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- Above is from the Royal Rumble in 2008 with Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker getting the number one and two spots in the match. Later in the match, Undertaker would be eliminated by Michaels, and then Michaels would be promptly eliminated by Mr. Kennedy.

- WWE posted this week's 25 best Instagram photos. The collection included: Sami Zayn, Kairi Sane (with Bianca Belair), Charly Caruso, and Lana.

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Winter in Montreal is brutal, but in some ways truly beautiful. The scene pictured here - drivers digging their cars out of mountains of snow, parents bundling up their children and dragging them around in sleds, commuters waiting for the bus in -25C weather - these images not only stir up nostalgic feelings from my youth but also speak volumes about what makes this city great. Despite the fact that Montreal is a wonderfully diverse city, we are all one when it is us vs. the elements. Everyone must put on their armor and brave whatever nature has thrown at us. Everyone feels the struggle, no matter their economic, political, or ethnic background. Everyone is affected by the storm, and together we all soldier on. That oneness, that unity, is what shapes the culture and identity of this beautiful city that I love so much. Having said that, I should mention that I still leave Montreal every winter, and not one Montrealer blames me for it.

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'aven't hit you with a #FlexFriday post in a while!! ???? Super excited with the muscle I've put on in the last several months. ???? ??I took the holidays off (ok maybe all of December and beginning of Jan) as far as far as a regimented training program...and I've been off my diet for...well, a while. But I'm finally getting back on track and it feels great. ??I'm using a IIFYM diet approach and doing a mix of strength and hypertrophy training 5x a week. @kennysantucci is hooking me up with some great workouts (more on that later). ??Additionally, my goal is to start incorporating in some yoga. Not only for the flexibility and physical recovery aspect, but also for the mental aspect. We all could use more mental wellness in our lives!! ??If there's anything you all want to know about my training/diet, please leave it in the comments below!! ???? Shirt: @rootsoffight, leggings: @lululemon #fitness #nyc #solacenewyork #mysolace #nycfitness #yoga #weightlifting

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Yellow power ranger, Sporty Spice or Clueless ??? ??

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- In the video below, Big E spoke about his first royal rumble experience and how he was thankful he wasn't in the number 30 spot in the 2014 Royal Rumble. That year fans were expecting Daniel Bryan to make an appearance in the match (after losing to Bray Wyatt earlier in the night), but Rey Mysterio ended up being the final entrant, which got all kinds of boos from the Pittsburgh crowd.

"I had the IC title at the time, I was number 29," Big E said. "Oh! This was the rumble where I was really thankful that I wasn't number 30 because people thought [Daniel] Bryan was going to be in the rumble and out comes Rey Mysterio, at number 30! And they booed Rey! Ya'll booed a legend! Disrespect. They booed him vehemently. Think about me? Me at the time? It would have been extra 'booie.' Yeah, that was the year Bryan didn't come out and they were real hot."


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