Sasha Banks spoke with The Independent to promote WWE Royal Rumble and commented on how WWE is taking over the wrestling world right now. Banks was defiant in her belief that the best in-ring talents will always levitate to WWE sooner rather than later.

“It feels like they’re taking over the world of wrestling and it’s a crazy world right now,” Banks said. “I feel like we have everybody, we have all the best people. So it is kind of hard to have competition outside of WWE when we find every top star in the independent [wrestling scene] that you could possibly sign.”

Banks also said she wants to see more main roster Superstars mix it up with the WWE NXT UK Superstars, noting that she was jealous of Finn Balor getting to face Jordan Devlin at NXT UK “Takeover: Blackpool” last weekend.

“Overall as a company and a product, we want to put on the best show possible,” she said. “I was jealous of Finn Balor that he got to wrestle in front of such an amazing crowd… I heard many great things about it. For Raw and Smackdown talent, it would be cool if we got to be involved with NXT UK more, or involved with NXT so we actually got to go over there. I know for a fact [Raw star] Bayley and I would love to go to NXT UK and scout the talent over there, and get ready for the women’s tag team titles coming up. It would be good to see different opponents, what these athletes can do and what they bring to the table. So it would be cool to intersperse more with NXT, NXT UK and whatever else they want to bring. Maybe NXT China – who knows what else they’re going to do.”

Regarding her Royal Rumble title shot from RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey, Banks said she will be the first WWE Superstar to defeat Rousey because she is the best Superstar in the WWE women’s division, adding that she also believes she’s better than almost half of the men’s division, and possibly the greatest Superstar WWE has ever seen.

“I’m The Legit Boss,” Banks said to The Express. “There’s a reason why she called me out and it wasn’t the other way around. There’s a reason that she chose me and I didn’t choose her. I think that should tell you something right there. I’m not scared of Ronda Rousey, that’s the big difference between other opponents and me. I’m not scared. There’s a big reason why I’m not scared, because I didn’t call her out. She called me out. She’s not gonna beat me because I know that in my heart I am better than her. I’m better than every woman in this company, I’m better than almost half the guys in the company as well. I might even be the greatest superstar this company has ever seen. There’s a reason that she called me out and it’s not the other way around.”

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