knee drop on Ember Moon during the match.

- Decider is reporting Robert Maillet—formerly known as WWE's Kurgan—is involved in the upcoming Netflix film, Polar. The movie is based on Victor Santos' Polar: Came From the Cold, originally published by Dark Horse Comics back in 2012, it features a world through the eyes of hitmen and assassins. Maillet retired from wrestling in 2011 and has since moved on to an acting career, involving roles in Deadpool 2, Hercules, Sherlock Holmes, and 300.

- Rusev retweeted a story about his dismal PPV record over the last two years where he's had zero wins. Rusev responded, "I was told it's not about wins and losses." This is topical because AEW has wanted to make wins and losses matter in their promotion. In December, Rusev defeated Shinsuke Nakamura on an episode of SmackDown to win the WWE US Championship, this past weekend he lost the title to Shinsuke Nakamura during the Royal Rumble Kickoff. Nakamura would lose the title to R-Truth on this week's SmackDown. Rusev then got a shot against R-Truth shortly after, but would come up short.


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