Sasha Banks Talks WWE Women's Tag Titles: "My Goal Is To Be A Double Champion"

Sasha Banks spoke with talkSPORT about the women's tag titles, her 2018, and The Boss and Hug Connection. Here are some of the highlights:

WWE Women's Tag Titles and wanting to be a double champion:

"For me, frustration is what you need to strive you to get better. You have to fail to succeed and you can't just stay at the top because there's nowhere else to go. If you're just at the top, you're gonna go stale, you're gonna stagnate, you're never going to learn and grow and for me, the last year has been a roller coaster of a career, but I felt the most accomplished when Vince McMahon said the Women's Tag Team titles were coming. I wasn't getting used in the title picture, so I found a different focus and a different goal.

"I worked so hard on my craft, I worked hard to be the best singles wrestler and now I'm working hard to be the best tag team wrestler that I can. For me, yes I was frustrated, but I got everything I wanted at the same time. It's just cool at the start of 2019 going into the title picture and hearing the tag titles are coming. So for me, my goal is to be a double champion."

Explaining why she and Bayley went with the "The Boss and Hug Connection" for a tag team name:

"One of our favorites was The Hardy Boyz, but we didn't want to be The Hardy Girlz! We both love The Rock & Mick Foley so I just think it's a name that clicks for us and suits our characters," Banks said. "I think it's a cool name. It's keeping the legacy alive in wrestling and letting everyone know we were such superfans and this is the real deal Tag Team Championships right now and we're a real deal tag team, so we're looking forward to the future."

Banks also discussed taking on Trish and Lita around last year's Royal Rumble. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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