At tonight’s NXT TV Tapings at Full Sail, Johnny Gargano lost the NXT North American Championship to Velveteen Dream. Gargano had previously won the title at last weekend’s NXT TakeOver: Phoenix against Ricochet.

Thanks to @WillH94 for the results of the match:

Excellent match. Back and forth to start. Velveteen flips out of an arm wrench and slaps Johnny so hard he rolls out of the ring. Dream in control, and toying with Gargano. Velveteen jumps to the ropes, but Gargano pulls him down and takes control of the match. Gargano with a neckbreaker for two. Crowd is split between Gargano and Dream. Gargano irish whips Dream into the buckle and he does the HBK bump to the outside. Gargano plays to the crowd and rolls Dream back in the ring. Dream ducks the rolling kick and hits a Fameasser.

Dream gets Gargano on the top rope and goes for a DVD, but Gargano sunset flips him. Gargano with a superkick on the apron, but Dream cuts him off on the DDT attempt. Gargano fights out of the rolling DVD on the apron and hits the dive, but Dream kicks him out of the air on the middle rope spear attempt. Dream comes up empty going for Purple Rainmaker and Gargano hits a kick for a near-fall. Dream goes for the elbow again, but Gargano rolls out of the ring. Dream jumps to the outside but eats a superkick, a suplex on the apron, and Gargano hits the jumping DDT, but dream kicks out at 2.9. Crowd is on their feet. They trade strikes. Gargano goes for the DIY kick, but Dream catches him with two rolling Dream Valley Drivers and the Purple Rainmaker for the win and the championship. The crowd exploded for this.

After Dream celebrates and goes to leave, Gargano runs back down and attacks Dream and takes the belt. As Johnny poses at the top of the ramp, Ciampa comes out and stands by his side, just like at TakeOver as the tapings end.

(Apparently a second finish was filmed for the live crowd.)

Weird thing, when Gargano came back to attack Dream, they essentially re-shot the finish with Gargano dodging the Purple Rainmaker and tapping out Dream before leaving with the belt. Possibly filmed extra finishes to mess with the crowd.

Below are photos from tonight’s match.