Triple H On Former Impact Stars Abyss And Sonjay Dutt Joining WWE

As previously noted, Wrestling Inc. was on hand for a media call with WWE COO Triple H earlier this week. One topic Triple H elaborated on was the recent signings of TNA/Impact Wrestling Hall of Famer, Abyss and his fellow colleague and former Impact Wrestling producer, Sonjay Dutt.


Triple H detailed the satisfaction he receives from working with talented and passionate people in the wrestling business, and he believes Dutt & Abyss fit that bill well. Hunter looks forward to finding what position best suits them backstage in WWE and NXT.

"We're always on the lookout for talented people that can contribute to the product and to the WWE as a whole," Triple H said. "It doesn't matter where they're from, the quality people that are talented, that have a passion for this and want it to go to the next level and succeed, I'm always looking forward to those people. So, for me, Sonjay coming in here, Abyss coming in here [in] behind the scenes roles, we're going to see where that best fit is for them."


Triple H acknowledged that many people in the industry hold Abyss & Dutt in high regards, and he finished by emphasizing his enthusiasm for their approaching arrival.

"I've heard of them, I know of them," Triple H said. "So many people speak highly of them and their jobs over the years, from a talent standpoint and other standpoint, so, I'm looking forward to working with them and seeing where they best fit through all of this, as we all are. Everybody here will determine where they fit, what they want to do, and how they can help contribute in the best way to the product going forward."

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